First Annual Gaming Accessibility Awards 2020 

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Join us as we stream The First Annual Gaming Accessibility Awards! Alanah Pearce, Steven Spohn, and many more celebrate the games and developers who’ve helped make games more accessible in 2020, in collaboration with Able Gamers.
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Daniel Gonzalez
Skyryn Sand
Skyryn Sand 11 napja
Groovy ☺️🤙
Harsh Raj
Harsh Raj 12 napja
Can you make a video about the results of this award show
PopcorviesTimes 12 napja
Where is game of the yearz.
Josh 12 napja
Feels inspired by Game Makers Tool Kit, nice^^
lu za
lu za 12 napja
no sabia que estaba JAWA de star wars
Eddy M
Eddy M 12 napja
This is awesome
Lncas 12 napja
This is really cool. Sea of Thieves / Microsoft in general has added a lot of accessibility options to their game(s) this year as well.
64Bit Ryan
64Bit Ryan 13 napja
This is great to see. Great cause! :)
Rando funny
Rando funny 13 napja
Sweet at least the comments aren't disabled
C-Mo 313
C-Mo 313 12 napja
ChaosMechanica 13 napja
For 2021, is it possible to use footage of how these games use such Accessibility options during the nominee montage? For example, for the Second Channel award, I was curious how information is added. The software info page was great afterwards, but it'd be cool to see examples in motion. (Of course, this is not a criticism, in that you guys wonderfully through this whole thing together between a handful of people. I hope it grows even bigger by next year!)
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 12 napja
Yeah I agree they should show how each accessibility is used. Like for example they should show how people use menu narration and other accessibility options like that.
Shahla Nauman
Shahla Nauman 13 napja
i don,t konw this
Shahla Nauman
Shahla Nauman 13 napja
what is this
Jesse Sanberg
Jesse Sanberg 13 napja
I applaud this initiative 👏🏻
Roshan Chauhan
Roshan Chauhan 13 napja
This is the best thing that has happened in 2020 kudos to companies for making the games more accessible
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 13 napja
PS5 is for Losers. VR is for Losers. CNN is for Losers. MSNBC is for Losers. Fox News is for Losers. College football better be careful.
Adrijan C.
Adrijan C. 13 napja
^ Don't do drugs kids.
Rai TheNoblesse
Rai TheNoblesse 13 napja
imo FFXIV should get some nominations too.. (ajust the text, colours for colour blind, hud layout, controller layout etc.)
Daniel Laing
Daniel Laing 13 napja
I love playing games and everyone who wants to play a game should be able to play a game
Jake 12 napja
Tell that to the Dark Souls elitists who say Git Gud lol, FYI I play dark souls 3 and don’t care how others play their game, yeah it might ruin the developers intended vision for the game, but just give that as a warning or just allow people to respect as much as they like or something to make it a bit easier for some.
D'angelo JacobHymenShits
Wholesome comment award
Hero Acer
Hero Acer 13 napja
It's great Sony and game dev supports disabled gamers. 👍
Tomás de Vasconcellos
The format is hard to watch. It just seems a 2 hour stream without proper organization.
Jonatan Nilsson
Jonatan Nilsson 13 napja
Tips for next time, you dont need to announce the nomineea twice
pra vocês ligado
Cybernunca 2097
pra vocês ligado
Blitz of mordor as thu flowers victory tho round fight cortz BLUE jeans forever not apocalypce in thutia bugas
Bryan AR
Bryan AR 13 napja
Respect,this is a step in the right direction
Mohd Sahil
Mohd Sahil 13 napja
The Most Faltu Awards Section I have Seen..............
Tyrone Burns
Tyrone Burns 13 napja
Why? Because it doesn't relate to you?
EUTS 13 napja
_the man who can't be moved_
Daniel Rodriguez
Is this the VGA ?
Jamie Baxter
Jamie Baxter 13 napja
Just did a module on accessibility in websites in college. Very cool to see this.
Gangsta Hacker3822
Money is the soul.
Puss Peepers
Puss Peepers 13 napja
A suggestion for next time: when showing the reel of nominated games, can you please show footage that is relevant to the award instead of generic game footage?
Gangsta Hacker3822
I'd go blind thinking up stuff 😉
John L
John L 13 napja
Im blind and am a programmer with computer science degree, shame gaming companies won't hire me or more blind people.
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 12 napja
@Jake I use voiceover on the iPhone. It’s an accessibility setting that lets me type things and it reads things to me.
John L
John L 12 napja
@Jake voice software called Jaws professional, supernova, dragon fly, text to speech on mobile vice versa speech to text, seeing ai app and be my eyes.
Jake 12 napja
How did you type the comment if you’re blind? Is it legally blind but still have some vision?
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 13 napja
At least you can try an advocate for camp accessibility. I am blind also and I am trying to do that.
Callum Broad
Callum Broad 13 napja
Most of them HAVE to go the TLOU2 🔥🙌 The accessibility options in that game BLEW ME AWAY
Brenda Maria
Brenda Maria 13 napja
Omg the second category are again totally corrupt only about the big companys
Chandler P Wilson
Next year please work with speicial effects in UK. Very little Able gamers do is outside US so please look at international groups too so this doesn't become a boundary which will in future if stick with a US focused group.
Brenda Maria
Brenda Maria 13 napja
How a blind person can play video games? I'm asking my self
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 12 napja
Menu narration, aim assist and aim lock on, wearing headphones, and listening to the audio cues. And also the controller vibration helps a lot.
James Brod
James Brod 13 napja
Aim assist and relying on audio cues. Voice narration as well
King Kong T
King Kong T 13 napja
Same way everyone plays. A Controller
Brenda Maria
Brenda Maria 13 napja
The first nominate names, 100%totally corrupt
Julia & little Laura
😒final fantasy Vii Remake should win this award
Rosencrantz 13 napja
TLOU2 is the most accessibility friendly game in 2020 for sure
LIGHTNING X 13 napja
Cadê o nobruzada?
water. on. mars
water. on. mars 13 napja
66 min in wtf is that blob? I randomly started the video and landed on goddam Jaba. Please make it go away
AJ 13 napja
despite the controversies surround the last of us part II, the game have one of the best accessibility options in modern video game, if not the best, in my opinion.... great award IGN, for appreciating this aspect of video game
AJ 13 napja
@Mary Witmeyeryeah im happy tlou2 reached to many people. my eyes watery when i saw a video of people with disability (sorry, blind gamer) touched by the accessibility provide by tlou2, so he can play & enjoy the game. happy for you too, you enjoyed the last of us part II.
Christie Joesbury
I struggle with puzzles and there was a feature to turn on hints with one click and that saved a lot of time.
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 13 napja
I agree and it was fully playable by me. I am a totally blind video gamer.
rakim 13 napja
What's with those red carpet green screen back ground 😂
yeslahcinimod60 13 napja
amazing 😊😊
SuperFly S.E.G.A
What's going on 🤷‍♂️
Enzoking 13 napja
That was lame im just kipping it 100%.
Taj Kerr
Taj Kerr 13 napja
Shoo !
Nick Naughton
Nick Naughton 13 napja
Steve would make a great ventriloquist
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 13 napja
I am so glad gaming companies are making you more games accessible for the blind. I’ve been blind all my life’. I have been playing video games since I was little. I love them. All I do is put on headphones, listen to the audio, and play the game. Like my favorite is resident evil six and GTA five because it’s full of lots of action and shooting zombies and people. I am so glad for gaming companies adding menu narration so I don’t have to memorize the menus. For example I was able to play The last of us part two without any sided assistance. I hope games like that one keep adding in accessibility features for all disabilities. I also rely on vibration feedback. Hopefully I can get the PS five with the new duel sense controller that will help a lot for me. I’m so glad people are starting to recognize accessibility. It’s really great.
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 12 napja
@Opik Tea yes I don’t really play audio games because they are so boring. Video games are a lot more fun.
Opik Tea
Opik Tea 12 napja
@Mary Witmeyer do you find video game superior from audio game?
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 12 napja
@Opik Tea with voiceover it’s an accessibility setting on the iPhone. It lets me type things, read things, and I can access my apps with that setting enabled.
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 12 napja
@Thanos Boom ba with voiceover on the iPhone. It’s an accessibility setting that lets me right, read things, and it describes pictures to me.
Mary Witmeyer
Mary Witmeyer 12 napja
@Thanos Boom ba I am fully blind. I play games by listening to the audio.
Shahil Sharma
Shahil Sharma 13 napja
Who's disliking this lol.
Retribution892 13 napja
Edgelords and bigots who think disabled people don't deserve to play games.
B E A S T 13 napja
The hardest thing a small youtuber can feel is when you wake up in the morning and nothing has changed on your channel. its always been my childhood dream to become a youtuber. the videoes uploaded by this creators makes me strong and gives me motivation to make my own videos. Sadly enough i had a really hard time and ran away from home with nothing anymore . i have nothing left.I Had to build it all up again and after 5 years im back and so much more motivated.Trying to Work very hard to have my own house my own computer and a editing software and play games... I am a casual gamer.. Just being able to edit makes me feel so satisfyed and proud. Even tho i got no viewers and very low subscribers .but watching my work makes me so happy And hopefully i can make so much more people happy with my videos ! I hope one day miracle happens? I will do anything to make my dream a reality❤️❤️
Mohd Azan Abd Rahman
Hi, I'm from Johor Malaysia...
Deamwhacky 13 napja
I just realised the guy on the right was talking.
Carlos Velez
Carlos Velez 13 napja
Koldo Areitio
Koldo Areitio 13 napja
No puedo regresar, pero puedo cambiar , y hacer las cosa mejor, y valorar más lo que tengo , gracias por la lección, como el alquimista, no sabia . Les pido mis disculpas por mis mJaderias y tos esos videos , en verdad me siento Avergonzado, Mil gracias, a todos Ante Koldo areitio
Ahmet Kerem Çetin
What is accesability awards?
Ahmet Kerem Çetin
@Taj Kerr oh i readed a article about a gear allows people with partial paralysis to play xbox games. This makes sense. Thanks bro
Taj Kerr
Taj Kerr 13 napja
Looks like an award show for games accessible to individuals with a disability
Jamie Mei Cheng
Jamie Mei Cheng 13 napja
starts at 16:09
Nastassia Obazee
Thank you!
Sean Kanoog
Sean Kanoog 13 napja
@Daniel Rodriguez No it starts at the ▶️ play button. Haha
Daniel Rodriguez
No it starts @ 16:08 😕
Sean Kanoog
Sean Kanoog 13 napja
Thanks! 👍
Noel Black
Noel Black 13 napja
Thanks Sir
TSC CLAN 13 napja
Ghost Kid
Ghost Kid 13 napja
Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart 13 napja
Seeing Alanah on a ign video brings back memories
TgiSlayer 12 napja
She was on Nintendo voice chat too
GameBlast 13 napja
William Butcher
William Butcher 13 napja
Her Siri ASMR reading of the nominees made it uncomfortably enjoyable 😅😁
2020 Video Game Accessibility Awards
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