FIFA 21 - Official David Beckham Trailer 

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David Beckham is back. Check out the trailer for FIFA 21 for a look at what to expect.










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Jann Vincent Regalado
No player reactions lol
Vinnigan 4 napja
Coolest looking dude but you put bald Beckham in the game
SoItGoes 7 napja
Couldn’t get the Manchester United Jersey rights.
Mark 8 napja
Is it me or does this look worse than the ones before? Any thoughts
Gabriele Hu
Gabriele Hu 9 napja
Does he only have one haircut?
Sumit Gupta
Sumit Gupta 9 napja
Why buy the game? I can create player and make it Beckham.
ChriS Hawk
ChriS Hawk 10 napja
EA Sports ----> it is the same game.
Ayoife Oni
Ayoife Oni 10 napja
Yeaaaaa, still buying the game at 80% off
FrameGame 10 napja
How long until people realise this game is a waste of money
pricey0986 10 napja
Do you get to swap his hairstyles?
Devashan Pillay
Devashan Pillay 10 napja
86🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 you gotta be sitting me. People keep buying the same thing every year.
Cy Spiegel
Cy Spiegel Napja
Has football changed at all over the past 3 decades and I missed something or?... it's the same sport every year so it only makes sense 🤔🙄
Karan Jagada
Karan Jagada 10 napja
I forgot "FIFA" games even existed!!!
Marlesden 11 napja
from an early age I was told "don't put scummy microtransactions in a 50 quid game"
Kostas Angisoulaki
Most overrated soccer player of all time
ADMIN ESW 11 napja
Just... No...
zell71 11 napja
wtf was that shadow over the ball when he put it down haha.
Tommy Jordache
Tommy Jordache 11 napja
I dont get why real footballers do this for FIFA - they cant be playing the garbage!
Mo A
Mo A 11 napja
Back to pro evolution for me then hahaha
George Hillier
George Hillier 11 napja
Wonder how they decided what hairstyle to go with
Jayan Jay
Jayan Jay 12 napja
Pes fans be like you cheaters. You are taking our legends 😪
Agent NightWing
Agent NightWing 11 napja
You will still have Beckham in PES. Manchester United have an Exclusive deal with PES. That's the reason why there was no Man United Beckham in this Trailer
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 12 napja
Thanks for sucking the soul from the video game industry EA. You're a disgraceful greedy company.
King of Cold
King of Cold 12 napja
Fifa 17 with another name ?
riku riku
riku riku 12 napja
Beckham ??? messi>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beckham
Adhit Mada
Adhit Mada 12 napja
same game different trailer.
Masa Hotep
Masa Hotep 12 napja
This is just NBA2K with cleats.
The Heir
The Heir 12 napja
75 pace he sprints in slow motion haha
Nolan Schotanus
Nolan Schotanus 12 napja
Are these even classified as games anymore?
Rohail Mushtaq
Rohail Mushtaq 12 napja
If you only more companies followed EA and Activision hopefully we will get there soon
Astro physicist
Astro physicist 12 napja
Dead game.
Sujan Singha
Sujan Singha 12 napja
75 pace as RM
FAN BOYZ 12 napja
Why didn’t they show beckham at Man Utd, the club that made him a star?
FAN BOYZ 11 napja
@Agent NightWing OOF
Agent NightWing
Agent NightWing 11 napja
Manchester United have an Exclusive deal with PES
Syed 12 napja
Thandolwakhe Zungu
No gameplay trailer lol
Ranjan Kumar
Ranjan Kumar 12 napja
I dont want to lose my david beckham in PES
Agent NightWing
Agent NightWing 11 napja
You will not lose David Beckham in PES. Manchester United have an Exclusive deal with PES, That's the reason why there was no Man United Beckham in this trailer
Eros Jagat Pulagana
Ok it has beckham, so?
Space Cadet
Space Cadet 12 napja
Beckham getting that Konami AND EA cash!
Little Devils
Little Devils 12 napja
I Hate Fifa 21
BangJarum 12 napja
Anyone care to support my channel? Drop by and subscribe. Your support means a lot to me. Tq
B-ryce 12 napja
Damn it’s the...same game
Sagnol 12 napja
Amazing trailer for such a bad game...
Mathias 12 napja
Fifa 2022 fifa 2023 fifa 2024 fifa 2025 fifa 2026 fifa 2027 fifa 2028 fifa 2029 fifa 2030
Faker_fK 12 napja
whait but it looks like the 2020 game whut
Marcel Hoskins
Marcel Hoskins 12 napja
Gonçalo Serra
Gonçalo Serra 12 napja
"waking up before sun rise, training after hours" footballer life is very difficult. Poor guys!!
Woo 12 napja
Bend it like EA bends gambling laws
Jon J
Jon J 12 napja
Doesn’t fix your broken game, EA.
peter pan
peter pan 12 napja
Washed up drip the beckhams 😒
Abyead Chowdhury
Your telling me david Beckham is of equal quality to pogba according to his rating
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 12 napja
Wow guys, it’s the same game from 14 years ago but with a different number, let’s buy it!
lee drummond
lee drummond 13 napja
So im guessing David Beckham never played for Man Utd? 🤔 Must have dreamt that part😂
Agent NightWing
Agent NightWing 11 napja
Manchester United have an Exclusive deal with PES
6 9
6 9 13 napja
Hey you pssst PES is a fvacken great game aight you hear
Francisco Cubero
David: football means family EA: no. It means gambling
9ine 20 GWS
9ine 20 GWS 13 napja
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Mati Szef
Mati Szef 13 napja
I See, Beckham never Played in manchester United
Agent NightWing
Agent NightWing 11 napja
Manchester United have an Exclusive deal with PES
BraveHeart 13 napja
Same 💩 different year.
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
True for both ea and Konami games
Rohan Bhandari
Rohan Bhandari 13 napja
Not even a single footage of him in Manchester United Jersey? Why?
Rohan Bhandari
Rohan Bhandari 11 napja
@Agent NightWing Makes sense! Thanks for the info!
Agent NightWing
Agent NightWing 11 napja
Manchester United have an Exclusive deal with PES
franklingoodwin 13 napja
The David Beckham Card is FREE for FUT players BTW (except on Switch, but why would anyone buy it on Switch anyway?) People in the comments should probably do a quick Google before bitching. I'm against FUT myself but it's something people should know instead of acting like EA is charging more for David Beckham in the game
MrSerrrg88 13 napja
Looks like Jesse Pinkman ingame xD
Dorian Medina
Dorian Medina 13 napja
Same game, repeat. Same game, repeat. Every year
Ryan lex
Ryan lex 13 napja
EA is desperate yo😂😂😂
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 13 napja
For it is written.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 13 napja
The Present Value of Money is an Extension of Credit. Extend or Die. You will Die by your own Hand.
T'Challa 13 napja
Mr Frye!
Mr Frye! 13 napja
Is it just me or does he not appear in a UTD kit at all in this video?! 😡😡
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
@franklingoodwin because man utd want to get relegated that's why and chose Konami to destroy their club
Mr Frye!
Mr Frye! 13 napja
@franklingoodwin i thought would have something to do with PES
franklingoodwin 13 napja
No, because Man Utd have a licencing deal with Konami
Behroz Taib
Behroz Taib 13 napja
Why doesn’t the character model look like David Beecham. If your gonna charge 40$ for one character make him look like the person he based on.
Lux 13 napja
0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 chance to get in a loot box
Peekaboo 13 napja
Kids, never accept candy from strangers ... or from EA.
joel boban
joel boban 8 napja
@Chris Wolf come on dude do have to bring Konami in to this
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
Or from Konami
Light Swq26
Light Swq26 13 napja
Wrong move Beckham marketing teams. PES where we respect legends
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
Pes respect legends, recoba has insulted by pes shut up it's like fifa shut up, Konami is the Japanese Ea abd also a part of the yakuza hope they and ea are destroyed
Kamo Game
Kamo Game 13 napja
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RS Jaguar
RS Jaguar 13 napja
Beckham without united is like a car without wheels. Looks odd.
Haze 48
Haze 48 13 napja
Get beckham and waste your money with same gameplay and content every year.
Aravind Elangovan
Beckhams crosses and free kicks are not unique. Pes did way better.
asher 13 napja
EA Sports It's In Your Wallet
Forward Slash
Forward Slash 13 napja
Why not a single video of him at united. It was United were he was the most successful with more league titles and even his only UCL.
franklingoodwin 13 napja
Because EA don't have the official licensing for Man Utd, ,Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer does
Tanya Gaming
Tanya Gaming 13 napja
Why so many dislikes ? 😟😟😟
Skar 13 napja
EA bad.
D Will
D Will 13 napja
No $ for u EA
ItsJ Hops
ItsJ Hops 13 napja
Finally got him back from PES
Electrobi 13 napja
This looks fun so I'm definitely getting this for Christmas, Thanks for making great games
EyesOfByes 13 napja
So The Last Of Us is getting a TV-series...
Maxwell Flores
Maxwell Flores 13 napja
Hey this is that game with the gambling right??
Coach HeX
Coach HeX 13 napja
why bald tho?
Gabe 13 napja
You should never by hype about a game thats trailers are movies and not actual game play
CFC legend
CFC legend 13 napja
You can’t spell steal with out EA
Neymars Stunt Double
Jiman Najmi
Jiman Najmi 13 napja
Beckham in Witcher 3 looks so much better
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
Beckham in wither 3 looks better than both pes Beckham and fifa Beckham combined
innerFire 13 napja
Probably the most overrated player of all time. His passing is probably one of the best, but overall he is pretty overrated.
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee 13 napja
He was not all that, he was just an over hyped player with an image. Check his stats compared to current players or other legend players.
SeverinoCatule 12 napja
He was a great passer and a great free kicker
thala thalapathi
Where is Manchester United kit???
franklingoodwin 13 napja
On Pro Evolution Soccer
tommo duff
tommo duff 13 napja
Still no mufc in this trailer wtf
Agent NightWing
Agent NightWing 11 napja
Manchester United have an Exclusive deal with PES
Dary Nugraha
Dary Nugraha 13 napja
The disrespect to Man Utd. Ofc i know they wont put united coz of pes. At least put it on a glimpse
franklingoodwin 13 napja
You know why they won't show him in a Man Utd, yet say they should anyway. Make it make sense 😆
Cazacu John
Cazacu John 13 napja
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
You've just said what Konami and ea are giving is since 2015
kaum moba
kaum moba 13 napja
2004 : "Challenges everything" Now : "Charges everything"
Little Devils
Little Devils 12 napja
I Hate Fifa 21
Ragnarock 13 napja
People still buy fifa
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
And pes too wtf that game is alive only because people would get killed by Konami
KMS Bismarck
KMS Bismarck 13 napja
And NBA too.
Torram In His World
And people said AC has most evil game company in the world but in reality there's nothing more evil than micro transaction
Collins Eban
Collins Eban 13 napja
Same game, high price, people buy.
Idan 101
Idan 101 13 napja
People should just stop purchasing fifa and call of duty this 2 series are the worse
Little Devils
Little Devils 12 napja
I Hate Fifa 21
Fahmi Amarrilo
Fahmi Amarrilo 13 napja
Feels like winning eleven remastered
Chunkalunkin 13 napja
PES not doing it for Becks anymore?
Chris Wolf
Chris Wolf 12 napja
Pes insulted Beckham so does ea easy Beckham only chose es cause ea gived him more money and the game isn't made by the Japanese yakuza
Steve H
Steve H 13 napja
Never heard of him.
Microtonal Milio
The jump between consoles is getting smaller and smaller.
Gr4mas 13 napja
Omnom nom nom same game every year. Delicious.
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