Doom 3: VR Edition Review 

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Doom 3: VR Edition reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PSVR using a PlayStation 4 Pro.

A PSVR version of a classic as highly esteemed as id Software's Doom 3 sounds great in concept, especially compared to the faster pace of the recent Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal reboots, but this port is hurt by its stubborn adherence to the original.
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colaboytje 8 órája
It's not motion sickness, it's simulation sickness. Jeezes, after all these years, game 'journalists' still don't know the difference.
danielrhenke 9 órája
Play it on Quest 2 instead of PSVR
Wasřík w
Wasřík w 13 órája
Dude, it's all crooked
B Targ
B Targ 20 órája
Wasn't this well-recieved as a mod?
Diswazzi 21 órája
Reminds me of that scene at the end of the DOOM movie
Owen Dutton
a little something for everyone
Raph Saio
Raph Saio Napja
Guys, please don't do any more reviews on VR games, at least on ports of old games, it's just not yours. Be journalists, not VR haters. First you put Borderlands 2 VR 3/10 (then under the wave of dissatisfaction of VR gamers you changed it to 6,8) now here - Doom 5/10 .. VR games, at least the ports of old games-this is not yours...
antlaxfe lerl
Doom 3 is so much better than the 2 newer ones. They're OK but without the horror factor it just seems cheesy
Vesperitis Napja
To quote a certain caustic games reviewer from England who lives in Australia, "Virtual F***ing Reality"
Stephen McNally
If you have a quest 2 vr, you can play doom 3 vr if you download it on Sidequest, and you will have full 360 degree movement of your head. Doom 3 was a really fun VR shooter, what made it bad was. Single button reloads. Fast paced combat (if your motion sick. Im not)
Garbage review, 7 or 8 at best
Pat Fer
Pat Fer Napja
We get it: this reviewer is not a fan of PSVR since he considers everything "limited". Better head to the PSVR Without Parole channel for a more objective review from people who actually play VR regularly.
Kay. Napja
"It's 10 hour campaign is mostly packed with fast paced combat." People buy Doom FOR the fast paced combat. That's the point. It may not have been designed with VR in mind originally, but it's a novelty for the people who love both.
Joshua Budd
just get it on oculus quest lol
Dave Roberts
The doom 3 quest port is the greatest. Started playing it more than saints and sinners.
RETRO 1X Napja
*bethesda is bought by Microsoft* *first game that’s released since the acquisition is a PS exclusive*
Zak Silva
Zak Silva Napja
"doom 3 fast paced action" lmfao
Juice Ingot
fully possesed has entered the chat
John Avy
John Avy Napja
IGN stands for IGNore this dude and go buy doom 3 VR. ITS DOPE
Wavyhill 2 napja
Very strongly disagree. Doom 3 VR is easily one of my favorite PSVR games. Yes the scaling is wonky, but VR elevates Doom 3 so much it's hard to believe it wasn't originally intended to be a VR game. Not every VR game needs to use hand tracking style controls or room scale, VR can simply be a way to make traditional games way more immersive. The Aim controller is great with Doom 3 VR, but even just the motion tracked DualShock 4 works really well.
Wait, he complains that all u do is shoot demons and Iteract with switches? Well duh its doom
Jesse Bowman
Jesse Bowman 2 napja
Oh look. IGN barely understanding what their talking about and being wrong again.
Sekiko Gaming
Sekiko Gaming 2 napja
5:10 What...
should have used the tunnel vision serious sam has. no more motion sickness
Jake Rule
Jake Rule 2 napja
IGN is just bad at gaming.
GIB84 Gaming
GIB84 Gaming 2 napja
This review is.....dumb
ShakPlays 2 napja
Doom Vfr better than Doom 3 VR on PS4
Jason 2 napja
Definitely thought a 3 or 4, the 5 is surprising
GoldenDive007 2 napja
You guys should get someone who can actually stomach vr before writing reviews on vr games
Night Mare
Night Mare 2 napja
this game needs a pro patch. But the game is fun and i m loving it. No headache or anything, just need a propatch~~~
John Avy
John Avy 2 napja
Yeah,IGNore this guy and buy.Its BOSS on psvr.Its also dirt cheap
Barmy Neddy
Barmy Neddy 2 napja
VeRdict? Wait for a patch or pass
Generic white kid the second
It's funny that the Doom 3 VR mod made by like 3 people featuring full motion controls (IE no controller) is somehow more functional and funner playing than a full official VR port by a genuine game studio lmao
Generic white kid the second
@Marcus Whitlow Shut
Marcus Whitlow
GuyRification 2 napja
Horseshit, this port is a blast to play!
VenomFuryX Napja
@Daniel Williams looks like they always choose the wrong reviewer for the wrong game.
Daniel Williams
It really is, typical ign. And you can tweak the world scaling to be larger by adjusting the the eye to eye measurment closer together.
OutSource FutureMental
Did he really ding it for motion sickness?? 🤦🤦 Man that's a personal issue. Regular VR players don't get motion sickness. I'm hours into it ,zero motion sickness.
This game plays great. Go toss yourself down a couple flights of steps and then come back and review it.
Vic Rays
Vic Rays 2 napja
Why does every vr game always leaning to the side?
Rob Armstrong
Rob Armstrong 2 napja
It's not in practice. Looks nothing like that inside the headset. VR translates to videos maybe 5% tops.
Joshua Gutierez
“It doesn’t make you feel like doom guy” - IGN
Chips the Cat
Chips the Cat 2 napja
Imagine having a Dead Island VR
Aryabrat Sahoo
Dying light vr
Alexander Ismajlvo
Luke Martin
Luke Martin 3 napja
Looks like the quest port is the way to go, hey.
Dakota Sabo
Dakota Sabo 3 napja
What is going on with the tilt on this footage?
William Smith
William Smith 3 napja
The spectator camera is attached to the player's head and your head isn't always straight. It is possible that it is a bad autostabilising edit though
DagexonDark 3 napja
Man I've been playing this and love it. It's appropriately priced as well
Playstation down bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kert Uibo
Kert Uibo 3 napja
Alwyn T
Alwyn T 3 napja
This was not my experience at all. With the aim controller it’s fantastic. ..can we have Dead Space next?
Helicopter Rides For Communists
What did this guy expect? Like this was going to be better than Half Life Alyx? What a turd.
So a review of this but not outriders?
Richard Jimenez
He's comparing this to games that were tailor made for VR. He just doesn't get it.
William Smith
William Smith 3 napja
But if there are better games that were made for vr then why play this. Plus there are doom 3 vr mods that are better than this other than glitches
dan freeman
dan freeman 3 napja
Motion sickness is for the weak
Casey C
Casey C 2 napja
Actually it means your body works. When something doesn't make sense your body thinks it's poisoned so pukes. Now bodies should adjust tho and realize it's a false signal before long
Ethan Tomkins
Ethan Tomkins 2 napja
Its literally a problem some people are unable to get around. It goes a long way for VR to accommodate those playera
Bringer of Pain
No mercy for the wicked
ToasterTen12 3 napja
It really makes you FEEL like a Doom 3 VR
Ben Kelly
Ben Kelly 3 napja
Don't think it's fair to make these comparisons and talk so negatively when the game is for sale at only £15
Mark McCleary
Mark McCleary 3 napja
The game is by no means perfect, and scaling of NPC's are a bit rubbish but with a PSVR aim controller this game is easily 7/10 at least. 👍
HEXGame YT Napja
Any for $20 u can’t go wrong
HEXGame YT Napja
D00Ter McScooter
Jesus why are you running around like a headless chicken?
mrmonkeyman79 3 napja
You'd think by now ign would have found a reviewer who can play a vr game with free movement without needing to throw up. By all means get a second person unused to vr to give an opinion on the comfort for beginners, but the main reviewer needs to be able to actually cope with simulated movement as much of the target audience will be able to.
HEXGame YT Napja
Well said
Unicronicorn 3 napja
@Shlok Kalekar IGN don't need you defending them lmao They're adults and can handle themselves, no one's giving you a medal
Shlok Kalekar
Shlok Kalekar 3 napja
Dude, if you're trying to get reviews meant for veterans, please, don't watch IGN, cause this is literally a channel meant for casual gamers in the least offensive way of saying it possible. If you don't want to listen to their opinion, by all means, do so, but stop nagging them about not using a team. I'm pretty sure they don't just give one person to give pointers for the review, just one person to write for it.
Nogardtist 3 napja
todd howard took a mod and turned into a VR game for a price
William Smith
William Smith 2 napja
@Nogardtist microsoft only just got bethesda. This was already in development for a while before the acquisition was completed
Nogardtist 2 napja
@William Smith oh wait its bill gates told todd howard little lies to pull a skyrim VR move
William Smith
William Smith 3 napja
@Jedi Mandalore bethesda owns ID. They have for YEARS. How do you not know this. It's more like EA telling respawn to do something, because they own them and can
Jedi Mandalore
why would Todd the head of Bethesda Game Studios tell ID Software what to do lol that's like the head of BioWare telling Respawn to make a game two different studios.
PopesofHazard 3 napja
first mistake was making this for PSVR and not pc. lolololol.
5? Really?
Edward Hendrix
The game plays fine on PSVR, the NPC Scaling is really the only issue, not everyone gets motion sick in VR.
m mib
m mib 3 napja
This isn't meant for VR. Who tf came up with it
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 3 napja
Imagine criticising a VR game for giving you motion sickness.
Leigh Sherval
Leigh Sherval 3 napja
There's actually a pretty decent Doom 3 VR port on Quest.
Agent_547 XD
Yes and it's way better than this
2004 - DOOM 3 2021 - DOOM VR 2041 - Humans go to Mars and play doom for real .
Fundie Atheist
Fundie Atheist 18 órája
Nacho Lopez Casas
@Ragu inacan Oh no...Doom 2005 movie arc
Ragu inacan
Its not that crazy. Mars is the only place where scientist will be able to really mess around with genetic engineering so they could create mutants that resemble demons and use them as slave labor to terraform the harsh martian landscape and these mutants could revolt and take over the martian cities like the demons in the game.
aridogg2 3 napja
Still my favorite Doom
Alessandro Filippi
Looks like crap
hejshsh jejeheh
For some reason some DOOM fans doesn't count DOOM 3 as part of the series when it's actually it's oh you want a proof the character you play as in DOOM 3 is actually DOOM guy but in this game he is a bit younger and if you are wondering what is time line of this series here it is : (1) DOOM 3 (2) DOOM (2016) (3) DOOM (4) DOOM 2 (5) DOOM N64 (6) DOOM ETERNALS (7) DOOM ETERNALS : THE ANCIENT GODS PART 1,2
hejshsh jejeheh
@Bringer of Pain dud im not !
Bringer of Pain
@hejshsh jejeheh dude dont make up stuff
hejshsh jejeheh
@Darth Cinema dud that is the time line even if you searched it on wiki it will tell you the exact same thing !
Darth Cinema
Darth Cinema 2 napja
That is not the timeline. Do some friggin research.
hejshsh jejeheh
@Bringer of Pain what ?
Adam Levine
Adam Levine 3 napja
Sup ?
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 3 napja
Looks like a ps3 game demo.
Bringer of Pain
Well the game is 17 years old...
dyl sam
dyl sam 3 napja
To sum up this review in 3 words: Pissing My Pants....
Ken Hou
Ken Hou 3 napja
2 word, Motion sickness
gavin vespa
gavin vespa 3 napja
The only doom game they could play
C biss
C biss 3 napja
It's nice to see a negative review every once in a while
SuperDomochan 3 napja
why is he playing like his neck hurts?
mrr Glass
mrr Glass 3 napja
The controls are horrible
KomodoBadger 3 napja
DOOM is like, the WORST candidate for VR, fast movement with swarms of enemies with lots of rapid turning while moving at a constant 50mph down corridors? worst case scenario for VR
deliriumDrew VR
@KomodoBadger there is a walk button if you’re going too fast
KomodoBadger 2 napja
@deliriumDrew VR it would be fine, but when the enemies are right up in your face in swarms that's when it gets bad. fast movement is fantastic in VR, but down thin corridors and room sized arenas it gets annoying. although, if enough testing and intuitive design goes into a game even something that sounds awful could be fantastic feeling, or it could feel terrible and disappointing even if its based on a well known and loved game series (like DOOM VFR)
Barmy Neddy
Barmy Neddy 2 napja
RE7 and TWD Saints and Sinners are examples of what is possible. Many other games/experiences are unfortunately examples of what is also possible.
Bringer of Pain
Sounds like best scenario to me.
deliriumDrew VR
No we like it. Maybe if your a little new to VR.
Jake Guillotte
That mirror jump scare part gonna make me punch my monitor
Pintér Gábor
Why would you sit so close to your monitor while playing a VR game?
Taimat CR
Taimat CR 3 napja
There's a kind of fix for the scaling, it involves doing a calibration of the interpupilary distance, you can search it for specifics on how to do it
A. P.
A. P. 3 napja
Interpupilary distance set to 37mm around its ok. Go to Settings / Accessories / PlayStation VR / Adjust IPD eyes distance. Instead pointing to the center of your eyes, put the crosses at the very inner beginning of the eyes near the nose. When done the IPD distance should be near 37mm.
PopesofHazard 3 napja
you can do that on playstationVR? lol
Felipe Zorzi
Felipe Zorzi 3 napja
Mediocre 😂
Nekminute 3 napja
lazy port
Project Raccoon
I've been playing Doom 3 on the Quest 2 (Unofficial mod) And its been amazing. Way better than the PSVR version.
deliriumDrew VR
@Jedi Mandalore it has the aim controller you twat
Jedi Mandalore
anything's better than the PSVR version of VR games the limited controls just weakens the overall game for example Hitman VR would've been amazing on another headset.
deliriumDrew VR
But you didn’t even play it roflmao
7clouds ET
7clouds ET 3 napja
I'm 666th like WTF?
olo716 3 napja
lol me too XD
Glctc Thnkr
Glctc Thnkr 3 napja
An ign review lower than a 7/10? Damn
Da Lil bruh
Da Lil bruh 3 napja
Imagine dead space in VR
Rushikesh Kharade
Dead space isn't as doom 3
Rusuethi Tayaba
Killzone vr in the style of killzone 2
Kevin Meyers
Kevin Meyers 2 napja
@Lord of Dread Like Dead Space: Extraction?
Perplexing Perceptions 3:33PM
That would be epic.
Lord of Dread
Lord of Dread 2 napja
You can play it in steoscopic 3D already quite easily. For it to be worth doing in VR, it'd have to be first person and that'd require some work to make it right
Gastoly 3 napja
If you're gonna review this why not review on something like Quest 2?
deliriumDrew VR
Cuz that’s a mod and not an official release 🤪
Apollo N9ne
Apollo N9ne 3 napja
I'll stick with my PlayStation exclusives
Doom Boi
Doom Boi 3 napja
Doom 3 on vr feels like it was made to be on be and not a console game.
The action feels more face-paced in VR for some reason.
deliriumDrew VR
True. This review is hot garbage.
John Dickson
John Dickson 3 napja
The way doomguy shoots a demon in the face with such hate is full of the exaggerated anger of a demon killing maniac
Nacho Lopez Casas
is a random marine
VenomFuryX Napja
@Stewieternity Gaming Doom3guy
@John Dickson for real that line was from gamespot with their miles morales review
John Dickson
@JoelDiazoni for real? Or r u joking? Im a dumb dumb :p
No no that review text is from a different reviewer
BigDaddyMacc 3 napja
Rose Marry Church
“What the wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end.”Earn 30,000$ every week from your own investment. Ask me how
DON KAZ 3 napja
Instead they should have made 3D for VR version of Doom 3
Cheese Boi
Cheese Boi 3 napja
That’s what this is
tallperson117 3 napja
Sounds like the unofficial Quest port is better than this hahaaa
People named bart: *exist* Bartenders:
micah lindley
micah lindley 3 napja
As in Bart enders.
Ryder Rogan
Ryder Rogan 3 napja
bmx7596 3 napja
Needs a ps4 pro patch, resolution is exactly the same as standard ps4. Once they do that and fix the scaling, it will be perfect.
Dajana_ 075
Dajana_ 075 3 napja
Can't wait for that damn flashlight
Luke Swan
Luke Swan 3 napja
Doom 3 was a tech demo, not a game. Doom however is eternal.
deliriumDrew VR
Yes a +12hr tech demo. Shut up.
The Three Scrooges
A headache?.....what the hell is he even talking about?
Wonder Man
Wonder Man 3 napja
Hi, everybody I'm Sydnee Goodmann 🙋🙋
Ron-j Ignacio
Ron-j Ignacio 3 napja
Natsystroturu itu out
tyquan fleming
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