Dirt 5 Review 

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Reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox Series X. Also available on PlayStation 4/5, PC, and Xbox.

"Dirt 5 represents a complete about-face for the main Dirt series, shedding virtually all semblance of simulation in favour of an unabashed, arcade-inspired racing experience that draws from just about every influence you can name except its direct predecessor. It's not especially deep, and there isn't as much variety in the career mode as it claims, but it's fast, frantic, and extremely handsome, and the wild and wacky stunt track editor truly has its hooks in me."










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HatredCopter 838
This game has turned into the crew...what a shame....🤦‍♂️
Kaleem ullah
Kaleem ullah 8 napja
The handling is way better than forza. Forza why cars are slippery.
Arnaldo Cova Masiero
8? lol this game is bad, like a 6.5
Probably your neighbor or something
Why does this game look like sh*t in videos but playing it it doesn't look that bad?
achicheezay 20 napja
when are they going to create another dirt showdown that was fun crashing cars !
William Gill
William Gill 22 napja
Wish they would make a new dirt showdown. That was my favorite one besides rally 2.0
JSR 23 napja
It’s Dirt Showdown 2.
James Shuker
James Shuker 28 napja
Annoys me how there is no rally stages at all
L05T 28 napja
Why do all Norwegian reporters sound the same?
L M 29 napja
8/10? Jesus Christ.
damattboii Hónapja
I've NEVER had a game SHUT OFF MY XBOX
Sjögel Miihels
Sjögel Miihels Hónapja
Might buy some Dirt game one day when dirt starts actually flying sideways in them corners.
Gannon bass
Gannon bass Hónapja
Nolan and James are in this!? Shut up I’m buying it
D C Hónapja
Kinda bad clone of "Gravel" IMHO
x Flame x
x Flame x Hónapja
You saying this game has a track in monument valley put the biggest smile on my face
Travis Gintz
Travis Gintz Hónapja
Don't buy this game. Broken Fanatec wheel support, and inability or lack of effort in fixing it in multiple patches.
faydu laksono
faydu laksono Hónapja
from ingame reflection.what min req to run this game?could my potato pc run this?
Brad Hónapja
Stunts. Before its time
SilenceStabber Hónapja
This company needs to make openworld racing game
veteran navy
veteran navy Hónapja
Does it have class B
kf160k160 Hónapja
"The cars runs on wheels" IGN 8/10
Destroy Kevi
Destroy Kevi Hónapja
Wtf are you smoking??? This game is as far from an 8 as you can get. Its too bad Donut Media's logo is on this dogshit
권오근 Hónapja
very easy car racing!!
We-Are- Liverpool Fc
Alright but Motostorm was doing all that on Ps3 go check it out.
Daniel Lawrence
Daniel Lawrence Hónapja
8 +1 for arriving on game pass! It's worth a 9 for that. Thanks Xbox for getting us through this lockdown! Plus another for that. 10/10. Cheers!!
Dick 2 hónapja
Dirt 3 Complete is the best. The best Multiplayer game.
Sham_WoW_Guy 2 hónapja
This feels more like a Dirt Showdown 2.0 than anything else.
Mikhil Muhuthan
Mikhil Muhuthan 2 hónapja
Dirt 2 was the best
James Ricketson
James Ricketson 2 hónapja
After you watch this, watch ign's review of Wreckfest. The tone in the reviewer's voice compared to this tells you everything you need to know...
Mpamphs Tripokaridos
Dirt Showdown 2.
eusaphzai 2 hónapja
downloaded from gamepass on series x after the update........deleted within 10 mins of download.....this is pretty bad....
420Gaming 2 hónapja
Need a replay camera please!
Roadrunner Designs
Roadrunner Designs 2 hónapja
Worst “Dirt” game in my opinion. Feels rushed and lazy
Ryan Mulhern Innit
Ryan Mulhern Innit 2 hónapja
lets not even mention the mtx and glitches
Meanwhile I’m wondering how Dirt 5 is still on the PS Store with these Graphics. Guys I’m playing Dirt 5 on 120 fps on my PS5 65 inch Qled Tv and it legit looks like An Asphalt Game. This is Unacceptable super disappointed. Do not buy this game don’t even accept it if it was given to you for free!!
Classic Shotgun
Classic Shotgun 2 hónapja
The game looks fine graphically
Reggie 2 hónapja
This is already on game pass, what happened 😂
what in tha fuck
what in tha fuck 2 hónapja
@Reggie dirt 4 is better imo.
Reggie 2 hónapja
@The mad king Aerys so iv heard, so not worth the download huh?
The mad king Aerys
The mad king Aerys 2 hónapja
It's dogshit that's why
RiptideDev 2 hónapja
*slowly opens Forza*
Ben Clements
Ben Clements 2 hónapja
Where the he'll is private lobbys
Nick Derd
Nick Derd 2 hónapja
Game look dog shi
Joey Busnardo
Joey Busnardo 2 hónapja
Speed racing is just terrible. The game itself is ok, but nothing memorable imo. 6/10 MAX
Kilroy was Here
Kilroy was Here 2 hónapja
What the hell happened to the rally mode
Vectorizer 2 hónapja
Dirt 2 : always the best in my opinion Dirt 5? : 5:09 you name it
AliceInHanes 2 hónapja
Dirt 2 was was the best in the series, something about the replay camara honestly kept me entertained for longer than it had the business to
Taup 100
Taup 100 2 hónapja
Whoes here because it's on gamepass!
hama kurdish
hama kurdish Hónapja
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison 2 hónapja
Now on game pass! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Benny Malone
Benny Malone 2 hónapja
No one does weather effects like Codemasters Cheshire
FunForSameer 2 hónapja
50% off rn 👀
Matt Morris
Matt Morris 2 hónapja
Ready to play this on GamePass! Let’s go!
Jdogg4089 25 napja
@Matt Morris consoles are crap by design
Colin97HD Hónapja
@Robloxian from Robloxity Figured it out, the game gives you an option to prioritize frame rate or quality of picture. If you pick frame rate, it will occasionally crash. Other than that not really impressed with the driving mechanics either. I'd give the overall game a 5.5/10
jUAN.T Hónapja
Game with Gold day one free woooo lets go
Robloxian from Robloxity
@Colin97HD that sounds like problem with the game itself tbh.
thespiritroom 2 hónapja
Xbox series X boy!
Cain Butler
Cain Butler 2 hónapja
I’m totally downloading this game off Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on my new Xbox Series S! Does anyone know what day this game gets added on the subscription??
Sorkbomb 2 hónapja
Troy Baker is in every game?
el_boricua_ 81
el_boricua_ 81 2 hónapja
Here because it’s being added to xbox game pass! 😄🎮
Game pass boys !!
4/11nightnheaven 2 hónapja
Didint say anything about the couch co-op split screen up to 4 players potential.. and you can play career mode with your friend split screen.
Marius Paškevičius
Game for kids with this graphic
freeyourmind88 2 hónapja
Too arcade like. My dream job will be a rally driver. In memory of Colin Mcrae
Elkiiiins 3 hónapja
thx for review now I, know I dont buy this !
TecTonic 24
TecTonic 24 3 hónapja
If I’m coming from dirt 2 which racing game do you guys recommend
Today i ate my cat
Today i ate my cat 3 hónapja
Dirt 5 is a great game, I dont understand what the criticism is about, I know that its not as great as Dirt 2 and I dont think any game will ever be, but as a dirt fan Dirt 5 is a great entry with stunning visuals, fun racing and great sound design.
Joey Hernandez
Joey Hernandez 3 hónapja
Look how they massacred my boy
cp070476 3 hónapja
120fps PS2 graphics.. Ha.
The Drifter
The Drifter 3 hónapja
I love how motorstorm is still praised today and we have yet to see anything like it since. Feels really bad.
Benny Brewster
Benny Brewster Hónapja
Same motorstorm was and still is a great game.
wolfboy20 2 hónapja
Blame sony
Kristan Benson
Kristan Benson 2 hónapja
Loved motorstorm... specially the first 2, apocalypse wasnt the best.
mjorace 3 hónapja
This is more crew 2. Dirt 2.0 is way beter
Itz_Just_ Grayyy
Itz_Just_ Grayyy 3 hónapja
“Driveclub on Dirt” “Motorstorm” 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 A few of The Evolution Studios devs remain at codemasters 😔
pookpookpook88 3 hónapja
Developers absolutely refuse to put any effort or money into racing games anymore, i guess they figure if there's no guns, swords, blood and guts, nobody will buy it...another sad day for all us racing game fans.
George Morris
George Morris 3 hónapja
looks like a 360/ps3 game enhanced for last gen and current gen consoles
AndyRocks 3 hónapja
Just looks like Dirt Showdown all over again. Which was disappointing. So might just give this a miss.
W0JDA 3 hónapja
I guess Dirt Rally fans forget that series has arcade past. It's just Dirt 5, Not Dirt rally 3.
Luis Sandoval
Luis Sandoval 3 hónapja
Is this more of an arcade? Dirt 2.0 seems to be more of a sim
Brad Windhorst
Brad Windhorst 3 hónapja
Most definitely.
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel 3 hónapja
I can’t even play the ps5 version it won’t let my start the game. It crashes everytime so imma try out the ps4 version
Brendan Fogel
Brendan Fogel Hónapja
@Kerim Can to this day the ps5 version doesn’t work for me
Kerim Can
Kerim Can Hónapja
Lol mine just played fine (Digital Edition)
Faize Wolf
Faize Wolf 4 hónapja
He never talked about split screen or online multpilayer 🤬
Variator 4 hónapja
Does anyone know if the "S"-rating in handling/performance is better than A?
Danilo Perina
Danilo Perina 4 hónapja
PS3 graphics
Akbar Malik
Akbar Malik 4 hónapja
PS4 graphics at worst.
The Lazy Generation
Bro, this desurves a 6/10 at best...
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams 4 hónapja
This game is bland. OnRush was more fun. This game should of been called DirtRush
andrew crombie
andrew crombie 4 hónapja
Looks like a game you wld find in an arcade really disappointed 😔😔😔
Clyde Smith
Clyde Smith 4 hónapja
This totally is not what I was wanting from dirt😩
Lincoln 2 hónapja
what kills it is that driving model
Dustin Nuttall
Dustin Nuttall 4 hónapja
Hate Dirt 5. The arcade crap simply ruins it. Just like the Grid series, just ruined.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 4 hónapja
Xbox X
Xbox X 4 hónapja
Its like gravel..
jaxmk1 4 hónapja
Great review,thank you very much excellent job!!!!
mUnday 4 hónapja
I like these games as arcadey and fun and Rally as the serious Sim. Definitely grabbing it for ps5 while it's on sale. Nice review by IGN too, I gotta say. 🤘
Joe P
Joe P 4 hónapja
Hoping somebody can help?? I’ve got a ps5, and usually play online against my sister and her boyfriend who also have one. They take it turns to play me. Is there any way they can both be in an online race against me like split screen so all 3 of us are playing? We’ve been trying for ages to make it work, she even bought a PlayStation plus subscription hoping that would work, but it hasn’t. Would she be better off just getting that refunded?
Johny Bauer
Johny Bauer 4 hónapja
I love james pumphrey
I love the game
Frederick Werk
Frederick Werk 4 hónapja
Now got it on Xbox Series X, it looks and plays terribly!
Helminth Combos
Helminth Combos 4 hónapja
lol this looks more like Trackmania then a Dirt game easy pass
HorVat Gaming
HorVat Gaming 4 hónapja
1:30 dafaq is that?? xD
Teague10 Plays
Teague10 Plays 4 hónapja
No talk of multi-player at all or did I miss it?
Greyson Howard
Greyson Howard 4 hónapja
Why is this game in the Dirt series?
burntd toast
burntd toast 4 hónapja
This doesn’t look fun, I’ll stick to 3
Geovanny Amador
Geovanny Amador 4 hónapja
So no longer a Racing Sim? :/
jmr34 4 hónapja
might be in the later years, maybe 2023 because it had a 4 year time delay for dirt rally
3P3KVisuals 4 hónapja
Series S can do 120fps on this game, If you have a 120+ hz monitor or tv, there should be a “high frame rate” option as well. The weird part is if you dont have a 120+hz monitor, the option wont even show up in the menu. Anyway, It’s a bit blurry but the motion is smooth. Its the Series S doing 120fps, I love it so far.
Brebgon 4 hónapja
Please go back to using decimals
JCumm 5 hónapja
Man what ever happened to motorstorm. I loved that series
Advait Narayan
Advait Narayan 5 hónapja
Luke Reilly is the best reviewer on IGN. This time, though, I don't feel like the final score matched up with what he actually thought about the game.
Shahbaz Sekhon
Shahbaz Sekhon 5 hónapja
Nobody mentioned the 4 player couch co-op split screen magnificence! Its worth it just for that!
DucksOut 5 hónapja
Outbreak needs to come back
Tyler Schweitzer
Tyler Schweitzer 5 hónapja
Dirt hasn’t been fun since dirt 2.
ataman 164
ataman 164 5 hónapja
2 things i need 1. draw distance 2. car and track variety
Landon Thompson
Landon Thompson 5 hónapja
Have not played it. I expect more. Its next gen. Why are the games out looking like the previous gen.
Mehedi 5 hónapja
Graphics look like dirt!
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