Demon's Souls Remake Review (PS5) 

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The return to Boletaria is a welcome one. Demon's Souls Remake on the PlayStation 5 shines bright as one of the first true showcases of what this current console generation is capable of, on top of being a faithful recreation of one of the PS3's best action RPGs.

Reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PlayStation 5.
From PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls. Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, this remake introduces the horrors of a fog-laden, dark fantasy land to a whole new generation of gamers. Those who’ve faced its trials and tribulations before, can once again challenge the darkness in stunning visual quality and incredible performance.










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First time player of this game (series) and I love it!!!!!
WeAreLive! 2 napja
If this is your first time playing demon souls like me, expect to spend hours and hours and hours of your spare time cause this game is a griiiiiiiiiiiiind
Tyler Vincent
Tyler Vincent 2 napja
I’m looking for the best game to showcase the PS5 on an OLED. Demons Souls or Miles Morales? Which one looks better?
sammy636 2 napja
Thanks ign.. Don't have to play the game now. Ruined every world map
Antony 3 napja
Great video man
jesse 3 napja
i never played the original and everytiime i see this soul form thing, it makes me not want to play, but i want to play it lol
Basically AnOrdinaryGamer
Has anyone else been seeing so called "OG Soul's" fans bitching about the the remake in literally every comment section about said game?
Now if we can get a Heavenly Sword remake..😊
John Yu
John Yu 4 napja
From what I hear it's a breathtaking game
Ilikeporkpie 4 napja
It's nice to see an actual fan of the series do the review for once.
HasPreTre 5 napja
It really makes you feel like a soul.
Joe Davis
Joe Davis 5 napja
Cant wait to get a PS5. This game alone makes it worth it.
Jason 5 napja
What I kind of hard was bluepoint is better than from software. Kidding
jay V
jay V 5 napja
Why do they have that shitty costume what happend to the armor
Shadow325 5 napja
I'm glad they got a truly passionate souls fan to review this game, it's almost like IGN are learning from being memed in the comments 24/7 because of thier past bias and overall just crap reviews
ABHI 2000
ABHI 2000 5 napja
Anthony A
Anthony A 5 napja
This game is great for beginners into the souls series. It’s hard but not brutal like dark souls lol. Just finished it yesterday
TouHou Peace
TouHou Peace 5 napja
No one is up for PVP is probably bc there is like 2 people that own a PS5 rn
Kludde 6 napja
lol, i had to double check if i was indeed watching an IGN review
Retrogamer Dell
I may skip upgrading my ps4. I'm just not impressed anymore. Same old stuff now days. No wow factor in this 40 year old gamer
Strangejett13 6 napja
Funny that the haters are at the bottom of the comment section where they belong...
Lee Brown
Lee Brown 6 napja
whatever floats your boat
Jablancc 7 napja
it has a little something for everyone!
Theodore Kritikos
Just a question, but why is this considered a Remake and not a Remaster?
Theodore Kritikos
@TheOnlyHumanBeing I see. I just thought of it the way Resident Evil worked on Remakes, so I couldn't justify in my head why this one applies as such too. I guess it doesn't have to include dramatic changes. Thanks for the info, man! =)
@Theodore Kritikos they added Fractured Mode, Photo Mode, new items such as Grains, new weapons, new armour, And Alot of other stuff
Theodore Kritikos
@TheOnlyHumanBeing Have you played it? If so, could you tell me what new features they've added?
@Theodore Kritikos That's because they wanted to keep the original style to it. Imagine they over hauled everything? All the fans would cry and the game Would get review bombed. but nonetheless it is considered a remake since it was rebuilt from the ground up for new hardware
Theodore Kritikos
@TheOnlyHumanBeing I am totally aware of this, but, judging by the looks of it, it doesn't seem like it went through a total overhaul.
Pokerface 8 napja
3:37 "It is exceptionally grindy and often frustrating in time wasting ways." How is that different?
Daniel Kalendarov
7:11 barely touches edge of wood structure Wood structure: explode!!!
Rai TheNoblesse
truthfully, Demon's Souls should be played in "Cinematic" mode.. , even if it's only "30fps", it's still super smooth (as long as you play smooth too, slow & precise camera turning / moving) .. it looks best on that mode.., just turn down the camera sensitivity to about 1/3..; still fast enough, but gud for environment enjoying .. just the Nexus alone looks crazy in Cintematic mode (if the game does not feel smooth on 30fps mode, when turning / moving the camera slowly.., than either your TV settings are bad or your turning to fast / unsmooth) ... use cinematic mode when exploring new areas slowly.., than turn back to performance mode when replaying / grinding old areas faster
Johnny_ B_Goode
@Rai TheNoblesse Ok
Rai TheNoblesse
@Johnny_ B_Goode Cinematic looks better (looks so gud).., but not all areas seem to take the same advantage of Cinematic mode.. ..., truthfully would play on both modes, when slowly and carefully exploring new areas (moving camera slowly), go Cinematic mode.., when replaying an area or running / grinding fast, go Performance mode
Johnny_ B_Goode
REALLY ?? Cinematic mode and Performance mode seem really close graphically . So I prefer by far play Demon's Souls or a Dark Souls game at 60fps. In this games, the timing is so important !
League Legends
Ah here it is, remastered version of second greatest soulsborn game of all times... Bloodborne will always be the best of course 👑
Luke Emory
Luke Emory 8 napja
ive had to be carried through all dark souls and bloodborne do I have a chance to beat this alone hah? never played this.
Well, time to spend five hours sculpting a face to look like my favorite Anime character and/or waifu.
Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad 7 napja
Shaunoez Kewl
Shaunoez Kewl 8 napja
The thing I loved about Demons souls that I could never find in Dark souls was different build variety. In Dark Souls you can play it one way.. Dodge, duck, dive and Dodge, attack then repeat. In Demons Souls you can make your character into a tank who can weather multiple hits without needing to worry about parries and dodging. OR you can play it exactly as everyone did Dark souls.
Mike Bremer
Mike Bremer 8 napja
Even video game characters wear masks in 2020
Matthew Johnson
this is a job
Matthew Johnson
The $1000 Demon's Souls I will wait for Elden Ring. I am seeing poor social skills in abundance
Krathoon 8 napja
I am not quite liking the music changes. They didn't keep it weird like the original.
WordOnIce 9 napja
LMAO!!! 3:20 this reviewer certainly knows how to do his job very, very, veeery well! I wish I had a PS5. I'd definitely buy it just cos of this review
primecalibur 9 napja
Man, all these peeps grinding for grass and complaining about it. Just keep pushing forward, you'll keep getting grass >_>
Peter Parkour
Peter Parkour 9 napja
I love the Souls games but I am terrible at them.
So I got to see the Xbox 2 and it’s not as big as I thought actually it’s as big 90s PC and the slim disc model is pretty decent size for a launch console in my book... I haven’t seen ps5 yet in person yet but I got to fill the Xbox 2 controller it’s basically the same better d pAd maybe not sure yet but it might be better d pad then PS4 no joke but the lb and even buttons broke on both controllers on Xbox 1 for me playing marvel infinite so I can somewhat say the Xbox white and skinny might possibly get a pass before the ps5 extra large model
Mrnoobsalot 9 napja
Everyone coppin a PS5 rn either tryna play this or trying to feel the exxagerated swagger of a black teen. Nothing else
Baqsam 9 napja
*S P O I L Y M C S P O I L E R S O N*
Shaman Xeed
Shaman Xeed 9 napja
this game garbo i exposed it on my chanel
gtone339 9 napja
RAGE quit!! - ign
Gustavo Roque
Gustavo Roque 9 napja
Are the l2 and r2 trigger suppose to do anything like in Astro playroom. I am just curious because for me demon souls adaptive triggers isnt working if there is
Notacka 9 napja
So We need Blue Point and the guys that made Dark Souls 2 to make Demon’s Souls 2 while Miyazaki works on Elden Ring. Hell you can even get Miyazaki overlook it some.
Notacka 4 napja
@TheOnlyHumanBeing lame
@Notacka metal gear solid
Notacka 4 napja
@TheOnlyHumanBeing like Metal Gear Solid or Metal Gear?
That won't be possible, blue point is remaking metal gears right now
tr763 9 napja
graphics look the same as ps2
agofficial1 9 napja
Never played any of them but this will be the first!
Andrew 9 napja
Ofcourse its 9 ps5. Boot licker ign deserves an 8
I was hoping for something new not only graphic
Welsh Valleys
Welsh Valleys 9 napja
2:50 I sighed purely by reflex. Those bastards....
Junaid Rehman
Junaid Rehman 9 napja
The Dark Souls series is the most overrated series of all time. Just gonna leave this here
Junaid Rehman
Junaid Rehman 23 órája
@Johnny_ B_Goode I wish i was
Johnny_ B_Goode
stop trolling please
Noice Gamer
Noice Gamer 7 napja
It isn't lol. Curious why you would say that.
I Dislike the new Youtube
Hasn't this entire franchise been killed since they launched Nioh? Isn't Nioh just the superior version of Souls now?
Paul Lee
Paul Lee 9 napja
Theres a little something for everybody here
Chef BoyarBlump
Really makes you feel like “Demon’s Souls Remake for the PS5 by Bluepoint Games”
Logan Run
Logan Run 10 napja
I am just here for confirmation bias
Regina Ogbor
Regina Ogbor 10 napja
We want a dante's inferno remastered!!!!!
777 777
777 777 10 napja
Cant afford a PS5 this year because of pandemic.... Soo sad
Z Pervaiz
Z Pervaiz 10 napja
Ideal game to play during COVID-19 era
Jp111 10 napja
This looks Fukn amazing
Giles Underwood
Giles Underwood 10 napja
This game makes you feel like spiderman
Charles Ahweyevu
He definitely beat the game 5 times. You can feel his soul getting drained
Doug Bairead
Doug Bairead 10 napja
9 hours to beat this game?? wtf that is short
Ali Miri
Ali Miri 10 napja
If you're a souls veteran it's shorter than that, and if you're buying it for pvp, well it's awful, one shot city
Randall B
Randall B 10 napja
To all the people getting this but complaining about epic games doing exclusives on other threads, remember: your a hypocrite. Lol
Poised Stool
Poised Stool 10 napja
I like patas
King Prime
King Prime 10 napja
Another reason to buy PlayStation over Xbox 🤣🤣🤣
Shik 10 napja
Great graphics.. Old tired gameplay with awful character movement animation
KMS Bismarck
KMS Bismarck 8 napja
Be quiet shithead
Noah Boes
Noah Boes 10 napja
Literally this is the first funny IGN review...ever lol, love it
KRIS· 10 napja
This is what Diablo should evolve too - Diablo 4 is going to be such a let down...
Elliot B
Elliot B 8 napja
I've said this and thought this for a while. I think in reality, Souls is the true successor to Diablo 2.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 10 napja
No score?
KMS Bismarck
KMS Bismarck 8 napja
NightWolf77 10 napja
Can you summon others players for help to fight the bosses?
KMS Bismarck
KMS Bismarck 8 napja
Nope, gotta fight them alone
awakenlilrabbit 10 napja
This is a video game like ps4 but for a ps5 .
awakenlilrabbit 10 napja
It's like a dark souls game . But with dark demons
Phila76 10 napja
Will this be on PC ?
KMS Bismarck
@Johnny_ B_Goode Nope, it's staying as a PS5 exclusive.
Johnny_ B_Goode
@KMS Bismarck For now ...
KMS Bismarck
KMS Bismarck 8 napja
It's a PS5 exclusive
Zardoz 10 napja
Looks amazing. I can’t wait to play it in 2025 when I finally get my hands on a PS5.
Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts 10 napja
You have tiny baby hands
Enrique Sarabia
Enrique Sarabia 10 napja
Jesus Christ dude, did you save any of the cool moments for us to discover... Or is the entire review just you spoiling cool moments. Worst review in a long time
GiddiE 10 napja
this review was a lot less robotic than many of the others. I'm a fan
demons souls PS3 is still hardest version compared to this casual edition on PS5
Masked Valerian
Masked Valerian 10 napja
I'm finishing up on DS remastered confused, if should pick up DS 2 first or Demon souls.
David Dougher
David Dougher 10 napja
the 4k mode has frame rate issues///are you kidding ps5///another complete lie of a powerful console///
Frame rate issues?
JustSendIt 10 napja
Never got past the first level. Total waste of money.
Scott Geraci
Scott Geraci 10 napja
Got my PS5 and played a little before work today. Absolutely amazing.
Luke Jensen
Luke Jensen 10 napja
Bugsnax is better
Don't Save The Game
More reviews like this, IGN. Don’t be afraid to let the reviewer’s personality shine through.
Tom Verstappen Drums
I watched your playthrough of the original game waaaay back Mitch! At the time we both would not think you'd be doing this review at IGN a decade later. You're keeping the company alive
Manuel Vazquez
Manuel Vazquez 10 napja
Jonah hill is doing reviews now lol
Toph B
Toph B 10 napja
I like all the comparisons to the old game but lets be honest, most of your zoomer fans have never and will never play the original lol
Fuxx BayLife
Fuxx BayLife 10 napja
We don't need "Quality of Life", that's why PS3 Demon's Souls was successfull!
R D 10 napja
If only someone could remaster my PS4 into a PS5.
Jo Nightwing
Jo Nightwing 10 napja
World 4😂😂😂
Rashid Ibrahim
Rashid Ibrahim 10 napja
I can't wait to buy this in 2 years when they actually have PS5s in stock
Michael Kyle
Michael Kyle 10 napja
Great review
DJET 1976
DJET 1976 10 napja
You have to watch just about any of their videos on HUrun.
Gounen 10 napja
The best part is by the time I get a PS5 there will already be alot of skilled and well equipped invaders to my world!
Sott Rose
Sott Rose 10 napja
Is this a review or yet another spoiler video im 3 mind in and seen more on this game than I have for the past 6 months ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
McWookie1980 10 napja
Xbox series x - the most powerfull console in the world
Renato Luis
Renato Luis 10 napja
Being powerfull doesnt mean it is best
Jianto 10 napja
Still have the PS3 version in my desk
TasseiViews 10 napja
Uhm, spoilers...? (holy crap)
Adii S
Adii S 10 napja
We need a PC port so we don't need to take compromises down our troats, 4K 60 is what I want.
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