Cyberpunk Shows Off Series X Gameplay + PS5 Cross-Gen Priorities - IGN News Live 

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A surprise Night City Wire Special showed us some Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay on Series X and One X, Sony’s cross-gen games are specially built for PS5, all things Batman are cursed in 2020 and so much more to talk about here on Tuesday November 17. It’s News, Games, & More!










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Nerds Never Sleep
Godfall has been my go to game for PS5 so far. Its just awesome. Also dipped back into Borderlands 3, the added haptic feedback for the guns is nice. It adds so much to the game
Rudy Aguilera
Rudy Aguilera 4 napja
The show isn't about batman it's about gcpd dumb really dumb if yoour not in know it takes place during his firat year as batman but it's more centering on the police department than batmans escapades
ArtofLunatik 5 napja
They drove that car suspiciously slow as if not too show framerate problems, reminds me of when Randy Pitchfork showed off aliens colonial marines and he made the character walk extremely slow. Then when the game dropped it was clear why he did it. Smh
David Patterson
Hopefully I can get in the game industry one day
Levi Verzyden
Levi Verzyden 5 napja
Guy in bottom right is always such a downer on these shows. He’s always so ‘blah, meh, whatever.’ to every question. I would suggest using people who seem more engaged. If he were bringing more points, maybe it’d be ok but for the most part, he’s just the unimpressed guy.
Amit V
Amit V 5 napja
I only watch this show if either Johnathan or Ryan is here.
kevmahon 5 napja
Can ya not edit out the long pointless intro no???
Daniel Weiss
Daniel Weiss 5 napja
Time stamps please
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 5 napja
NG+M has turned into the beyond podcast just with a changing cast
Oko 5 napja
Why does this dude not shut up about tik tok
Pascal Suissa
Pascal Suissa 5 napja
When will this be on again?
Tomás de Vasconcellos
The voice of the girl is annoying af. The lack of organization of this video is bothersome.
Amir Amran
Amir Amran 5 napja
But 2077 wont look like the 80s... It will look like 2077.
David Cisneros
I can only imagine how GTA 6 will be
Kenny FromthaA
Brehs.. imagine GTA 6 on ps5 with VR headset
Gaming Tonight
Is that girl 12 years old? And the Blaise/negative attitude is from people who know they'll get the game for free!
parazels83 6 napja
What's about PS5 in the news? I have no time to watch the 1 hour video. Thanks
parazels83 6 napja
@Mappy Bc thanks
Mappy Bc
Mappy Bc 6 napja
Timestamps are a thing but ok. It's just Jim Ryan saying cross gen Sony exclusives are built from the ground up to take advantage of the PS5 then ported down to PS4 and not the other way around.
They need to quit releasing cyberpunk footage, it’s looking worse and worse each video they release.
Female host is unbearable
Rich Cartwright
England's grey?
Javi A secas
Javi A secas 6 napja
Wtf it is playable
JBSamurai 6 napja
This feels like watchdogs 😑
Grey 6 napja
He didn’t see a difference between RTX and non RTX. Mmmk 👍 😬
Belland _Dog
Belland _Dog 5 napja
Then you weren't looking
Alan Plays
Alan Plays 6 napja
“Y’all”... stop.
john watkin
john watkin 5 napja
😂 how many times can someone squeeze premeditated y'alls into their sentences?
Kenny FromthaA
11:12 .. you're welcome
Sean Anzaldo
Sean Anzaldo 6 napja
Seriously considering canceling my pre order and waiting for next gen patch.
Princess Himiko
Omg so freaking Awsome i sad not see it 😿 in stream but i so happy i watch the yesterday the new Special Gameplay is los so freaking Awsome 💘💘💘🔥😻💥🔫
oscar 6 napja
hope its not a anthem, or no mans sky thing with this game
seinfeldand24 6 napja
If it was a drinking game for every time "y'all" was said I would need liver transplant
Anthony Ferraro
Wow 🤣
Cyborg Soda
Cyborg Soda 6 napja
Why isn't this gameplay demo available in a higher quality?
Ask Chris
Ask Chris 6 napja
what a toxic pile of chat.
StandardMeta 6 napja
Who is this annoying person wrecking this entire video?
Safis 2
Safis 2 4 napja
PC should be the priority.. people are selling out of the new video cards just so people can max this game out.. video cards now are 2x the cost of a 2020 console.. way better graphics, controls, and experience... and gaming on PC, consoles are just old pc technology
Gaming Tonight
Funny thing is, a 3080 will be overkill, and they'll soon find out they wasted their money!
ayy lmao
ayy lmao 6 napja
I hate it when people say y'all. Literally makes me want to commit game over on myself
Where's Cyberpunk 2077 in this video? 🙄😶🧐
Native 4k on Xbox Series X. Awesome
Rocke Tol
Rocke Tol 6 napja
@Grey No one cares, if you want 60 get Series X
Grey 6 napja
At 30FPS cap. Yup. Really low...
xic777 6 napja
worst review everr, fire these ppl
Osman Cardona
Osman Cardona 6 napja
I wanna see base xbox one gameplay lol, how's it gonna run on that ?!
angry wenger
angry wenger 6 napja
@Degree ah yes they made a game unplayable on the console most people have
Degree 6 napja
Probably won’t run well
Gaming Tonight
Probably won't.
J RDZ 6 napja
I don't know everybody's hating, I'm getting the game no matter what.
Juji-Gatame 6 napja
@Shivansh Singh I didn't even mention crowd density. There are many other factors that can make or break a game. All I'm saying is that I'm not buying a subpar game if that's the case when it's released. You sound like a brainwashed fanboy
Shivansh Singh
@Juji-Gatame see I totally agree with crowd density part but I believe it's not make or break game thing
Juji-Gatame 6 napja
@Shivansh Singh There are certain areas of the game, that still look subpar. I'm not the only one who has said this. That's not "hating". If the game is fun, then I'll probably still get it, but because I'm not willing to just buy anything, don't make me a hater, smh
Shivansh Singh
@Juji-Gatame ok now I get it.u are hating all over the latest cp2077 vidros
Juji-Gatame 6 napja
Not everyone is ok playing sub par games. If it gets bad reviews. I'm not going anywhere near it
T Time
T Time 6 napja
Assassin's creed isn't native 4k on series X
war imoo
war imoo 6 napja
All these people complaining but I bet they’re gonna buy the game anyway if not at launch they will eventually
Definitely pirating
Michael Nwazue
@Juji-Gatame some people wait for reviews, others have already made their minds. I’m sure there are many like you, but I think OP meant that some people who are complaining are still part of the latter group
Juji-Gatame 6 napja
Definitely not. If it gets sub par reviews, I'm not going near it. I'm sure I'm not the only one
Derek Roberson
I swear this should be called "New Game +".
R Bee
R Bee 5 napja
Masterful comment right here.
Moaz Zawra
Moaz Zawra 6 napja
Hello 👋🏾
Dante P
Dante P 6 napja
It honestly looks mediocre at best. All those delays for that? Yeah ill pass
Juji-Gatame 6 napja
@Helios you know what? I think I will
Alltimefox 6 napja
@Helios I want sushi now
Dante P
Dante P 6 napja
@Helios nah
Helios 6 napja
Go play ghosts of sushi
Greg Cass
Greg Cass 6 napja
it looked like dogshit, I have no clue what they've been doing behind scenes but it feels soo dated and empty
Chad B
Chad B 5 napja
Meh, I think It'll be fine with my 4k LG monitor and my new RTX 3080...🤔
raihidara 6 napja
It doesn't look terrible but geez is it one hell of a downgrade from the original gameplay trailer.
lemurfax20001 6 napja
“Dogshit”? I bet if they surpassed every conceivable goal post of graphical nuance and spectacle, you’d still be unimpressed. It’s not 8-bit ..... WTF do you want?
Dante P
Dante P 6 napja
@Osman Cardona its been delayed for almost a year if its not very stable that would honestly be pathetic
Helios 6 napja
@Dante P not an excuse when its literally facts
Brandon Mitchell
Starts 8:55
Godzillapunk 4 napja
Thanks mate!
Axenic Second
Axenic Second 5 napja
Much appreciated.
Killershootin 69
Is it that hard to cut out the first 8 1/2 mins ign?
Rahil Jogani
Rahil Jogani 6 napja
Ahmed Arat
Ahmed Arat 6 napja
Juan Moia
Juan Moia 6 napja
Hello everyone!!
naywahn 6 napja
2nd? 🤔
The Real Medicinal Mike
naywahn 6 napja
Indeed... 👏👏👏
Cyberpunk 2077: We Played 16 Hours