Cyberpunk 2077: We Played 16 Hours 

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Our spoiler-free hands-on impressions after spending 16 hours in Night City playing CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077.

Read our full written preview here: www.ign.com/articles/cyberpunk-2077-the-final-preview
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IGN 9 napja
Our Cyberpunk 2077 previewer Tom Marks played SIXTEEN HOURS! Ask him your burning questions about Night City, upgrade paths, shooting mechanics - you name it - and he could answer them soon in a new video!
gamer games
gamer games 3 napja
I like cyburpunk 2077 but dont have it
The Crow of Yharnam
Lol it won't get a 10 8 years and 3 delays for nothing 😂
Sleep WeaselR55
So who’s review is he going to plagiaris?
Gimdo 6 napja
Is this basically going to be GTA 5 set in the future with better graphics?
Antonio Ergastolo
When he said this game is an RPG does he means that same RPG style of fallout games where you can be 2 steps away from something and still miss a shoot?
clickbait 4 órája
So its not like GTA
Dank Buds
Dank Buds 11 órája
Dose IGN even have any credit anymore ? .. I just watch for the footage and mute there opinions .. GG
iceblock3 11 órája
well cross this off my list not a action game more rpg kinda game super lame and disappointed
B. K.
B. K. 16 órája
So, it comes out? I still don't believe it.
Lucian Maximus
Lucian Maximus 21 órája
Kudos -- 444 Gematria -- 🗽
Aaron park
Aaron park 22 órája
he spent 10 hours of customizing his character
gleebo Napja
its listed as open world, is this going to be like gta
William S
William S Napja
If I'm guessing right, the probably made the world alive like red dead 2. And if they did, this game is really gonna be awesome.
I can tell this is going to be my favorite game of all time
The Cooper Tech Kid
Wasn't interested in this game until the last month or so. Looks amazing 👌
Nikolayevic Muhamedoff
what if, this is both action and rpg game
Severo Bastardito
Slow game = My fav game
Tory Zoro
Tory Zoro Napja
Tom gonna make this game get delayed again...
Gonna have myself some over exaggerated swagger
Downtown 6ix
lol these guys cant say that it sux ........think about it?
Richard Vanbrackle
16 hours = 8 minute video. IGN is such dogshit.
Russell Barker
I can’t wait for the fourth quarter nuke 🐛
El Club De Los Juevitos
Can't wait for the 9th!
From the very beginning CDPR said Cyberpunk 2077 was going to be “RPG first and Shooter second” so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that its more RPG than FPS
Dude 2 napja
I want to be excited about the slower pace, but I know I’ll have school and work and won’t be able to fully enjoy that
Vishnu Sharma
Vishnu Sharma 2 napja
Does it have cheat codes
Schnoodl3 2 napja
I'm probably going to spend 90% of the time just playing a guitar or playing pool. More then half of my hours of RDR2 where on a poker table.
Mmm Yolo
Mmm Yolo 2 napja
3rd person view!!!!!!
Shirkuh 2 napja
This guy: this is not an action game! Also this guy: I was literally avoiding all the action! Lololol IGN never change buddy, stay irrelevant
said rahal
said rahal 2 napja
I din't like his review because it sounded like a "bad news it is not fast paced"...wtf! You are talking about CDProjek, The witcher? helloooowwww! immersive games masters from a long time???
Nebula Jumper
Nebula Jumper 2 napja
I sneaked and didn't draw my gun. I shot through walls and avoided direct confrontations .. Looking at the dude .. I understand.
jakeykid34 2 napja
will keanu reeves turn into a tumble weed
VibezVideo 3 napja
IGN: This game still has rough edges CDPR: so you've chosen...... 2077
Simone Marcocchi
He has an oled on the background and it's burning after the interview.
phantom krome
phantom krome 3 napja
What is Judy's type :I
M P 3 napja
CDPR: "We made the game length shorter than TW3" Also CDPR: "The prologue is 6hrs long"
Dash Dash
Dash Dash 3 napja
Jealous Of IGN
V man
V man 3 napja
Makes you feel like playing a delayed game Ign- 10/10
Micheal Scott
Micheal Scott 3 napja
Let’s be reall he spent 10 hours in character creation and 6 hours of gameplay.
Hedsta 3 napja
6 hours to get to the title card of the game! well thats amazing !!
Woke Gentleman
This is an old game by now. So 2018
Ismael Ortiz
Ismael Ortiz 3 napja
He have the PS5 and the Xbox series x and I can even get one of those ordered🥲🥲🥲
Constable Dodo
A game is a game, but a delayed game is still a game - Mitsubishi Toronto
brandon b
brandon b 3 napja
I have high hopes, but sounds like it will be a pretty boring game.
Red Tsunami
Red Tsunami 3 napja
I like how he sais its not an action game but theres like 200 + perks for hanguns rifles and blades
Vimorain 3 napja
so this time IGN did manage to beat tutorial ?
Obi One
Obi One 3 napja
A gun that sees though walls sigh dark zero I’ve missed you
MidnighterAT 3 napja
I feel like this video was a “we really overhyped this game so let us clarify by saying it’s fun but has flaws and probably won’t meet your expectations, which were created through false advertising and dramatized media (aka IGN (aka us))” sort of video.
Yiping Han
Yiping Han 3 napja
If I can avoid FPS, I’ll jump in. Hate shooting games.
Oli Taggu
Oli Taggu 4 napja
I am here for gameplay only. Does anyone takes IGN's critiques seriously ?
Has that Bladerunner scifi movie experience, scifi-punk could unexpectedly evolve graphics from cartoonish to photo-realism as the years move pass by, taking console gaming to another level /*\;,.
When this game flops they’re gonna reference this video
otterpoet 4 napja
'Original' _Deus Ex_ vibe? That sold me.
Deep J Singh
Deep J Singh 4 napja
I’d love a COD campaign 16 hours long!
Broccoli _ Roots
I’m probably the only one with this opinion but the whole first person in a rpg game really kills my immersion.
Goblin Slayed
Goblin Slayed 4 napja
These guys trying to stop us from playing in 2020 “rough edges” 😂😂
Man Geof
Man Geof 4 napja
16 Hours is 2 work days? Rookies!
Toxyczny Napadzior - T/B Channel
This game is an RPG? Just like Cyberpunk suppose to be? What a revelation. I'm sure that some people will hate the fact that you can perfectly aim but still miss due to shitty shooting skills.
Pastafazool 4 napja
So what would you rate this game? Yes.
Stefan Schneizilla
This looks amazing! I just wished I could play third person view. Nevertheless, looking very much forward to it!
GameDevDave 4 napja
I'm making a John Wick game guys, check it out on my channel, Like this comment
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 4 napja
Dont you have better hosts?
Zheng Yang
Zheng Yang 4 napja
Does it have a little something for everyone?
Samson Fox
Samson Fox 4 napja
Well, two weeks left!
PunisherOw 4 napja
i love it but i really care about combat systems in this game i hope they allow the game to be modded so combats get retweaked
The AR Station
Is there a Third Person option???
David Nainggolan
For once I don't want to hate on ign but I want to be part of them
Johnny 4 napja
Can't wait to play GTA 6.
Honduran Yokel
I haven’t been this excited for a game since Red Dead Redemption 2 and Monster Hunter World back in 2018 I cannot wait any damn longer GIMME NOW!
ibrahim çelebi
tom is a person
Professor Frink
It looks like an RPG on rails. Can I explore the world or not?
@Professor Frink No. There will be borders like in any other open world game. Think of it more like Grand Theft Auto 5. You could technically drive off road there, but there was still borders aka boundaries.
Professor Frink
@Vampirella1668 So at the 1:28 mark of the video, you can just drive off road for miles and miles, is that what you're saying?
Yes you can.
Shredd 4 napja
I have a feeling this game will disappoint a lot of people. Mediocre combat is a problem, even when it's RPG
W B Napja
Not really, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines was an amazing rpg and the combat wasn't very exceptional
Saud Alsanad
Saud Alsanad 4 napja
Me too
Roberto Anton
Roberto Anton 4 napja
Not excited at all, can’t wait for the disappointment...
Saud Alsanad
Saud Alsanad 4 napja
Chad Hay
Chad Hay 4 napja
I really should get it for pc but im gonna get it for the series x or ps5. Might pick up the pc version also i have a strix 2080ti but I’m trying to find a 3080 or 6800xt. Trying to find a 3080 is like seeing a unicorn 🦄
cth 4 napja
people who have to play this on ps4 hahahaha
PacMonster146 4 napja
Hopefully they make side missions fun and less of a chore for completionists.
Craig Lupo
Craig Lupo 4 napja
What was your takeaway after spending 16 hours with cyberpunk? "Well, I didn't play any of the game, I spent 16 hours building V!
Alex D
Alex D 4 napja
I really hope this doesn’t get delayed again. I really want to just play it already
Michael Soareverix
I love how hyped everyone is for this. CDPR is awesome!
didntwakeup 4 napja
lets all remember that the witcher didnt launch perfect. it became what it is today after a lot of work.
Pododododo Ehoh
I'm sure i will still love it but unlike most of the crowd here I was honestly really hoping for a fluid combat system. I dont think oace is a limitation because you get games like deus ex, halo and then doom that all have different levels to the gameplay loop. Hopefully there's an option to play on maximum difficulty in terms of damage and ai intelligence with minimum enemy health. Either way I still loved skyrim back in the day which had some of the lost mediocre combat ever so bring it on.
FlowXC 4 napja
If the game gets delayed again I will have to go in a coma
Sagnik Mukherjee
I like that Ryan made that comparison to the 2000 Deus Ex, that game is the gold standard for me, in terms of storytelling and RPG elements. (Not so much the combat, as the AI on that was rather flawed, I felt, but I'll give it a pass since, again, it was the year 2000.)
Rosegold Beats
You know the story long asf when they play 16 hours
Drazai 22 órája
Um 16h isn't much by itself
Big D
Big D 4 napja
Sorry but I have no interest in seeing this Video . I simply want the game on Dec 10th . If I do not get it my head is going nuclear and will destroy the entire Gulf Coast of the USA .
Edagon 4 napja
It really makes u feel like a Cyber assassin
Ashley Knox
Ashley Knox 4 napja
sounds like it might have been ok to release after all :P
Anon iem
Anon iem 4 napja
am i the only one who really does not find this worth the 7 years long hold up?
qwerty93k 4 napja
scam, its not even released
Death March
Death March 4 napja
its been leaked
Hellena Rose
Hellena Rose 4 napja
Take IGN with a grain of salt.
Paweł Sadecki
+100h game which is rare for singleplayer games
Beetlejuice 4 napja
The bald guy seems like a very whiny person.
Valen Sinclair
Just watch, neckbeards are going to spend the next year trying to tear this game down because it doesn't meeting their impossible expectations.
Death March
Death March 4 napja
it wont meet expectations watch..
Anil Kulria
Anil Kulria 5 napja
Release date is 2077
Fátima Palacios
"This is very much an rpg" That's a relief. Vamos a darle!!!!
Erfan hf
Erfan hf 5 napja
Cyperpunk iss the best
this channel name is already taken
Hi will this game run on GTX 1050ti 4gb vram 8gb ram i58300h??
this channel name is already taken
@Mr. Congeniality my friend told me that gtx780 is 50-60% more powerful than 1050ti so he finally said probably not possible to run it
veawr 5 napja
i just hoped they would put a tad more effort into characters. The lip syncing is terrible and for some reasons some characters are rendered really terribly compared to others
bims 5 napja
the part where the guy said it's much slower paced is actually kind of a turn off for me tbh. from the trailers i was kinda expecting a fast paced FPS, at least in combat situations.
N F 5 napja
It shouldn’t be fps...
Peter Cselik
Peter Cselik 5 napja
Cyberpunk is a roleplaying game... :)
TWO OTAKU A 5 napja
Am I the only one who feels disconnected from this game? Somehow not only I am not excited for this but also I dont know how to feel about it. it doesn’t bring the same feeling I got when I first saw Gta v or Red dead 2 trailer. Is it because the game doesn’t have a direction or a statement to make or is it just me?
XBX1MASTER 5 napja
Wasn't made by Sony. IGN isn't impressed.
Santo Valentino
IGN: The game is mad boring but we won’t admit it because we’ll lose clout and sponsorships
Cyberpunk 2077: The Final Preview
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Winter in Jorvik! ❄️
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