Cyberpunk 2077: The Final Preview 

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IGN's own Tom Marks got to play 16 hours of Cyberpunk 2077, and even then it only feels like we've just started to scratch below the surface of this massive RPG.
"It took me roughly six hours of playing to reach Cyberpunk 2077’s opening title card. That was six hours of the 16 I got to play earlier this week, and even after countless adrenaline-filled shootouts, compelling conversations, and weirdly abundant dildos, I feel like I only just started to scratch below the surface of what’s here. Night City is dense and stunning, and this mammoth RPG is packed with a multitude of mechanics to explore and a copious amount of choice in doing so. As with any game this ambitious and broad, some parts do shine brighter than others (and the frequent bugs in this still-in-development build made me glad it didn’t launch today as previously planned) - but once Cyberpunk 2077 kicked off in earnest, it clicked, and now I just want more." - Tom Marks










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dumpsteRat 7 órája
PC is where the action is, we'll have a trainer to skip grinding, possible mods to bring back cut content and other wonderful stuff
Charlie Spurgeon
Charlie Spurgeon 8 órája
The reviewers' voice is that of a man that voted for the very crooked china owned Joe Biden.
B Zeke
B Zeke 9 órája
Ashraf Abdillah
Ashraf Abdillah 12 órája
Happy to hear that it's very much an RPG and not really an action game
Easton Ruppe
Easton Ruppe 14 órája
This is what we deserved with Deus Ex
Yoona's Husband
Yoona's Husband 15 órája
"not without its rough edges" literally just said the quest log was messy lol
Mark C
Mark C 16 órája
The whole bullet sponge thing scares me..
Chay Warburton
Chay Warburton 16 órája
I'm glad it's an RPG. For those complaining about bullet sponges, think about The Witcher 3; how many times did you hit an opponent with a sword with super human strength and not kill them? IRl, they'd drop pretty quick... but's it's an RPG. with different level gear and perks.
tomasz zawadzki
tomasz zawadzki 16 órája
YOU DONT KNOW WHAT you get before completing a quest 3/10 IGN
john cast
john cast 18 órája
whopping 16 hours
David LIggins
David LIggins 19 órája
Long Prologue, Boring Character Interaction, Cut Scenes Galore That’s Put A lot Of Us Off..👎🏻
Jake Morley
Jake Morley 20 órája
Not bad for a Polish based company. Soon i will be playing this game.
Mick Kenny
Mick Kenny 21 órája
Boring garbage
Mick Kenny
Mick Kenny 21 órája
Boring garbage
Vixen 21 órája
I can not wait to play
Diogo Mendes
Are there any planes?
Nicksz 95
Nicksz 95 Napja
Bro, my laptop ran away when i open this video.
Android 16
Android 16 Napja
Can't wait for this in VR
madjack mcmad
The convos are more interesting than the combat?🙄 oh dear!
Dan Warner
Dan Warner Napja
Tbf it will receive the same hate as watch dogs a month later
Anime Guru
Anime Guru Napja
is this a preview or a spoiler free review IGN?
Max Hernandez
Did he just state that not knowing awards or difficulty to a mission is a bad thing in this RPG? IGN needs to actually get a reviewer that understands what RPGs are because this guy has only played JRPGs or none at all. Almost as cringey as Game Informer lol.
comment crusader
These are the same people who give madden an 8/10 every year
abin joseph
I just realized no hud
Yusuf Ay
Yusuf Ay Napja
Tom is a person:)!!
ah yes, a whopping 16 hrs.
eslam sehaim
Will thay give it a perfect score 10/10
Alder MacGillivray
I’m just about finishing my first playthrough of the Witcher 3... feels like perfect timing because this game is about to come out and I couldn’t be more excited
Jack Sullivan
A week from tommmorow it comes out 😆
LolKat Napja
Watch this game get delayed again.
Harpreet Salvatore
This game should never have been a FPS game this will be one of their biggest downfall
B. M.
B. M. Napja
According to CDPR description, CP77 is an action game.
GsTSaien Napja
"Enemies have a surprising amount of health, often acting as bullet sponges that can take multiple shots to the head" *hits enemy's arm twice, taking half their hp away and then spraying and missing every other shot from his clip* Sounds about right.
Crish Gurung
What can i say it's IGN
VaporWave _Meme
There's people who thinks Cyberpunk will be a FPS game...... and saying that the new COD is better...
hugo decroix
hugo decroix 2 napja
The fact he said its rough edge to describe a game they are promoting are to do so make me worry about the quality of the final product
Mark Perry
Mark Perry 2 napja
Like you said fast travel us pointless that's why was hoping for the metro
Mark Perry
Mark Perry 2 napja
Iorveth's Vengeance
to play this game on 1440p high settings requires me to forgo 2.3 months' wage, excluding taxes. it amuses me when people living in 1st world countries complain about the prices of gpu, cpu etc... lol. if your electronics purchases set you back 1 step, same purchases here set me 8-9 steps back
spiliop88 tsiou
@Iorveth's Vengeance lol really?believe or not I'm Greek and leaving in Athens...its a small world after all...
Iorveth's Vengeance
@spiliop88 tsiou turkey
spiliop88 tsiou
Where r u from my friend?
Defy Velocity
Defy Velocity 2 napja
*Gets delayed again....
drego1123 gaming
Can I own gangs
Danil Thorstensson
When is this out for ps5?
Hunter 2 napja
Jake Higgins
Jake Higgins 2 napja
This is just one persons opinion on the game, i think I'm going to enjoy it all, looks brilliant
Joking Gamer
Joking Gamer 2 napja
Finallyyy The Wait Is Over
FiddyMK 2 napja
My first walkthrough will be of this game and it will probably take 200+ parts to complete. 😂
B. K.
B. K. 2 napja
Neither Skyrim or New Vegas were telling you about quest reward before completing it. This is how single-player RPG is supposed to be like! Also in the Witcher you know about reward when you take witcher contract and that's it and it's absolutely right.
Steve Ventura
Steve Ventura 2 napja
Watch dogs level hype. It will fail.
GekkeHenk 2 napja
why is no one talking about the framerate they're getting.
A K Napja
@GekkeHenk Well it depends on your system. If you're on console I'd guess next gen will run at 60 and last gen at 30
GekkeHenk 2 napja
@A K I know, but that never says anything. I wanna know the framerate
A K 2 napja
They released the recommended specs
Aniel Sardjoe
Aniel Sardjoe 2 napja
When is the final review?
Madara2B 2 napja
considering your IGN and that you cant really give spoilers. this video was not half bad at all. Its like telling me what to look forward to with out telling me the details. On another take i think the lack of quest log organization is on purpose so that you don't feel you need to take a certain path, and yes walk into a quest that you might be in over your head. risk is hard to come by in RPGs with out becoming a Dark Souls game. They may have wanted a bit of uncertainty rather than oh its an ez quest I will run that out really quick. I would like a simple deliver quest turn into an interesting side mission. See yall in Night City
JEXEON 2 napja
Not impressed
Mohammed Zainaddin
Just wait
Martian J
Martian J 2 napja
Want a crazy fps? Get doom. Want immersion? Get this.
Cuppedcup 2 napja
this truly will be the best game ever made
Gordon Chen
Gordon Chen 2 napja
Cyberpunk Vs GTA5 pls
andy pete
andy pete 2 napja
In other words its not a kids game its for adults.
Tom Blackfyre
Tom Blackfyre 3 napja
This is either gonna be one of the best games of the decade or one of the biggest flops of the decade.
Ashwjit Khade
Ashwjit Khade 3 napja
So basically you can have fights on your will..... That's what I wanted
Marquis Johnson
I feel like this game will let a lot of people down it’s too overhyped
Jason M
Jason M 3 napja
I wish this was in third person.
mgloco88 2 napja
This game is getting so much hype
Kpaco8 3 napja
Combat will probably be more wonky on console than pc
That Lazy Girl
Sad it is first person tho. Or can you choose?
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly 3 napja
"The quest log doesn't tell you what the rewards are" Oh no, that means I'll have to do all the quests instead of the ones that give me the best reward. What terrible marketing, don't developers understand customers want games that don't last very long?
Big MaroSS
Big MaroSS 3 napja
Massively overhyped
Republic OfDa117Tacos
where you get all the new footage?
Rozwell Jones
Rozwell Jones 3 napja
I can't freaking wait for next week!
Luciano Garcia
I really hope the game is well optimized for the base consoles. Seeing how beautiful the game is, I fear that my Og PS4 won't be able to keep up.
epiixx 3 napja
Gino Pane's Game Piazza
So, we got a review when the game hasn't been released yet
Luiss 3 napja
IGN: The final preview -„Don‘t do that. Don‘t give me hope“
Bubb 3 napja
My concern is that it wont be a true RPG just like the Witcher wasn't
epiixx 3 napja
no it won’t
Chance Rogers
Chance Rogers 3 napja
There will undoubtedly be articles in the year 2077 saying things like, "This is what people in 2021 thought the future would be like. I want to go on the record that it is, in fact, not. Now having posted this, I have altered the futures history, and such an article should not exist if well researched.
Abyssalczech 4 napja
Give it to me I was saying until my GTX 970 broke
jojo 4 napja
this game is going to flop
Oscar Taxt
Oscar Taxt 4 napja
just 16?
Walin Ahmed
Walin Ahmed 4 napja
Can you play it as TPP?
epiixx 3 napja
it’s only first person
ethan correa
ethan correa 4 napja
I am more interested in the vehicle driving part than anything else...........
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 4 napja
It really made you feel like keanu reeves
Nova Verse
Nova Verse 4 napja
I'll say it right now, Cyberpunk 2077 is not a game for everyone. You need to invest time on that game especially the long term. I expect Cyberpunk 2077 to have huge expansion packs and probably a lot more optional DLC before you'll ever see a game of the year addition in perhaps 5 to 6 years. And lets not forget about Multiplayer.
Arvin C
Arvin C 4 napja
IGN: It’s not without its rough edges. Me: 9/10 final score detected.
tyler bucks
tyler bucks 3 napja
“Much like the witcher 3 it’s not without its rough edges” they gave Witcher 3 10/10 so who knows
Bullet Sponges? Make ammo very limited in the beginning, and you’ve just made the game harder, while fixing the bullet sponge issues.
jxn man
jxn man 4 napja
Have we forgot how IGN reviews games or what?
Please, I hope this guy doesn't review the game. Seems like one of those people that needs everything spoon fed to him.
AN HERO JOSH 5 napja
Am I the only one who isn't getting it until they release the full next gen update next year?
Miqow JalPal
Miqow JalPal 5 napja
so excited to play this
Mr XYZ 5 napja
Still debating if I should get it... I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey and I have Immortals Fenyx Rising lined up for next week...
Marquis Johnson
Lol exactly my gaming schedule right now 😂
Fidget 02
Fidget 02 5 napja
I’ll be playing a nomad who despises the overpowered corporate landscape, and intends to tear it all down. I’ll get along nice with Silverhand.
Titan King
Titan King 5 napja
Put a third person option or fail....
Perfect 10 in the making
Bro im hoping theres some Synthwave music in the soundtrack, playing this with the music, night time, neon lights. Dope asf😩
DC Blunt
DC Blunt 2 napja
@RpM_Evan this is the word on the street
RpM_Evan 2 napja
@DC Blunt not true but ok
DC Blunt
DC Blunt 3 napja
Seems like a strange decision, but I heard they changed the soundtrack to be all k-pop
Lee Turner
Lee Turner 4 napja
Yeh, they should have got Dynatron to do the OST
J M4Y 5 napja
I'm curious as to what side content is like. Not size missions I mean open world activities outside of missions.
Patrick L
Patrick L 5 napja
what's that song right at the very end of the video
Antoine Le Bourhis
i just seen a little something : there is a Arch motorcycle at 3:00. And Keanu Reeves has some implication in the actual and real Arch motorcycle company ; he was able to incoporate on of their bike (or consept) XD
Tha Grifster
Tha Grifster 5 napja
argh666 5 napja
How many gigabytes is the download?
maccyknife1 5 napja
I hope it will be possible to play as a serial killer who stalks his victims from the shadows and viciously murders them when the time is right! I also want to be able to break into NPC apartments and watch them while they sleep. That would be so awesome!!!
Gary Cofield
Gary Cofield 5 napja
It’s great coming to IGN videos just to read the roast session in the comments
Badro Benz
Badro Benz 5 napja
Where is the 60fps ??????
Wizeke Tha
Wizeke Tha 5 napja
Lmao thought i could beat it in 17 days nvm 😅
Richard Servello
Witcher 3 had side quests that were more fleshed out than most games main story
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