Cyberpunk 2077 - Official RTX Gameplay & Behind the Scenes Video 

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Join members of the development team at CD Projekt Red for a discussion on ray tracing and DLSS for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, as well as a look at new RTX ON gameplay captured on GeForce RTX 30 Series.
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Michael Reynolds
1 week to go. My 3080 is waiting patiently.
Akash Bhade
Akash Bhade 3 napja
Is ray tracing available on the ps5 version?
Frosty DaStonedMan
My MSI 3070/Ryzen 5600x is ready, only thing that sticks out to me is npc crowd sizes and traffic density, I was expecting shoulder to shoulder crowds similar to AC Unity and jam packed highways/sky traffic. These npc populations don't scream overcrowded megacity to me
nostr craft
nostr craft 7 napja
This game coming in 2077
King Kehmi
King Kehmi 7 napja
Idk why I'm watching this. I'm on a gaming laptop
Fever YT
Fever YT 8 napja
Okay console and pc groups stop fighting! Just remember the footage was taken from a pc.... so yeah
True Kotekus
True Kotekus 9 napja
the only thing missing is catgirls
True Kotekus
True Kotekus 9 napja
it feels like we are about to get a masterpiece
Renoxn 9 napja
Can't wait for my home to be set on fire by left clicking the game
acevitamin 9 napja
im sure the game is very well optimized so one with a 2070 may utilize his rtx
Nattysaurus Flex
paul sun
paul sun 9 napja
Downgraded A LOT
Mmm nabil
Mmm nabil 9 napja
Finally a game where rt makes sense
Unique Ultima
Unique Ultima 10 napja
No Raytracing on AMD, but on Nvidia....CD Project lost an customer
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy 10 napja
I wonder if my rtx 2070 will even manage low settings for Ray tracing in this
annaleigh baumgartner
my body is ready
Commando9 10 napja
Will it work on xbox 360?
Yuuji Endless
Yuuji Endless 10 napja
Lets see how my RTX 2070s will handle this beauty! :3
Dam Sen
Dam Sen 10 napja
They should go all with ray-tracing, shadows, reflections, the lighting itself, everything. Like in the Quake 2 tech demo, future PCs will be able to handle this game at full RTX.
FH e RC cars. :D
RTX John Cena series. The way it's meant to be played.
1000 more trailers before we get the real game
Richie 11 napja
Adding extra polish (insert joke about CDPR being Polish studio here)
GasSnake101 11 napja
thank-you for your hard work. Not even the makeup team could cover those swollen baggy eyes up :p
HERE IST4ND 11 napja
Everytime i see something of 2077 my brain is like this cant be true. My computer got scared of video.
Zeter Zero
Zeter Zero 11 napja
Okay, great, looks beautiful... BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE BACKGROUND BEATS!?!?
Hybrid Theory
Hybrid Theory 11 napja
will my 2060 get any action of this???
Diego Pujol
Diego Pujol 11 napja
Would someone help me (I know very little about gaming PCs)? How much would it cost to have a PC to play this game at its absolute best? I don’t care about aesthetics (of the hardware), only performance. I just wanna have an idea of the price range to see if it’s a possibility for me. Also, would a laptop be capable of it?
Rhetoricvl 11 napja
can't wait to play this game, looking forward to sinking many hours into it! I hope there is a lot to do once the main missions are done, I hope we get dlc like the witcher as well. Fingers crossed.
Bosley 11 napja
Sad RTX 2060 noises
Shadowy Webhead
Shadowy Webhead 11 napja
What i like about RTX videos is that the feature isn't like 4K or 8K, or some kind of HDR, you don't need a special monitor to see it, the ray-traced reflections, lights, and shadows are visible on any screen, awesome!
BlackPantherFTW 11 napja
My 3090 is hungry and waiting.....
Kevin 11 napja
I'm just hoping that my poor laptop with a 2070 Max-Q can even just barely handle RTX on low quality. Unfortunately, I don't think it can. We'll see though. I am looking into getting an eGPU and putting a full size 3080 or 3090 in it when those cards come available and maybe that will give this laptop enough grunt to handle this game.
C.Bernard Robert
RTXpunk 3090
Hans Landa
Hans Landa 11 napja
Can't wait to play this on Xbox Series X!
Blake Russo
Blake Russo 11 napja
I hope the city is as big as it looks in trailers
Leonardo Espindol
The map is bigger than the witchter 3 and gta v
That One Mysterious Otaku
Just wondering how well my 2080 super is going to be with RTX on. Maybe medium or high settings?
Wofo Woof
Wofo Woof 11 napja
I would love to get a 3080 just for this game 😥
Nathe Tejada
Nathe Tejada 11 napja
It's kinda sad we watched all the trailers at the game's best graphics and in reality, we gonna play it in minimal settings just so we can play the game.
Miguel 11 napja
This is what I expected the PS5 and Xbox series X to look like 😔
10whiten99 11 napja
Will the new consoles have ray tracing?
Kar98k Throwing Knife
Will RTX be on the ps5 on series x?
10whiten99 11 napja
How come every building is modern? It doesn’t look like there are many older areas of the city it all looks fairly similar.
10whiten99 9 napja
@Boreal Sullivan Yeah true I guess so, it is in California I suppose, not Europe.
Boreal Sullivan
Boreal Sullivan 11 napja
Look at most modern cities around the world. Historical districts are present only in touristically active areas. And since game takes place in a fictional city, it is safe to assume it has been built not this long ago and doesn't have older and newer areas.
Silas Marquez
Silas Marquez 11 napja
There should be an option to increase the street population of people up I see that's one of the first things they tuned down was the density of the number of people on the street
Kevin 11 napja
So how is PC ray tracing nvidia only, but consoles have AMD chips?
coolzoky 11 napja
I hope I'm wrong but XSX / PS5 won't have ray tracing until the "next gen" patch next year
Juliano Leno
Juliano Leno 11 napja
Já vi que meu PC vai peidar kkkj
Killjoy26 11 napja
My fans ramped up while watching this. I think my cpu knows how hard it’s about to bottleneck me
Filipe1020 11 napja
Where are the RTX OFF scenes for comparison?
• YellowLighter •
Miles Toast is the man
Michal 11 napja
Im so glad I was one of those chosen ones who got 3080 xD
ZK 11 napja
I still play GTA 5 story to this day. I can't wait to do the same with this.
iMaelstrom 11 napja
Wait guys lemme get my MacBook Pro
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 11 napja
I'll use it on my PS4. Wait.
Chevon 11 napja
Me: *pulls out wallet* My PS4: "dont even think about it"
Dj Mccullough
Dj Mccullough 11 napja
Dan Josef
Dan Josef 11 napja
I'm calling it now, Game of the Century
Scott Aiello
Scott Aiello 11 napja
Too bad I can’t enjoy this game at full potential because 3080s are non existent.
ベジータ 11 napja
I've pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 on steam but I ain't gonna play it until I get RTX 3080. Until then I'm gonna try to complete RDR2
Rudra 11 napja
People need to talk about this game's soundtrack as well. Definetely a key element alongside graphics and physics
Akeem Simmons
Akeem Simmons 11 napja
Do I play this on my ps5 or my rtx 3070?
hehe XD
hehe XD 11 napja
I just wanna play the game man
Ryu Landa
Ryu Landa 11 napja
Got an rtx 3070 just for this bad boy. GTX 1080 was aging.
Solid Coal
Solid Coal 11 napja
me looks at game me then looks at my 10 year old computer me: im sorry little one
We must stop the scalpers.... They are fckng the whole market (consoles and pc)
Prent GC
Prent GC 11 napja
Can't wait to see this on my rx480 since I can't get any of the new gpu's
Exoticz 11 napja
Me: looks back and fourth from video to pc PC: don’t even think about it, pal
Hufnaar Atnaaf
Hufnaar Atnaaf 11 napja
"Normally, you need to use shortcuts" In the meantime, 1:51, look at the texture of two buildings to the left, non-existent...
Pointy Bits
Pointy Bits 11 napja
I hear the fan going off on my laptop already
Ivan Windsor
Ivan Windsor 11 napja
Am I the only one not that impressed with ray tracing? Looks great but I don’t think it’s worth the performance hit
Austin Beigel
Austin Beigel 11 napja
Upgraded to a 3070 for this game, cant wait
Monster 11 napja
There are some really talented people in Poland
Ruslan 11 napja
Can someone please tell me the name of song starting at 1:14 and lasting through all segment about rtx? I can't stop rewinding the video to listen it on background again and again
Kyle Bradley
Kyle Bradley 11 napja
Can't wait for the next delay
RC-XD 11 napja
How will PS4 handle this??
Guts 11 napja
The city looks so empty. LOL!
4lmaz 11 napja
Dude go eat have some sleep ^^
Rodrigo Martins
Rodrigo Martins 11 napja
Day said: December 10. But they didn't mention the year ;)
Gabar War
Gabar War 11 napja
It is funny that the The shadows quality setting was lowered first to get more fps in our games
playstation king
This game Will look best on ps5 I can't Waite :D
coolzoky 11 napja
No. It will look best on PC. PS5 is going to play the PS4 version until the next gen patch next year, and even then it won't touch a top of the line PC.
Xiaolony 11 napja
somehow got a 3070 so im actually hype for this now
Riyad 11 napja
Stadia players not included lol
Retarded SQuad
Retarded SQuad 11 napja
i bought 2080ti for this A YEAR AGO! Just gimme dat game allready!
Frederick X.
Frederick X. 11 napja
I'm actually excited for RTX for once. Most RTX tech so far has been demonstrated for natural lighting, but this game has neon and chrome everywhere so it'll be really freaking cool to see how that looks.
Benjamin Monnoyeur
Is it me or this game lost all it's hype with all this gameplays and trailers we've seen the last few years... It's seems like I've played a few hours of that game already.
Sky Walkies
Sky Walkies 11 napja
Cool puddles
Jannis B
Jannis B 11 napja
Those aesthetics give me goosebumps
Zepplin 11 napja
Hope my RTX 2060 can handle this
Jynxed Koma
Jynxed Koma 11 napja
*Delayed December 10*
Rohit Xavier
Rohit Xavier 11 napja
People will buy this for CDPR not RTX
Cla Specialized
Cla Specialized 11 napja
I know now why this game was delayed. They want to give current and potential owners of RTX 3090 false hope it will be playable at 4K@60fps with RTX on.
duras427 11 napja
these recent videos, mans acting like the game already dropped
Matt Zomb
Matt Zomb 11 napja
Cyberpunk 2077: Com and get me ;) Me: Here's my money! Nvidia: ... AMD: ...
Victor Preoteasa
A more convincing showcase would've been an on-off A/B comparison.
Stefan van der Sandt
And people said Raytracing is just gonna be a useless gimmick
coolzoky 11 napja
It is, and I don't see how this video proves otherwise.
THC 11 napja
RTX is cool but this needs SLI.
Naman Sen
Naman Sen 11 napja
My pc with 1080ti- my time has come
I can't remember a game with more hype than this one.....let's hope it doesn't disappoint
Imp Augie
Imp Augie 11 napja
When they start talking about Shadow, my mind and gpu yelled "Medium" at me
tha Beast84
tha Beast84 11 napja
Silver Blood
Silver Blood 11 napja
Can't wait to play it on my PS6!
Nemo Gage
Nemo Gage 11 napja
hopefully my rtx 2060 super is enough
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