Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Keanu Reeves/Johnny Silverhand Behind The Scenes Video 

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Keanu Reeves plays legendary character Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077, and CD Projekt Red's latest feature takes us behind the scenes and reveals how Reeves brought the character to life.
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H Lim
H Lim 19 órája
2:51 is that a reference to nilfgaard LOL
Dimitri Anchipolovsky
“Would you take a bullet for me” Yes Keanu. Yes.
Tim2049 Napja
The amount of sucking up to his guy is embarrassing to see. Get a grip kids...
MR_Raccooon Games
The only reason I would get cyber punk 2077 is because Keanu Reeves is in it
Dr ThugLife
I'm sold because of Witcher 3.. And Keanu
Justjealous 3 napja
I don’t even like videos games but if I can hear Keanu’s voice wherever I kill anyone in the game, I will do it
The gaming Potato
Ima try cosplay Johnny
Alvin Govender
The new name for Cyberpunk 2077 is "the game with Keanu Reeves"
Cr0sSdrZ 5 napja
4:02 any1 know the song?
I FAMILYIH 6 napja
I love KEANU
Martian J
Martian J 6 napja
Earth will never be the same after the day that this man meets his maker.
Connor O’Hagan
B H 7 napja
I like the way Keanu says the title of the game. I dunno.. just makes you wanna buy it day one lol
jeffrey parsa
jeffrey parsa 7 napja
I will buy this game just because of this man
L O L 7 napja
Jesus this is like the 7th time he's played a character called John
Kadir Büyükaydın
Rohit 8 napja
Enough talking we have a city to burn.
Gazoon Man
Gazoon Man 8 napja
It's so weird to see him without beard
Fenton Read-Smith
Anyone else notice at 4:30 after listing the older consoles and PC/Stadia upfront they then say below that “plays great also on Xbox series x|s and PS5” ? That’s an...interesting ...way to put it.
Cheeto Trump Jr
No one else seen the weirdo eating the burger in the back?
Keanu Reeves is....Johnny Wick
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown 8 napja
Keanu looks like he's slowly falling apart.
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown 3 napja
@Sally September Beardless, not so great.
Sally September
No way he looks great!👿
Jack Lim
Jack Lim 9 napja
He smiles more now. I'm glad for him.
_DEFAULT_ 9 napja
witcher 3 has nilfgaard and cyberpunk has milfguard 2:50
PINK 9 napja
For a 50 year old, he is still a badass
ibra 08
ibra 08 9 napja
Johnny: would you take a bullet for me?? 100% of the people out there: YES!!
John Blake
John Blake 9 napja
My money is ready for this game but ill wait for the review for the base ps4 first.
AMAN SINGH 9 napja
the only reason we are still excited for this games even after so many delays is because of this man. KEANU REEVES
Aidan Kealy
Aidan Kealy 9 napja
I would take a Bullet for this man
Charles Black
Charles Black 9 napja
I bet his name is a nod to Johnny Neumonic.
Shriram Kathirvel
Makes me wanna play this game
olivertimmy 9 napja
Kanye reeves
Mobako Acar
Mobako Acar 10 napja
I realy wonna work with keanu reeves
Roxxee 10 napja
Love Keanu
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 10 napja
I don't believe anything till the day the disc is inside my console
Somnia 10 napja
ew console xD
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari 10 napja
"We may have to delay this game 50 billion times" "So what should we do?" "Let's just hire a person whom people will love to see no matter what" "Okay, Keanu Reeves it is then"
kahfi bonboy
kahfi bonboy 10 napja
is there any pirate version of this?
Phantom in the tree
I want to see matrix 4 5 6 triology
Mad MF
Mad MF 10 napja
I can see silverhand being a historical game character
Jesse 10 napja
Love that witcher easter egg with milfgaurd lmao
Pennyless Play
Pennyless Play 10 napja
damn this dude looks and sounds like John Wick
OhBlivEUn 10 napja
A.i Isaac
A.i Isaac 10 napja
Keanu Reeves was the only choice for Johnny SilverHand if they had chosen anyone else then the game would have been dead already
Nailed It
Nailed It 10 napja
Please tell me that we can play with Keanu.. only 1 mission..even if its a DLC..
Lawrence Han
Lawrence Han 10 napja
0:39 There's one obvious answer to that question.
Siddharth Bhandari
0:41 who'd say no to Keanu Reeves.. come on.. that shouldn't even be a choice..
Clams 10 napja
I would love to see Keanu play the final game.
Chubie 10 napja
Keanu is soooo cool
dark Gam3r
dark Gam3r 10 napja
This Afghani...... belongs into the Matrix, NOT IN a GAME !!!
Yusufcan İslam
Yusufcan İslam 10 napja
Some people buying this game for Keanu Reeves.
Sabby Jolly
Sabby Jolly 11 napja
He sounds more and more like Gregory Peck now
Adam Ifrene
Adam Ifrene 11 napja
he said "with 3 different behavioral attitudes" so there are only 3 different versions of johnny silverhand ?
Thomas Ip
Thomas Ip 11 napja
CrimsonBlade 11 napja
I would love more behind the scenes stuff, it's always fascinating.
Aman Tripathi
Aman Tripathi 11 napja
anybody else in the game asks me 'Would you take a bullet for me?' Me (without wasting a fraction of a second): Dumb Question character played by Keanu asks the same- Me (without wasting a fraction of a second): Yes, please yes.. I swear yes... I mean why not?
iseng aja
iseng aja 11 napja
my man keanu 👍👍👍
Bay Ichlas
Bay Ichlas 11 napja
I feel like I've finished the game by watching the trailer and teaser ...
Alexander Angelus
“Johnny Silverhand” huh? As in “John Silver”? Think there’s gonna be any parallels here or am I reaching?
Zoe Aquino
Zoe Aquino 6 napja
why is every character keanu plays named john? oh well, i'm not complaining.
rohit 11 napja
John wick 2077🔥
Myles & More
Myles & More 11 napja
He is 56 years old. Still killin it.
Tequilaboum 11 napja
Plot Twist : Keanu is already a Cyborg and that's why he never get old.
david fortuin
david fortuin 11 napja
Can this man do any wrong? Whatever he commits himself to is pure, unadulterated awesomeness.
Juan Hoffmann
Juan Hoffmann 11 napja
It’s better to delay than to give something bad like most companies so if you need a 1 year delay so be it
Keanu 👌🏻
Jason A V
Jason A V 11 napja
properly the only pc i am looking to buy in the last 5 year
The Karan
The Karan 11 napja
Forget about asguard we got MILFGUARD here 2:51
Douglasqqq 11 napja
1:04 The most distinctly Keanu body mannerism.
djessy5001 11 napja
Alex el Capo 2:53
Davis Muriithi
Davis Muriithi 11 napja
Gonna play this game til my pc goes boom!
Javier Rodriguez
He looks 40 to me but he is much older than that i think
P Man
P Man 11 napja
People wing about the price of a game, well here you are.. look at the work put in to it.
Rashid Sa'di
Rashid Sa'di 11 napja
He seems really happy here and upbeat
Fawaz Hakmi
Fawaz Hakmi 11 napja
Keanu reeves is in Keanu reeves
ro An
ro An 11 napja
My dude Keanu lit .
Mario Looney
Mario Looney 11 napja
COVID19 lockdown - No problem I have CYBERPUNK 2077..
Jang Ancheol
Jang Ancheol 11 napja
I still see him as john wick
Devon James
Devon James 11 napja
Now all we need is a more dynamic JOHN WICK game or even better A NEW MATRIX GAME. How cool a matrix game would be in next generation
Matthew Veyette
Matthew Veyette 11 napja
:50 Fs for Carrie
kaza blancas
kaza blancas 12 napja
Love this guy
Sameeh 12 napja
All I see is terminator John wick
Martin Codes
Martin Codes 12 napja
Witcher reference in the right at 2:51
Brandon Burns
Brandon Burns 12 napja
And people say mile Morales and demon souls are goty hold up cyberpunk ain't even out yet lol
Ken Masters
Ken Masters 12 napja
Delaying this game again would be like killing a man's puppy.
Nexus Wolf
Nexus Wolf 12 napja
It's coming this time,stuff is being leaked and app
Ciaran Lynch
Ciaran Lynch 12 napja
I feel like this performance will open up more A-list actors to the idea of working in video games
Miguel 12 napja
Its ridiculous FIFA 21 cost the same as this game
zixxrg 12 napja
If Johnny Silverhand didn't say “Bogus” or “Party on, dudes!” once in the entire game, I'm gonna protest!
Jacob Mason
Jacob Mason 12 napja
he is so smart. the way he explains how it was to work on was really clear.
Uttkarsh Srivastava
At 2:51. Milfguard is a reference to witcher 3 Nilfgaard. And the memes.
Prince 12 napja
I already like the level of work they are showing to have put into this game. Attention to detail, is always something you will notice and appreciate. And the fact they have Keanu Reeves in the game in general elevated this game to the next level.
Francis Dei-Forson Jr
Most developers gonaa get Keanu in their gaming plans to make their games "BREATHTAKING"
DED TO ME 12 napja
The dislikes are all the people John wick killed
DoGByTeZN 12 napja
Gameplay footage of Keanu Reeves playing Cyberpunk 2077 will literally break the internet.
Locked Down
Locked Down 12 napja
So Keanu is the main character then
Elven Ranger
Elven Ranger 12 napja
If it could come out already that would be great... Getting a little board of all the hype.
DiscoCODBlake Paul
Never heard Keanu swear so much, I love it
marshall branin
marshall branin 12 napja
Keanu without facial hair looks odd
Arihant Vibhute
Arihant Vibhute 12 napja
Forget Cyberpunk 2077 I'm now excited to see milfguard :- Ain't her first rodeo.
Deeka [Gwent]
Deeka [Gwent] 12 napja
is that milfguard poster a nilfgaard reference????
Frosty Yogurt
Frosty Yogurt 12 napja
This game has keanu. Sold!
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