Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Johnny Silverhand Trailer 

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Check out gameplay of Johnny Silverhand, the rock super star played by Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077.
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TWO OTAKU A 4 perccel
Am I the only one who feels disconnected from this game? Somehow not only I am not excited for this but also I dont know how to feel about it. it doesn’t bring the same feeling I got when I first saw Gta v or Red dead 2 trailer. Is it because the game doesn’t have a direction or a statement to make or is it just me?
deadcard13 6 órája
Does anyone know the title of this song?
GameSmeowka's 21 órája
Pavel Liška tu vypadá docela pog
Everybody trying to make there own GT5🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
MLGBongRip 99
Sooo Damn Close Now 🙏🏼💯💨💨
this "game" will fail so hard...
Hans Groover
Johnny. Silverhand.
V man
V man 2 napja
No matter how long they delay this game. It still gonna break some major sales records 🔥💯
What song is this????? I love it!!
YellowWendigo 2 napja
I’m so confused is this game out or not?
Joseph Paulson
So it's pretty much futuristic Fight Club. Mentally deranged man develops an evil anti-establishment alter ego that wants to take over his body and kill everyone.
Mustafiq 2 napja
Cyberpunk 2077 10000000th trailer
Ken Masters
Ken Masters 3 napja
If it wasn't for this guy i think i would have told cdpr to go F%"& themselves by now.
Phoenyx 3 napja
Ah, so this is gonna be like a futuristic Fight Club?
João Pagliuca
Olha esse keanu Reeves do Paraguai, oque fizeram com ele
Aukario Rharo
Aukario Rharo 3 napja
I better beat this game quick before the easily offended crowd destroy it...
Doja Supertramp
Man, he can take over me anytime.
Maxi Zamac
Maxi Zamac 3 napja
Yaksh Dodia
Yaksh Dodia 3 napja
Is it worth buying for xbox one s?
shunnie 3 napja
Could be, no videos released for base Xbox One's. If you have a PC go for PC, if not, and if you are still curious about the game, just buy it for XONES, should be fine.
Truly breathtaking
Matthew Booth
Matthew Booth 3 napja
1:07 You could say that Slap was "Breathtaking" 😂😂
qwer vinewood
qwer vinewood 3 napja
well i need a deluxe edition not collectible edition.... arent they gonna release it
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus 3 napja
only a few weeks to go! again!
Kenede 67
Kenede 67 3 napja
Everyone gangsta `till Keanu pulls up da nuclear bomb to the gun fight 0:46
Two-Rivers Badger
And Captain America says, "Language!"
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 3 napja
The numbers V, what do they mean?
crithon 3 napja
looks a bit stiff, but I'm still hyped.
420 Time
420 Time 3 napja
How much more tease before the release...
Rafi M
Rafi M 4 napja
: You got Johnny silver hand in you mind? That's a freaking plot twist! THEY JUST SPOILED THE GAME!
alex logan
alex logan 4 napja
Why do u have to spoil the game like that.. I didn't want to know this before playing the game myself -_-
lilminer69er 4 napja
I feel like Keanu is a secret villain
Or 4 napja
Colin notyou0k
He said the 'C' word ! 🤭😱🤪
PhantomRaven 4 napja
I really hope this game runs at 60fps on Xbox series X and Ps5
Natal Kumar
Natal Kumar 4 napja
Cyberfightclub 2077
Nuclear Bug
Nuclear Bug 4 napja
1:10 Boinkkkkkk
L Kose
L Kose 4 napja
Jhonny should be the main caracter like geralt
Cody Bailey
Cody Bailey 4 napja
I still can't think of Keanu Reeves as Johnny without hearing him scream "I WANT ROOM SERVICE!"
Chaitanya Khaire
It is just me or you guys are also getting fight club movie vibes from this trailer 🤔🤔🤔
levitan71 4 napja
V: "i dont want another personality in my head." john crichton: "first time?" *sips beer*
Faiz Zeo
Faiz Zeo 4 napja
dev previously said, you can finish the game without the need to kill anyone. from this trailer, if you dont kill, ppl kills you.
FrelonSabre 4 napja
This game looks so, so fun! Who else agrees? :)
Koolmidx 4 napja
1:37 opened google assistant on my phone
Noob Abyss
Noob Abyss 4 napja
- 4k monitor cost 2 rtx 3070 in my country - Cant afford Rtx 3070 which is $999 in my country - 1080p 144fps is perfecto since I am gonna get Rtx 3060 - This game gonna get crack by fitgirl repack which is free soon after release
Nye Nye
Nye Nye 4 napja
The 45 dislikes are the russians
Joshua Kelsch
Joshua Kelsch 4 napja
That last line was pure writing gold.
Gino Wien
Gino Wien 4 napja
This is gonna be most excellent, dudes !
ThatPixelGuy 4 napja
Less time on trailers more time on testing please
L. R.
L. R. 4 napja
So it's kinda like that movie UPGRADE just with Keanu in my head and more Cyberpunk'ish? 🤔 Dude the 10th is just around the corner I can't effing wait! 🤯
Hannibal Solo
Hannibal Solo 4 napja
I gotta say that I never really imagined Keanu saying the C-word. Shocking? Yes, but it was somehow still breathtaking. Can’t wait for the game.
Simeon Yves
Simeon Yves 4 napja
If You have Read "Rockerboy", You will know exactly *Why* Johnny wants to See Arasaka Burn, and believe Me, You will know His Cause is 100% Just and You *will* back Him on it! not because its, well, *Neo* ! but because Arasaka genuinely *Deserves* to Burn! Alt Cunningham. Soulkiller. Any True Cyberpunk knows the Meaning of those Words, and wants to see Arasaka Burn as much as Johnny Does.
Spider-Man 4 napja
John Wick: The Game
Gergő Radeczki
Stop reuploading wtf
Konstantin Senpai
Shaun Calton
Shaun Calton 4 napja
Anyone have a link to the full song playing. It appears to be called "Upgrade".
Oskar Janczak
Oskar Janczak 4 napja
Playing as a Johnny or what? Like Ciri in Witcher 3?
I wonder if it's safe to stream this game on either HUrun or twitch cuz of this full blown adult content
OffThe Splat
OffThe Splat 4 napja
Can’t wait to play this when my grandchildren have kids
Violett Fem
Violett Fem 4 napja
Does anyone know the song used in this gorgeous Trailer?? 🧡
Bob Motster
Bob Motster 4 napja
And just like that, all of a sudden, I feel like listening to NIN.
Vibhu Chaudhary
Billy Butcher thinks it's Breathtaking.
StrangerOf The206
There’s been 2077 trailers for this game since the first one came out 8 YEARS AGO..... almost 2 years before XBox One was released. There’s also been 2077 delays lol
rubikfan1 4 napja
Why a trailer. Its already on my wishlist ready for purchase. Or as the meme goes. Sht up and take my money
Ravenclaw Gamer
And the mystic of Johnny Silverhand is pretty much unveiled. I know they've said from the beginning that he's dead but showing how he actually communicates with the protagonist should be left for the game. Seriously, just release the game instead of shipping out trailers. I can respect that CD Projekt don't wanna release it full of bugs but the marketing is spoiling the game at this point.
blitzcaster 4 napja
@Ravenclaw Gamer actually it's public knowledge. If you read the lore you're already know that this will be the case. The trailer probably from the start of the game, 1 to 3 hours or so I would guess.
Ravenclaw Gamer
@Violett Fem I didn't watch it, I was sliding down on my phone, reached the video and it immediately started playing. Like a GIF Preview or something.
Violett Fem
Violett Fem 4 napja
People should skip watching them if they're worried about that. It's just self control. I haven't watched all of them
Ricofico 72
Ricofico 72 4 napja
Now it all makes sense.
Paul Ollarsaba III
I'm so hoping this turns out to be a buddy heist film with Keanu. Literally take my money
Wake Angelz
Wake Angelz 4 napja
I got goosebumps yo!
Aseem HDX
Aseem HDX 4 napja
1:31 Oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Nashit Ameed
Nashit Ameed 4 napja
I think 2077 is the release year .
Fashion and the Kicks
I can’t wait to get the Porsche!
Death6990 4 napja
Soooo what’s the story??
ozob bozo
ozob bozo 4 napja
He is badass af
Bilal 123
Bilal 123 4 napja
My ps4 is going be a jet engine while playing this game
Mango Haze
Mango Haze 4 napja
V Alfaridz
V Alfaridz 4 napja
Trailer Johnwick 4: the silverhand
Grafmec X
Grafmec X 4 napja
Cyberpunk 2077 coming out on 10 of December of 2077, see you there
DJGamingSmash 4 napja
This is everything I've ever needed.
V Alfaridz
V Alfaridz 4 napja
Johnny silverhand a.k.a johnwick
Matt Chambers
Matt Chambers 4 napja
What if the ending said, "Coming 2-1- 21"
Thomas Alexanian
Facu Quiroga
Facu Quiroga 4 napja
Holy crap, goddamn!
Shrekk is daddy
Muumin -H
Muumin -H 4 napja
DayFul 4 napja
The soundtrack is just "Chef's kiss".
Ethene Malan
Ethene Malan 4 napja
What's with the spoilers! IGN! Keep ut to yourself.
blitzcaster 4 napja
No spoilers here, pretty obvious given the lore of the game.
Sam Nussbaum
Sam Nussbaum 4 napja
This game better be worth the fuckin’ wait
jarl Andruha der grosse her
в VR может быть было бы не плохо
deltavagen 4 napja
who even cares for this game anymore
I've reached levels of hype I thought were long dead
Merkel LP
Merkel LP 4 napja
I just want to play this already
Akshay Jose
Akshay Jose 4 napja
01:32 Bad Keanu.. 😆
Mike greenway
Mike greenway 4 napja
It's about time they show more Keanu ! I cant get my hopes up until I officially see it get released
Mr.Prince 4 napja
Me :" You'r breathtaking " Keanu Reeves : " *And you'r a cu** " Me *Screaming in happiness*
2112Marko2112 3 napja
@Nekotaku TV hope you won an award/heightened your social status for correcting that 😂
Nekotaku TV
Nekotaku TV 4 napja
"you'r" That's new... It's "you're" just so you know.
Mr.Prince 4 napja
@Silver X wat ?
Silver X
Silver X 4 napja
Mr.Prince 4 napja
@Violett Fem me too 😭😭😭
Bands 4 napja
Hope this is the final release date
Simple 4 napja
You know where first appeared idea of an npc in your head appearing and talking to you?) Arkham knight
Ajxx 99
Ajxx 99 4 napja
I hope this gets the 2021 goty :(
Edrian Maniwang
John Wick with Winter Soldier's arm
frozen0 4 napja
This game is so desperate, luckily for it people will buy into the marketing hype.
WeedNose Lieutenant
The reviews from early playtesters beg to differ
Sharia Creeper
To be validated
Why are you even here.
AKedits 4 napja
Keanu Reeves cussing is like music to my ears.
Orpheus 4 napja
Hears the true story of Johnny Silverhand, originally known as Mr.Wick. A few decades back his dog got killed to he went on a rampage, got betrayed 😢 then rampages some more. Eventually he froze himself to be reawaken in a new era where no one remembered his name. Until they killed his dog again...🤣🤣🤣
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