Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer 

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Learn about the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and Night City in this explainer trailer packed with new gameplay.
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Abraham 5 napja
I hope you can toggle between first and third person :( Not a huge fan of first person fpg
Blas 5 napja
"Welcome to the new generation of open world..." With a promise like that you better be delivering
C L 6 napja
Leo Zendo
Leo Zendo 7 napja
beautiful and well done. I have hoped for visual quality similar to Detroit but this is pretty close to cutting edge technology anyways.
Ruben Perez
Ruben Perez 8 napja
Counting the days.
zubazub 8 napja
I've just had a nerdgasm
slimonce 9 napja
I don't have a single 1st person game in my collection for reasons, this'll be the first! Having it in 3rd person tho, epic! Remember GTA V had 1st person added on?
Tomek Gwiazdka
paper money? rly?
Dragons clips
Dragons clips 10 napja
Yes give them badass gameplay cd project
Zilvinas M
Zilvinas M 10 napja
Is this commentator from Hitman? Sounds like.
Sean Muller
Sean Muller 10 napja
Yummy 😋
Mark MacDonald
Mark MacDonald 10 napja
Still not interested.
Hero of Time 1
Hero of Time 1 10 napja
The level of detail here looks amazing. Part of me though wants it to be in third person...hopefully they give a choice? Why else would you create an avatar?
It's the year 2077 and the game still isn't out yet
Paolo Nogarotto
Paolo Nogarotto 10 napja
The plot reminds me a little johnny mnemonic, but instead of having keanu downloading the cure of a deadly virus in his head, keanu is being downloaded in the head of this guy...
Jqeger MV
Jqeger MV 11 napja
*Rebell Yell by Billy Idol starts playing at* 0:01
Player Unknown
Player Unknown 11 napja
Announced 2012. That was quick I am glad there were no delays. Pre ordered on Stadia no downloads for me. Let's go!!
FlipFlop 11 napja
But can i use a sword in this game?
Eddu Reis
Eddu Reis 11 napja
Cyberpunk 2077: A world full of references.
kaeltv 11 napja
Kaneda, Akira Bike!!! I want that!!
Carmonta 1
Carmonta 1 11 napja
We regret to inform you we never had a game to put out .
Oliver Mag
Oliver Mag 11 napja
Isn't anyone thinking about the same question as me,its a FPS game what's the point to customize the character if you can't even see it ?
Stanley Godspeed
I think i will love the soundtrack of this game.
ArmySimp 11 napja
cyberpunk universe is basiclly the world according to the "new world order" conspiricy
Yan Energia
Yan Energia 11 napja
Bumblebee 69
Bumblebee 69 11 napja
Not liking any of these videos until the fucken game is actually released.
This makes GTA look like Minecraft.
rex 11 napja
plot twist: In the year 2077, which is the day the bombs dropped.
Kelsey Donoghue
Kelsey Donoghue 11 napja
Is that Karen Bowman from GR: Wildlands speaking over the gameplay?
Shaikh Tawkir Hossain
4:37 Thats sick.
Ben Farr
Ben Farr 11 napja
Have to admit from that trailer It looks kinda dumb.
Daniel Salvador
Daniel Salvador 11 napja
I seen so many trailers and I still don’t know what the game is about. I’m just starting to think it’s like gta, but futuristic with better fighting combats and weapons.
Chris Rife
Chris Rife 12 napja
GTA will have its hands full topping this game in couple years.
lew mack
lew mack 12 napja
thumbnail remind me of the guy that tried to eat judge dredd
Bara Bajaha
Bara Bajaha 12 napja
why are they spoliers
d3m1gawd 12 napja
December 10th 2077!
KingSavage 12 napja
Am I the only one who saw KSI 🤯
bas paas
bas paas 12 napja
who's ready for the next delay! wooohooo
M-Saad Imran
M-Saad Imran 12 napja
watching the trailer everyday knowing I cant afford a gaming pc 😒
Anshul Kanakia
Anshul Kanakia 12 napja
Guess what I'm wondering now is, will I have a 5900x in hand before Cyberpunk 2077 is out or will I have to wait until 2077 for one? Also, U.C.K.F SCALPERS!
Dwaine Jade
Dwaine Jade 12 napja
Ok now that’s the best trailer for the game since the E3
I can't wait for this game to get delayed AGAIN XD
Cooper Littlehales
"my imaginary friend is Keanu Reeves" the video game
Haassan1 12 napja
KingKran 12 napja
Any Deus Ex fans?? I miss Adam Jensen, and creating a cyberpunk character in his image would be cool
Arpit Agnihotri
Arpit Agnihotri 12 napja
That voice sounds so similar to Diana from Hitman.
Kevin Ferdian
Kevin Ferdian 12 napja
Can't wait for this game to be delayed again. So hype
Muhammad Furqan
Muhammad Furqan 12 napja
root8ble 12 napja
this game is not even out, it already seems overrated
Dr Philosophous
Dr Philosophous 12 napja
Make every NPC have its own house to go home to 😳😳😳😳
Dru670 12 napja
This needs a movie made!
Kevin M Abraham
Kevin M Abraham 12 napja
Yall remember Sword Art Online/Ready Player One? Imagine this game with us as players
Fadhlan Faza
Fadhlan Faza 12 napja
Waaait, the early part looks like deus ex
vibe check
vibe check 12 napja
I just want to punch people
Himanshu Sekhar Singh Deo
Wait for 2077 ❌ Watch Akudama drive anime ✔️
nodoctoryet 12 napja
Man, I wish they’d have 3rd person view aswell. Game looks awesome but i get incredibly nauseous from fps games 😞🤢
Through Zero
Through Zero 12 napja
I'm actually no longer upset by the delays. I had no real idea what cyberpunk would truly look like and I wasn't planning on going all in and getting it before I knew. But now that I realize just how much it's an RPG over an action shooter I'm ready to take the dive
Antoine Leclair
Antoine Leclair 12 napja
i hope the 3440x1440 resolution will be on point
Sandi Sanda
Sandi Sanda 12 napja
Cyberdelay 2077
hardcorasMK 12 napja
I am all hype etc but i just remembered Witcher`s gameplay trailer ...
Eric Fernandez
Eric Fernandez 12 napja
Is this voice Diana from Hitman ?
Don Damage
Don Damage 12 napja
"The year is 2077, the game is finally released"
Nicolas 12 napja
Just hope it doesn't end up releasing in 2078
Dino Campanella
Dino Campanella 12 napja
What’s the song with the MC?
Jeronn 12 napja
How many trailers does 1 game need
Blue Apple'z
Blue Apple'z 12 napja
This game looks amazing but I'm fans of first person gameplay.. custom character just useless..
JMN128 12 napja
Let’s hope this is like Red Dead Redemption 2 and not Duke Nukem Forever.
JMN128 11 napja
Daniel Mc I meant in the sense that I is a game that has been delayed a lot, just like like 2 other games, one of which was amazing, and the other was Duke Nukem Forever.
Daniel Mc
Daniel Mc 12 napja
Hmm actually it'll be like neither. Think Deus Ex on steroids and you're closer to the money..
Nzo the Mage
Nzo the Mage 12 napja
Why take CDPR’s video that’s posted in their channel & upload it on your own for views?
AJDC 5 12 napja
"Megalopolises" sounds funny
Andrea Barral
Andrea Barral 12 napja
Looks like in Poland they do not care much about your presidents
svfutbol20 12 napja
I’m so goddamn ready
Midi Lord
Midi Lord 12 napja
soooo its GTA 2077?
addy editz
addy editz 13 napja
Wow so great to watch a overview of a game never coming out
Lakshay gupta
Lakshay gupta 13 napja
The only sad thing for me is 1st person. Well whatever still gonna enjoy.
R Rohit Amalan
R Rohit Amalan 13 napja
This game is going to be the best game ever
Mr Criminal
Mr Criminal 13 napja
preordered on steammmmm. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Dakota G
Dakota G 13 napja
I'm so so praying it don't get delayed! I'm so ready to play this!
Nuno Brito
Nuno Brito 13 napja
Man I'm going to sink so many hours in this game...
D M 13 napja
Yikes Spoilers
A4 Arick
A4 Arick 13 napja
Delayed lmao
Slight Intellectual
I really wanted to be able to play it first on next gen but that probably ain’t gonna happen lmaooo
Aryan Dey
Aryan Dey 13 napja
Just don't delay again pls.
Damaso Rosales
Damaso Rosales 13 napja
Release date. 2077
Ranjela 13 napja
A'ight lets mix Far Cry,Fallout and Classic PS1 Cyberpunk 2077 but lets take ages to release so fans sent death threats to us
Oni Faith
Oni Faith 13 napja
4:42 👀
Zakynthos 13 napja
Chill .Brown
Chill .Brown 13 napja
0:28 PRIS from blade runner
Thomas John
Thomas John 13 napja
Did the ending scene (4:52) remind anyone of Akira?
Phry3 tura
Phry3 tura 13 napja
Cyberpunk is the definition of "edging."
Vegas Sims
Vegas Sims 13 napja
They better not say this comes out in spring next week.. this game is beginning to act like the James Webb Telescope.
MrHyjac 13 napja
If this doesn’t show big corporate game company’s that single players done right and when you take your time to craft the perfect product that you can make as much as a shitty cod on launch, possibly more!!...Well As Alfred said “some men aren’t logical...some men just wanna watch the world burn.”
We are all clowns
This trailer was for Ghost Recon: Wildlands fan. Both Karen bowman, and Nomad (2:04) are in this trailer
Jay Naidoo
Jay Naidoo 13 napja
Is violence insane gritty choices adventure lot of action and interesting. I guess I'll try play that game and plus KEANU REEVES!! B-) :-$ =-O
Whatever billy
Whatever billy 13 napja
Glad I don't see hit points. Totally takes me out of it.
Whatever billy
Whatever billy 13 napja
Next gen ED209!
747lch 13 napja
Lmao the graphics are downgraded with every single trailer that comes out
Al As 57
Al As 57 13 napja
No, I-I think you're going blind. You should go get that checked dude. Wouldn't want your eyes to fall out of their sockets.
EGRJ 13 napja
0:28 Can they do that? I mean, legally?
Agasya Deno
Agasya Deno 13 napja
Unreal is real
Diallo Ayodele
Diallo Ayodele 13 napja
Is that 2018 version of chippin in I hear 👀
Dragun Fist Gamer
This game is itching to have optional coop campaign
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