Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay On Xbox Series X / Xbox One X 

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Check out some fresh Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay, and see the graphical difference between the current-gen Xbox One X and next-gen Xbox Series X.
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ralesh kumar
ralesh kumar 3 órája
Goddamn. That brain dance was gritty as. Loving the dark vibes ✌🏾
alexandre norte
alexandre norte 6 órája
At 3:06 Cristiano Ronaldo
Brad Powick
Brad Powick 6 órája
Does this game only run at 1080p? Doing a comparison video to show the difference in graphics between two generational devices but only having 1080p as the highest res setting you can view it with in HUrun is a bit pointless I think.
legion 7 órája
Does a visual quality showcase: uploads video in 1080/30 🤨 why they chose ign over digital foundry is a damn mystery
legion 7 órája
well this isn't very encouraging for "next gen"
Dyllex 2
Dyllex 2 2 órája
The next gen patch doesn’t even come out until next year, man
dick Sinormose
dick Sinormose 8 órája
Whoever is playing this really should quit gaming 😆.
Chelone 13 órája
V sounds like Huck from twd.
HCL95 14 órája
I really can't wait to find out how much even little stuff matters. Like if you went up to those guys on the step and drew your gun first or when you said you wanted to see fingers, would they react differently, could you sweet talk your way in? If interactions make a difference on that level I'm going to be overjoyed.
Joe Seabreeze
Joe Seabreeze 14 órája
reminds me of GTA V
Anderson De Almeida
Can anyone tell me if I use a FDH monitor to play XBOX Series X if the FPS on games like Cyberpunk 2077 will be higher ? (The monitor is 144Hz.)
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike 17 órája
Keanu looks nothing like in the trailers, looks more a hobo Adam driver lol
Cyberdemon Mike
Cyberdemon Mike 17 órája
If this is how it looks on Xbox one X then I shouldn't even bother playing it on my one s right?
TylerTron21 18 órája
I'll play this game 6-12 months after release once the bugs are squashed and some polish is added. Thanks for the tenth recent video showing me I should continue the wait.
Noah 19 órája
Anyone know the song at 01:52?
radiation34 22 órája
Does anyone know if the game runs at 60fps on Xbox one x or 30fps
radiation34 22 órája
Does anyone know if the game 60fps on Xbox one x or 30fps
Master Wang
Master Wang 23 órája
We already know the Series X and PS5 will have best looking versions. I want to see the gameplay version on XBox series S. How will it run on that console with the lower 'next gen" specs.
liquid form
Is this pre 1st day patch or post?
Jimmy Ngo
Jimmy Ngo Napja
Everything on Xbox looks like Halo Craig. Get PS5 instead.
Nelson Napja
So was the original plan before the last delay to release console footage two days before release all along?
Alex Marchand
streets are all empty for an 'overpopulated' city, in every footage of the game
Stephen Black
An unstable 30fps on next gen consoles 2 weeks from launch is concerning. Especially in an empty city. Wouldn’t it be better to just wait 3 months and release both versions simultaneously? They can downgrade 8th gen version, and upgrade the 9th gen version. I’d be happy to wait a few more months and play a better version of the game, hopefully at 60fps
Upgrading my one x to ssd. 🙄
Richy-J Napja
Omar Wen
Omar Wen Napja
Might just wait until we get the definitive version on next gen.
Panos Katseas
wow great xbox 360 graphics
Ash Ketchum
2:50 The Guy on the Sidewalk Just took a 90degree turn 😔
• Leo •
it’s gonna take all the space when i get the ps5
mcknife25 Napja
Genuinely hate these kinds of comparison videos I'm so oblivious to the differences. Compare Xbox series x to an N64 Port and then I can feel you, but other than that nope
Montezuma Napja
If you run anytime in this game you will not be playing right
Song at 1:50?
Shiva Ninja
Whats the name of the song in the car 01:53 someone please??
Wilson Napja
HUrun compression is so fuckin awful.
Tewdis Napja
Gameplay looks really stiff, there's no feel in it at all. This game looks rushed af.
Edu Arroyo
Edu Arroyo Napja
When he is in the car, there is no one walking on the sidewalk, or even crossing the street...wtf
7:37 keeping that Chinese takeout in his back pants pocket for later.
Vigil Knight
I don't know why so many people are disappointed, this game still looks great, what were people expecting?
Raccoon Snitch
oh no no no
SMOKEY 2 napja
Honestly I understand why they say its hard to port the game from current gen to next gen, just drop the current gen version and make it for next gen its cool
KC 86
KC 86 2 napja
Why aren’t you comparing the same scenes?
Popa2caps 2 napja
Easy pass tell I see some motherfucking 60 FPS. No 60 FPS, no purchase, very simple.
Eugene Sakharov
Cancel the game, it’s so bad, where’s underground? Oh, you cut it, lol
B Bland
B Bland 2 napja
Is this 60fps on series x at launch??
Peck Peck I'm a Paycheck
HUD looks sexy. I like that the top-right of the map has a compass circle. Nice touch. I actually hope you can disable the map. I kinda wanna cruise around without having to constantly check it for my objective.
Jcie 2 napja
I can't believe holly is talking about Xbox lol
MrRoachClip69 2 napja
the game should be 60fps on One X and Series x/s
chiefnotit 2 napja
why would they delay this for months for it to come out still broken
Andrew 2 napja
Ghost town: 2077.
Fungo Dongo
Fungo Dongo 2 napja
Naveed Khan
Naveed Khan 2 napja
They should have just delayed the game to 2021.
BlackoSTINKZz 2 napja
Anyone else think they’ve taken out like 90% of the npcs from gameplay from a year or 2 ago? Doesn’t look busy at all
Dominic Codella
Driving simulator 2077.
Josua Hartwig
Josua Hartwig 2 napja
I hope it works in 60 fps I dont need 4k, i like to play with better performence:)
Belowzero BeatZ
Just please don’t delay again I’m trying to let the hype ruin me but this is exactly the type of game I’ve been waiting for, for years 😂 I’m gonna spend a lot of time on this
Digital house
Digital house 2 napja
Glad it's on every platform because everyone needs to play this game
Space Gangstaaah
Does anyone know why a playstation 5 would flash a black screen for like 5 seconds. It's like a flicker. A studder even lol. Been doing it since it came out of the box and hooked it up to my tv.
baripmita 2 napja
song that start at 1 55??
driving looks so slow...
łukasz Prusicki
xbox series x 30 fps lol
B Bland
B Bland 2 napja
Måns Juhlin Timmelstad
expected 4k
Julian Midgley
I knew before I even opened the comments that they would all be negative. Bunch of complainers.
T. Philip Humphrey
She did a terrible job at explaining what this footage is in the beginning. It is the Xbox One version of the game running on both the Xbox One X and the Xbox Series X, not the XB1 version versus the XBSX version. Looks like most people didn't stay to the end when she clarified that. As far as I can tell they haven't shown us what the PS5/XBSX versions will look like, footage has only been PC and last gen so far.
Nitro Glycerin
@B Bland you’ll most likely get the 30fps XboxOneX version of the Game unless the older console gets a 60fps performance mode but I doubt it, however if it does then you’ll definitely have a more solid 60fps on Series X through its basic backwards compatibility! I can’t say for Sure though but We’re definitely waiting for the True Next Gen Version of the Game for PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X when it releases Next Year as it’s gonna have vastly superior graphics, and vastly superior performance!
B Bland
B Bland 2 napja
So when i buy the Xbox one version of cyberpunk will I get better performance on my series x at launch?
Nitro Glycerin
Exactly Man as The True Next Gen Version of CyberPunk 2077 doesn’t even release until later in 2021, and that’s the Version We’ll Wait Too Play as I don’t wanna ruin the experience by playing a 30fps last Gen version of the game on Xbox Series X for 4K 60fps
larslayerlol 2 napja
Is it me or are the facial animations worse than ubisoft games? They all have dead like eyes when they are speaking with you
Dipanjan Pal Chowdhury
After watching this gameplay I just lost interest in cyberpunk, not only does it look dated, the gameplay felt awkward and clunky, horrible npc graphics, and wtf kneau reeves looks like straight from a 2010 game, so this is what we get after all these delays, it feels like its in covid lockdown mode.
mutant Menace
mutant Menace 2 napja
Cool bye
Louis Dickson
Louis Dickson 2 napja
Where’s the people
R3fug33 2 napja
5:24 That looks like The Division 1 enemy scaling and it terrifies me.
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 2 napja
lack of npcs on streets really kills it
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 2 napja
@GamingIsTime lower graphics and populate the world
GamingIsTime 2 napja
its a hardware thingh on its full thats what ign said in there review
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 2 napja
empty streets
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle 2 napja
this mega city is empty
Pepsiman 2 napja
Wasn’t Hollie on playstation underground? What happened
Rami ❶⓿ ꪜ
It’s horrible on xbox one x 🤦🏻‍♂️
Agent JimmyCheese
Glad I saw this, pre order cancelled !
CrazyChaba 981
this would've been better if you could switch between first person and third
mutant Menace
mutant Menace 2 napja
@Jan Pawelczyk while driving you can
Jan Pawelczyk
Jan Pawelczyk 2 napja
@mutant Menace you cant
mutant Menace
mutant Menace 2 napja
You can
Shashank kumar
Graphics are so real just like potty 🤮🤮🤬🤬💩💩💩💩💩💩
Федя _13
Федя _13 2 napja
если честно то какая то мрачная хуйня эта игра...только на машине более менее что то норм.
lord commander1
This game is going to be a flop
Anubhav Arun
Anubhav Arun 2 napja
It doesn't look that great in the indoors scenes.
rubyrock555 2 napja
I have this "curse" of sorts. Everytime I pre order a game, it turns out disappointing. Cyberpunk is the first game I've pre ordered in a long time. PLEASE break this curse CDPR
3rd One
3rd One 2 napja
Downgraded 🤦‍♂️
adrian qinisani
Can the game be played on 3rd person perspective?
mutant Menace
mutant Menace 2 napja
Drakeziel Mathis
9:29 I have been trying to explain that sound to people for years now! With headphones, it has been recreated! Its a strange thing that happens and it feels like its right on the bottom of my brain!
Lord Statik
Lord Statik 3 napja
I was looking forward to this video until, I seen a woman hosting it And a woman as the character choice. I hate propaganda
mutant Menace
mutant Menace 2 napja
360dullboy420 3 napja
Due to Xbox Series X|S scarcity we've decided to make Cyberpunk an exclusive to the Series X, have fun.
Gabriel Barbosa
Cyberpunk 2077: Covid-19 EDITION !!!
Wayman Harris
Wayman Harris 3 napja
Yes, I'm going to buy this game Google!
Tim Kriens
Tim Kriens 3 napja
"Enjoy this gameplay on Xbox one x and Xbox series x...both in 1080p!" 😑😑😑😑😔😑😔😑
Real or fake
Real or fake 3 napja
3:02 aaaaaalv el Buki estará en cyberpunk xd
TJCCBR47 3 napja
The game is SSSSOOOOO empty!
GAN0R0 3 napja
A shame lots of people don’t have a clue about video compression and will probably think this is what the game will look like on their tv.
Kevin 3 napja
tough to even tell what the quality is since this vid is only 1080p in the first place.
Tim2049 3 napja
That first shot of Keanu in the elevator, he looks like a PS3-era character model having a stroke.
For the Empire
You people talk about frame rate drops but don’t even put time stamps to show it now i haven’t noticed anything show the actual time stamp and maybe I’ll take your crying more seriously
WA LID 3 napja
both the game and the women presenting it look beautiful :D
D. Krebs
D. Krebs 3 napja
There was so much hype for this game... but now I don’t even care anymore
Varad Mane
Varad Mane 3 napja
Will the game have ray tracing for series x/ps5 at launch?
Doctor infinite
No, CDPR said they'll be a next gen patch for Xbox Series X and ps5 a year or so after launch with updated graphics and ray tracing included
Zuernaxashyr 3 napja
This isn't the best tbh. The scenes and gameplay should have been the same on both comparisons.
Big Dawg 34
Big Dawg 34 3 napja
Who’s the dislikes??? And why the hell are y’all
Eric Carrizales
I'll wait until the reviews. I guess I couldn't wait cuz I already pre-ordered it
GodNept 3 napja
Watch dogs+transformers+cyberpunk=OMG
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