Cruella - Official Trailer 2 (2021) Emma Stone, Emma Thompson 

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Check out the new trailer for the live-action Cruella starring Emma Stone, coming to theaters and Disney Plus premier access May 28.

Emma Stone stars in Disney's Cruella, an all-new live-action feature film about the rebellious early days of one of cinemas most notorious villains, Cruella de Vil.
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Avocato Bobble
Avocato Bobble 6 órája
Well, this trailer certainly gets me excited more than the last one did.
The Sixth Doctor
The Sixth Doctor 7 órája
So because Cruella's tor-mentor loved dalmatians, she'll go on to see as many as she can killed and made into coats. As a middlefinger to a person we never saw again.
Garrett Carr
Garrett Carr 10 órája
southpawlibra nine
southpawlibra nine 13 órája
Looks absolutely shite
Louise Wilson
Louise Wilson 14 órája
So basically it's like the Devil Wears Prada only the main character snaps and goes on a rampage.
MineKurtMininer 17 órája
emma stone looks a lot like Michele fiffer's catwoman
Emmanuel Rayas
Emmanuel Rayas 18 órája
im a simple man, just love emma stone
Raghav Khurana
Raghav Khurana 20 órája
Disney's joker
mycollegeshirt 20 órája
you can almost hear the disney executives saying we want a harley quinn movie is there any popular character we can skew in her direction?
Raximus3000 10 órája
Because her movie was so successful, lol.
TheDwb8402 22 órája
Much better trailer than the first one! It's giving Disney presents: Cruella Wears Prada.
Titanguy Napja
Didn't feel the Joker comparisons in the first trailer. Certainly do this time.
Klay Thompson
Emma Stone is too sweet to be Cruella.
P LEE Napja
Nick Fights
But we only like the dogs
Ziaker Napja
Did disney just turned cruella in a Arsene Lupan?
pinochet geffrard
Emma thompson, emma stone,.. emma watson.
So are we supposed to sympathize with the woman who plans to skin puppies for a fur coat, or what?
Jeric Guillermo
@1:55 It's Johnny Sins
Walt Disney Presents Joker: Puppy Skinner
Cruella and current Disney are a match made in hell.
the killer sandvich
and seriously they make a movie about cruella devill and they dont cast helena bonham carter shes perfect for a role like this
MarceloA. Napja
We lived in a society.
-two Napja
Disney want the next girl boss to be cruella. The person who tried to kill puppies and lost is now the new girl boss
Ace Bowser
Ace Bowser Napja
Standing ovaries
Disney... are you trying to make redeemable the same character who’s original goal in life was to make a coat out of puppies
Digital Ghost
The trailer makes her look absolutely horrible and people still think they're trying to redeem her...
Wazowskii Time
Missing 98 Dalmatians...
nocchi. 2 napja
1Way Road
1Way Road 2 napja
Who is this movie even for?
f z
f z 2 napja
Disney's own joker
KeiosKod 2 napja
The Twisted stage play made a joke about this. To think it actually came true.
GC Rovario-Cole
Yeah, she still wants to skin puppies. You really can't make her relatable.
Cyber Tune
Cyber Tune 2 napja
Dick Trickle
Dick Trickle 2 napja
So she was ridiculed for her work and now is angry and wants revenge and make an impact? Sounds like batman villains Selina Kyle/Catwoman Joker Poison Ivy Penguin BORING! Pass on this as usual
A's World
A's World 2 napja
No one: Disney: check this out
Everyone in the comments: 👁 👄 👁 Also everyone in the comments: one ticket please
FaIm Zu
FaIm Zu 2 napja
"I'd like to remind you all that I'm doing this in heels" A woman that outrun T-Rex with heels: Finally, a worthy oppenent!!
Joker: Female remake
Gabriel Walters
Damn! Emma Stone is Perfect as Mary Jane in Red hair. Why marvel and Sony didn't do this in tasm films
Leo 2 napja
Think of Devil Wears Prada mixed w Joker
Maybe we learn why she hates dogs from this
Zio Slayer99
Zio Slayer99 2 napja
She literally wants to skin puppies
Rebel Riot
Rebel Riot 2 napja
*Dog Lady*
basusenology 2 napja
the battle of the Emmas
SkaterZombie 2 napja
Was wondering if they were going to put the dalmatians in the movie. Thats cool.
Krust Bruh
Krust Bruh 2 napja
1:54 didn't know Agent 47 was owned by Disney
Juan Lontorin
Juan Lontorin 2 napja
Maybe this Cruella have no connection to Cruella in 101 Dalmantion, just like joker 2019 have no connection with joker in batman movie
Hanzo Yamazaki
Origins of a animal abuser. What's next the origin's of Jafar?
Dick Trickle
Dick Trickle 2 napja
Shush! Dont give them ideas! Let them use their brain and do something original for once!
Kevin Kevdzija
No wonder her world is so black and white
Jayden Espinosa
♪ Cruella de vil ♪
R awgers
R awgers 2 napja
Emma Stone looks like she's going to be great in this, but I'm not on board with them trying to have us feel sympathy for her
Nicole Ellingwood
It’s like a “Disney Harley Quinn!” 😂
Mark were
Mark were 2 napja
That dress is foolish, unhinged ooh you're fired that's what made her angry , problems with horrible bosses
David Hopper
David Hopper 3 napja
Great trailer bro
BlueTemplar En Taro Brian!
Also, because of Emma Stone's giant eyes, this is technically an anime.
Leonel Leyva
Leonel Leyva 3 napja
Is Disney trying to make us like a person who wants to skin dogs for their fur?
Poloni De La Mata
Looks bad
JimBambi 3 napja
Why is Emma Stone so beautiful?! 😁
jbroti 004
jbroti 004 3 napja
Imagine if this movie came out during the height of the emo kids days.
Mališa Jevremović
so basically Cruella Quinn
Lwize 3 napja
The Disney Wears Prada
Bat Nik
Bat Nik 3 napja
Emma vs Emma. How will be the most cruel?
macêdo 3 napja
emma thompson !!!!
Very excite!!!
Migs 3 napja
Disney's joker
Gabriel Rosalez
This reminds me of that one question on the Eric Andre show where he asks the guest if they think Margaret Thatcher had girl-power.
Wonder _ Wombat
So excited for this! The visuals here look FANTASTIC.
smithsfan425 3 napja
Emma have the look out for this one.
Gabriel Castaneda
Joker comparisons for days
Ben Law
Ben Law 3 napja
Sounds a bit shake weighty ✊
Saúl Villalobos
And that.... is how society drove me to skin 100 dogs to make a coat
Dinah Kyle
Dinah Kyle 3 napja
This year The DeVil Gets Her Due CRUELLA 5. 28. 21.
Thais B.
Thais B. 3 napja
The Cruella wears Prada?
Goth Emma Stone? Yes please
Kiss My Ass Dickhead
So that's how she hates everyone in the city and control people like pets with loyalty and obedience.
Rio 3 napja
If Harley Queen worked for Miranda Priestly on Devil Wears Prada
Matheus BR
Matheus BR 3 napja
Algum brasileiro aqui ???
Kevin Sheppard
I'm surprised Eva Green isn't playing this role.
Yrena Lantigua
Everyone else is am obstacle. The future. Cruella
InvaderPet 3 napja
Emma vs. Emma: The Movie
Stephen Henderson
Maleficent & Cruella whose next? Ursula was misunderstood? Lady Tremaine just wanted to be loved? Yzma had a fear of Alpaca’s? Madame Medusa was just an exterminator? Disney has officially run out of ideas
She. Back.
Pokerface 3 napja
Disney legit trying to make an antihero out of a woman who wanted to skin dogs.
Dick Trickle
Dick Trickle 2 napja
Scraping for cash
Romio Pac
Romio Pac 3 napja
Damn ur telling me Cruella just single handedly beat up guards
Starberry Poptart
Not going to watch a movie about a Puppy killing monster, try to humanize her all you want, pass.
Jordan Tranchino
Parasite trailer music?
Olaf Benjamin
Olaf Benjamin 3 napja
Why go with Cruella when you have Yzma
All Disney needed was Emma Watson and we would've had the trifecta of Emmas
Why so many Emma’s
My favorite actors!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!
Aiden Hutchison
What's next, a spin off movie about that hunter in Tarzan ?
Lemuel Delvalle
Clayton,he’s a lunatic extremist hunter using tactical intelligence with technology.
bedside table
bedside table 3 napja
a solo movie about the guy who shot bambis mom
Captain 420
Captain 420 3 napja
Harlequin PG
Ava Cherubin
Ava Cherubin 3 napja
Still, nobody’s gonna talk about how long that dress is? Actually, what is there to talk about, anyway?
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 3 napja
This gotta be a certified FRESH along with Joker!
bedside table
bedside table 3 napja
its gonna be a certified "everyone will forget about a month after its released"
Grim 3 napja
Who else is only here for the Dalmatians?
Magnawhiff TV
Magnawhiff TV 3 napja
The Devil Wears Dalmatian.
Killa Kennie
Killa Kennie 3 napja
So cruella turned into a dc villain?
Barry Donnelly
Cant wait when this comes out and to get 30 on rotten tomatoes
Dick Trickle
Dick Trickle 2 napja
I'm betting 20%
bedside table
bedside table 3 napja
thats optimistic lmao
Saad Nabil
Saad Nabil 3 napja
It's PG-13!
Bookish Brendan
Ah yes, the continuation of the modern mega-myth of the sympathetic villain. Cuz you know, nothing says inclusivity like subverting traditional ethical positions and turning baddies into sympathy cases.
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