Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Developers React to Speedrun 

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After the reaction we got from developers Toys For Bob for the Crash Bandicoot 4 demo, we knew we had to have them back on for a full episode. Well, almost a full episode. Turns out, Crash 4 is a long game no matter how fast you play it, so we let speedrunner Riko_KSB choose which levels he wanted the developers to see. So while this isn't the full Crash 4 speedrun, it's still almost an hour of hilarious goofs and reactions. Enjoy!

Check out more from speedrun Riko_KSB here:
Check out more from speedrunner Riko_KSB here:
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HYBRIDbeing 8 perccel
The deal with people speedrunning Crash Bandicoot 4? It's about time.
Jorge Viley Tadei Serpa
This was AMAZING!!!
Davis Prather
Davis Prather 2 órája
I definitely didn't read that wrong, you read it wrong.
Eli Lockie
Eli Lockie 2 órája
I love how the developers beat themselves up when the speed runner breaks the game.
William Pereira Gomes
its already out? and no CTRNF for PC? So offensive
Kawhi 8 órája
Why did they use this mediocre speed run instead of showing them the world record?
Junas 14 órája
HAHAHAHA it's hilarious how they get happy when he makes a mistake
Cerberus' Ghost
Cerberus' Ghost 14 órája
Battery commercial w the xbox controller should just show that then a PlayStation 3 controller 😂😂 then the ps5 chime
Equlix 14 órája
39:05 he described it perfectly.
nam e puthpong
nam e puthpong 15 órája
Is this like golf where the lower points you have, the better?
DarkSouljah 15 órája
These devs have been the best so far.
JPeace116 15 órája
These devs are hilarious!
Sl1kz 19 órája
i hope this game comes to PC too. FIXED!!!! xDD just kidding love it!
Elias110194 20 órája
31:37 He's a natural
Yung Dnso
Yung Dnso 20 órája
can't help but to wonder how fast it would've been without any deaths
Roberto Rebola
Now I know why crash 4 is amazing these devs get on so well like one big family Amazing game guys GG
Ayrton Frank
"alright... this is pretty legi- oh no..."
The Logical Vegan
This dev team was made for these types of videos. So entertaining hearing them riff together.
Black Brine 360
Ah velho não e a run do deep😠
AceV822 or lil CAAH idrc
I am the spy from tf2
Jed McAfee
Jed McAfee Napja
They’re office must be so much fun
Chronno Napja
Don't worry developers, just like 5 people out of 100 are capable of doing this kind of stuff, we mortals enjoy the game xd
Joe Farren
Joe Farren Napja
Toys for bob are so great
Marc S.
Marc S. Napja
Devs always pretend to feel so humiliated by the speedruners when it really is the ultimate way of showing respect to them. It means someone loved your game enough to spend A LOT of hours mastering it.
gay tekken champion 1991
@Damp Some argue that art, once released to the public eye or consumption, isn't your art anymore. It is essentially free to be reinterpreted, reinvented, destroyed, rebuilt, etc. Speedrunners break down a game without tons of hours of dedicated gameplay, using exploits and glitches. It's a different type of respect, a type of collaboration that turns a game into a canvas, although through identifying the quirks and flaws that a developer may of left in the game intentionally or not. Sometimes speedruns don't use glitches at all!
Damp 13 órája
is got to be bittersweet, they put in the time, but it was spend finding flaws on their work.
I love how the only gems he's getting at the end of each level is the "less than 3 deaths" gem.
What a amature gameplay
Adolfo Alfaro
14:04 My Message to Developers: I liked the concept of sub-bosses at that level of the game. I would like to see more sub-heads (either 3 or 4) for the next Crash 5, thanks for all they offered in Crash 4 Ps: Ps: It would be great if the sub-bosses had little cinematic scenes
vegeta vegeta
hehhehe its really funny how different attitude of some of them is 1. guy who takes it as a fun enjoying every time when speedrunner shine with skill and intellect 2. guy who have fun but everytime he sees glitch or bug, he plans already on fixing it 3. guy who sees everything as cheating and cannot accept it but watches it to later maybe learn on faults 4. my favorite guy whos world got ruined and every minut of watching exploits which could be his fault is for him a torture hehehe devs must understand.... it doesnt matter how much time you will put to make game glitchless... speedrunners often are as knowledgable or even much more experienced as devs about game mechanics. practice makes you understand it better and i doubt it any of devs played their game even 10% of the time speedrunner spend in the game. soooo... accept it that speedrunners will always find a way
mavricio Napja
Stop muting them so fcking much
aze chase
aze chase Napja
Funnily enough, he wasn't really talking about marvel, as much as he was talking about them.
E G Napja
You would think they would understand that the "muscle memory" came from an absurd amount of hours playing, breaking, and understanding every minutia of the game. Thats the highest honor I could ever ask for as a developer.
Infamous Napja
10:36 a swear right there
Wololo Man
Wololo Man Napja
Please do dev react to mirrors edge speed run next
no Napja
what a bunch of awesome guys the only ign videos I watch
Joel Chitunda
Everytime he takes a shortcut Devs: ooooh that was my fault
I used the body slam the same way a lot actually that little up draft can really save you in sticky situation
indy151515 Napja
I need the dev points leaderboard
Johnny Comeau
😂 I love these dev reacts
Pro metheus
When devs are cool like this and realize that Therese more than one way to play a game (casual, speedruner, competitive etc) and kind of cater to each crowd all in one game. It adds to value of the game and replay ability.
anakin148 Napja
Lol, the title of the video makes it much better
Kiriakos Kanatsaris
Wait I remember this speedrunner I think, something annoying comes to mind, some famous GDQ run or something?
mamba2468 Napja
Speedrunner: *Dies* Me: "You see he's just a man"
Why are devs so shocked to see huge glitches in their game?? Maybe fix your game and then it wouldnt be an issue
Danilo Soares
By far the best one out of this series. These devs were amazing. Would love to see team cherry react to hollow knight runs
Danilo Soares
@Tschu Backa oh yeah i saw that one!
Tschu Backa
@Danilo Soares sorry! I meant Shovel Knight. they reacted to that game., not hollow
Danilo Soares
@Tschu Backa I can't find it!
Tschu Backa
they did a devs react to hollow knight
Infectd 2 napja
These devs should be proud. Most Speed runs of games are like sub 10 or even up to 30 mins tops. At least this one banked a nice hour plus. =) I will say the devs in this video were some of the most entertaining from this series.
Jacob Graw
Jacob Graw 2 napja
The Coco staring right at me from the time tracker is laugh worthy
NadeRadical 2 napja
These guys are hilarious lol
sonneeaa rkaa
sonneeaa rkaa 2 napja
Hector Holguin
Something happens with a timer at around an hour 18 minutes and 47 seconds
ZMowlcher 2 napja
Riko has grown his channel so much over the year I've followed him
trapez77 2 napja
I like using the left trigger to crouch and slide and the right trigger for special
Branden Thomas Rennie
I crayon colored a monopoly board of my favorite game once.
William Webb
William Webb 2 napja
Makes me sick how easy he made Cortex Castle look. Lol.
Broockle 2 napja
"wohw that was some Tony Hawk stunt right there" it's always nice to see that there are still some people that are older than me ;D
Rcade now
Rcade now 2 napja
when pc and switch version?
Josh Pfeiffer
Josh Pfeiffer 2 napja
Why can't these jackasses fix their mics...
Tschu Backa
shut up, everything is crisp
kevin hawley
kevin hawley 2 napja
ign should be shot.....
P-NUT 2 napja
We need to see the devs not the speed runner. We have vid of that lol just sayin
K. Fuji'
K. Fuji' 2 napja
Is this poorly censored or just send mic.?
Der Dox
Der Dox 2 napja
Schnörkel means curlicue in german... just so you know..
Amalio lara
Amalio lara 2 napja
Wish they could get the team from breath of the wild to react that would be fun
CirkusBolgen 2 napja
Local recordings please. They keep dropping audio fragments
AeonAnimA 2 napja
One guys straight sounds like H Jon. Benjamin
KA POL 2 napja
Zajebisty speed run
J H 2 napja
Dont hate speedrunners make games for speedrunners don't hate us join us!
Kelyaan 2 napja
Any of these videos is better than the Outer worlds one where they cried and complained all the video.
Tim R
Tim R 2 napja
From the demo to this now these devs are the best at reacting to these, I love em
Trobo TicTac
Trobo TicTac 2 napja
2:27 funny thing is, triple spin is actually slower mostly
Trygator 2 napja
I love it when devs are getting depressed over all the work the speedrunners are skipping through, BUT ALSO appreciating the time and effort they put in to make this happen... ^^
Suntaoszu 2 napja
They should of waited.
Jairo Duarte
Jairo Duarte 2 napja
Is it just me or does one of the devs sound like Sark?
Shiby23 2 napja
some fun stuff folks :D
Ben R4m-Z
Ben R4m-Z 2 napja
Best Devs. Literally keeping score of who caused the deaths. all very laid back and clearly enjoying themselves.
This is the funniest one yet lol
Tomi Demiandro Abraham
Finally, another devs horror show ...
Mikhail Sanchez
why does crash speed runs look like better sonic games than actual sonic games. Makes me sad ngl.
Joao Guilherme
wtf happened in 19:18 xDDDD
kostas stavropoulos
OK, now we need a Speedrunner reacts to Devs playing the game they made
RENZEENO 3 napja
Crash games have always been exploitable since number 1 and its so satisfying to see
Brady Cunningham
This is exactly what I wanted the Devs of Crash too be, chill guys just having a laugh together
dingoosh 3 napja
Next time don't try to be fancy and remove loading screens from the video. Y'all cut the entirety of Snow Way Out, Bears Repeating, and Blast to the Past.
ATPokemon 3 napja
"Lets take score on which developer's level's killed him the most" *HA!*
Wakul Mole
Wakul Mole 3 napja
best devs react video so far
Michael18751 3 napja
More of these! I love these videos!
Ben R
Ben R 3 napja
love this dev team
Felix 3 napja
They should actually be really proud that their level design FEELS like it was made with speedrunning in mind without them indmtending it
Love the Devs and their energy in this video keep them up :).
Bryan May
Bryan May 3 napja
I haven't seen anyone specifically mention, but I just love how these game devs made a game of someone breaking their game lol
Curated Stance Club!
This is like watching people who's job is to make programs secure and just watching hackers break the code as fast as they can... "AWwwwwwWW How'd he do that?!"
Bro what How
Bro what How 3 napja
Damn, ok
CowboyCoffee 3 napja
it always cringes me out when devs react "negatively" toward the speedrunning community for their games. All the little jokes about fixing bugs that are used in the run, really shows how they feel about it. Like speedrunners are the most dedicated player for their game.
Scott Dempsey
Scott Dempsey 3 napja
I’d love to see like “Devs react to mods” like for example, obsidian reacting to fallout new Vegas mods. Bethesda reacting to Fallout 4 mods... that would be interesting to see there views on them.
JoltyVappy / PinkSylveon
I mean, Toys For Bob i think are speedrunners theirselves right? So it's cool they're looking at these people playing these games as fast as possible. But game is still longer than a hour.
SeaSesh 3 napja
I wish if they remaster twinsanity with all the cut content included, such a legendary game
asdf852asdf 3 napja
While the devs curse the speedrunner he is just praising the game lmao
asdf852asdf 3 napja
Starting with the best soundtrack of the game nice
Banana Spice
Banana Spice 3 napja
yes, speedruns are cool, but i hope the majority of these bugs will be patched out, because they destroy the experience and makes time trials useless
Sir Real Gaming
IGN is my favorite Speedrunning channel I'm not even joking their reviews are terrible and biased but these videos are legitimately a joy to witness
Marcos Cortes-Blanco
Is that Mr. Sark I hear
Pokemon but I can only use SHINIES
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