Chaos Walking - Exclusive Official Trailer (2021) Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen 

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In the not too distant future, Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) discovers Viola (Daisy Ridley), a mysterious girl who crash lands on his planet, where all the women have disappeared and the men are afflicted by "the Noise" - a force that puts all their thoughts on display. In this dangerous landscape, Viola's life is threatened - and as Todd vows to protect her, he will have to discover his own inner power and unlock the planet's dark secrets.

From the director of The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow and based on the best-selling novel The Knife of Never Letting Go, Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland star with Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas, Kurt Sutter, and David Oyelowo in Chaos Walking.

Chaos Walking is rated PG-13 and is scheduled to open in 2021.










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Rick SanchezCC-173
The movies looks great but I also recommend reading the books 📖 first.
4 P
4 P 2 napja
It like they can’t find anything to make stores off . I mean i don’t know what to make it out of but I have to say great cast Mads
Alysha M
Alysha M 2 napja
are they doing all 3 books in one movie?
wiishu S
wiishu S 3 napja
OK. But Mads Mikkelsen 😩🥴💖
Shruthika Kannan
2 minutes of my love
Eleanor Jones
Eleanor Jones 3 napja
The book was kinda boaring... but on the bright side there is plenty to cut for the movie
Cristina 4 napja
Figures that the one time men can read minds, women just up and die, and can't read the mind of the sole survivor 🤣
Ethan_da_elmo 5 napja
Woah dude its spiderman and rey
Juno 5 napja
I see Mads Mikkelsen, I click.
shiva rama raju 1555
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James Heinrich
This looks pretty wild
MrScrawnjuan 6 napja
Well I feel like I've seen that movie now.
Russ Leman
Russ Leman 6 napja
Прости, Кристен Стюарт, что я говорил, будто твоя актёрская игра заключается только в просушке зубов. Вот игра, которая заключается только в просушке зубов. Знаете, почему у Дейзи не видно облачков с мыслями над головой? Знаете.
Eoghan Murphy
Eoghan Murphy 6 napja
The Sardonicast boys are gonna love this
Cherry Pits
Cherry Pits 6 napja
I'm so happy I read the book and then watched the trailer it looks so cool
Kiana Fong
Kiana Fong 7 napja
AHH Tom holland and Nick Jonas in the same movie YAY
Micheal McRay
Micheal McRay 7 napja
Star Wars and Spiderman works together lmao
Alexander Pham
Why does he look like Peter Parker XD
Paihamu 7 napja
I'm so happy that Patrick Ness got a movie adaption of his novel, it's so well made.
Apex Wolf
Apex Wolf 7 napja
When I saw this trailer I realized how much I wanted to watch a movie with Tom and daisy both in it
DurpyKraken 7 napja
Idk. Story seems a little dumb and tailored to 12 year olds. Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley aren’t really great actors imo. Mads Mikkelsen tho... well, I might see if bc of that
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 7 napja
I’ll pass
Jake Agius
Jake Agius 8 napja
Anyone read the book?
m p
m p 8 napja
How Tom Hollands spidey sense really started
Peter Gray
Peter Gray 8 napja
I am the circle and the circle is me
John Bernardez
Ah yes the YA post-apoc version of What Men Want
Ami Liar
Ami Liar 8 napja
Prince Charming
Spidey sense?
Joshua da beast
Ngl I watched it like 10x in a row just to see the snake bit🤣🤣
Vibration Art
Vibration Art 8 napja
Anyone know the trailer music and the artist?
Johnny Demonic
We get it, men always mansplain and women never explain a thing to you.
marvel mcufan
marvel mcufan 8 napja
rey after the star wars fanbase banished her to anthor universe
Zikry Rusli
Zikry Rusli 8 napja
nick jonas what are you doing there
Luan Something
I thought it was the uncharted trailer!
Kaioken 99
Kaioken 99 9 napja
Daisy looked better without the messy blond...
Daniel Z-V
Daniel Z-V 9 napja
Tom Holland is definitely gonna grow up to be a phenomenal actor if he keeps expanding his horizons like this. Like , damn, definitely working hard to not be type-casted, props for that
Elvice OS
Elvice OS 9 napja
Daisy with that wig reminds me of Magik in The New Mutants LMAO
j cortes
j cortes 9 napja
I don't know, this looks kind of dumb.
Lachlan Brown
Lachlan Brown 9 napja
Why did I think this was a new Star Wars movie
M M 9 napja
I wasn’t prepared for this!!!!!!
The Black Baby Goat
Don't breath, don't speak, and lastly, don't think.
Eric Alfon
Eric Alfon 9 napja
Is this "spiderman: homeless" movie?
kazamijiro 9 napja
Wow soooo Spiderman gonna be a Jedi now
Mox Korna
Mox Korna 9 napja
It might just be because of mads mikkelsen, but this gives me Death Stranding Vibes
destinitra 9 napja
Never heard of the book. Never heard about the making of this film. Just went on IMDb 20 minutes ago saw the name & Tom’s face. Decided to watch the trailer. Loved it. And came here to see other people’s thoughts. 😉
Cringe Horse
Cringe Horse 9 napja
Every thought in the men's head are on display??? Uh oh
Scott G
Scott G 9 napja
And tom shoots his web inside daisy's daisy
deleteUNKNOWN 9 napja
This looks like such a great concept!
Wen Huang
Wen Huang 9 napja
I don’t think this works well on a teenage boy’s mind!
Spooky Da Scary
Hell no , do you know how it actually feels to feel other ppl reading your mind not being able to hide not even in your own mind.
Axel Lozano Vasquez
Crystal Shannon
This is a cool concept, I'm on board!
Ray Party
Ray Party 9 napja
Rey doesnt need protection
romeo roasting
This would surely sell a lot when you bring spiderman & skywalker as a couples
mikae lalalalalala
as someone who really loved the book, and was looking forward to the release of this movie, i’m a little concerned. the Noise is well done, i couldn’t think of a better way to show it, but i’m a little worried they’re trying to cram in the content of three books into two hours. it’s a fairly dense book series, and i’m a little worried that some of my favourite plot points will be lost or twisted for simplicity’s sake.
Julia Martinez
acredito em um grande filme.
Nash Dash
Nash Dash 10 napja
I admire Ridley's ability to star in woke garbage.
eL nUb
eL nUb 10 napja
Mihey 10 napja
star wars and marvel leading actors with PG-13 - another crap movie for schoolchildren.
Gnome de Plume
Oh, seen it already have you?
ツD E R A
ツD E R A 10 napja
Hi, I am Peter Parker Daisy : I am the last jedi
Noah Fowler
Noah Fowler 10 napja
Oh look, Rey
Broofus les Doofus
Storytime: Blonde Rey and Spiderman The End. P.S. (Oh, and Nick Jonas)
JB 10 napja
I liked the concept so much that I ordered all 3 books. Should be here today. Really can’t wait to read them!
dengeliii 10 napja
After Earth but more interesting
Sarma vlada
Sarma vlada 10 napja
Cool concept for some sf drama and...most generic CGI alien shoves up.
Now we know this isn’t gonna show everything these men are thinking otherwise it would be X-Rated and not PG-13!
Catur Bagas
Catur Bagas 10 napja
"Who are you?" "I'm Rey Skywalker"
Armanto Scenery
Armanto Scenery 10 napja
Im excited for this. Alot of the comments are so negative but personally I found the trailer very interesting. Even if it does flop im just happy to see a unique movie.
The Jedi’s Apprentice
Spider-Man meets Rey “Skywalker” I’d buy that,
E Chen
E Chen 10 napja
How come everyone dont just think instead of talking at all.
St3alth 10 napja
Two actors from two of the greatest movie universes every created. I'm sold already
Kcplays 10 napja
0:31 I’m Rey....palpatine..
jefferson cristobal
What episode of Star Wars is this?
Lord Humungus
Lord Humungus 10 napja
Blonde Tom Holland looks great
Exiistenzz _
Exiistenzz _ 10 napja
So spiderman and rey are doing now couple things
Mrj 1195
Mrj 1195 10 napja
Peter your spider sense is tingling
Samuel Ellis
Samuel Ellis 10 napja
Tbf the book was sick
Sternritter 10 napja
Damn it Parker, just use your Peter tingle!
renato yap
renato yap 10 napja
If you would face swap Dasiy and Tom you would see........ ........ no difference at all.
Neo Syndicate
Neo Syndicate 10 napja
My favorite books
MMOByte 10 napja
This actually looks like a lotta fun.
Aliaz Kallang
Aliaz Kallang 10 napja
It just like peter parker meets rey.
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer
Spiderman ft. Rey. Spider Wars: The Rise of Blondewalker
Henicyde 10 napja
I've read the books, if you want to read them, they are called The Knife of never letting go The ask and the answer Monsters if men They are all written by Patrick Ness.
New Trailer with Tom Holland as the lead: Spider-Man Fan Trailer makers 😈
The CravingSeeker33
Galen Erso, Rey, Spiderman, and Nick Jonas. This looks great!
MannyFreshStudios Animations
Why is this for some reason giving me after earth vibes
John Michael
John Michael 10 napja
They really not gonna put Mads name in the trailer? SMH
Bigmickmac 10 napja
So this isnt the uncharted movie??
Friendly Salad
Friendly Salad 10 napja
oh no there is a dog in it :(
Hox 10 napja
False alarm its not uncharted but hey nice movie tho
Friendly Salad
Friendly Salad 10 napja
i like that daisy is back
Mat Berte
Mat Berte 10 napja
Actually this could be an awesome way to make the spider-sense
1okolawol 10 napja
wasn't this movie filmed a long time ago? i wonder what happened.
Hickman 10 napja
Hahaha I thought this movie was dead
Christopher Haselden
What the, what.
Rize 10 napja
1:18 STANDO!!!
Henrik 10 napja
This looks horrible
Sander 10 napja
aaaaand they've allready ruined the entire movie by showing the aliens...........................
M_rich 205
M_rich 205 10 napja
Getting some MAJOR nostalgia from the "Knife of never letting go"
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