Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Review 

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies reviewed by David Jagneaux on PlayStation 5. Also available on PS4, PC and Xbox.










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EF Network
EF Network 36 perccel
The disrespect to dead ops is crazy..
Carlos Landa
Carlos Landa 7 órája
Well, no split screen :(
ItzAreeb 9 órája
This is the type of guy to get the Ray gun out of the box and then trade it out
zeke wilbur
zeke wilbur 10 órája
If you want a real review go to driftor, this guy is a literal moron
Kyle B
Kyle B 14 órája
You shut the hell up, zombies never gets old.
XOsammy 17 órája
Main reason i'm getting this game is because apparently all the future zombies maps will be free
why the developers not make a game on zombies like resident evil;;;;with 7 Verdict it is not the Game of the year better wait to buy $25 in meantime we got plenty games to play
Jesus Christ
No split screens is an L that I can't look past
Nomolos Napja
My guy has footage of him spectating another player and when he's up he's throwing Molotov's at himself. IGN can you let someone whos actually knowledgeable and somewhat decent at the game review this next time.
imo the ability to start with a loadout is a huge downgrade, getting new guns and upgrading them is one of the best aspects of the mode
Chrysis Napja
i jst wish it didnt kick me from the game randomly because i "disconnected from blizzard servers" :( i play pc btw
This is the most boring zombies I’ve ever played
Mark Joke
Mark Joke Napja
this game is a joke its really laggy and buggy it takes hours to find a solid no lag lobby and my game will just crash i wish we can get a solid game but nope eveything is about micro transactions now
Dead ops is fire imo
the dude playing is getting hit too damn much.
Joe Cardillo
no local split screen wtf?!?
Hotel Whiskey
Zombies and dirty bomb prob the only fun thing about this call of duty
Bezey Napja
Y’all gave Microsoft flight simulator a 10/10 And gave Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies a 7/10???🤣
Josh D
Josh D Napja
The map deserves a 7, it plummets in original gameplay, spilt green, bugs, lack of a half decent ee cutscene. Guys, just cause its 3arch doesn't mean you have to like it. Its just that there so little zombies content.
Cove Fernandez
Has anyone heard of dead ops?
Chill - The worst gamer in history
Just a 7! I give IGN a 1 on their verdicts LOL
Kai Palmer
Kai Palmer 2 napja
Ive been playing zombies since moon first came out and I have to say Die maschine is one of the most fun launch maps I've ever had the privilege to play
This feels so scripted clearly he doesn't care he's just told to give it a generic 7 lol
Josh D
Josh D Napja
Wow, it's almost if the video has a 'script'
wehttaM_1 2 napja
Lol “die machine” I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “dee machina”
radetsz 2 napja
this is just my opinion dont get triggered at me xD multiplayer: 4/10 zombies: 7/10
Blu Man
Blu Man Napja
Sounds about right, I’d say zombies is more a 8 or 9 but still, pretty accurate on your part.
Hayden Garner
Hayden Garner 2 napja
He did not just call perks power ups
qwertyisaboss 2 napja
Dead ops arcade 3 is half done??? It’s made by ONE guy the same guy who’s made the last two... as someone who’s made it half way I can tell you it’s not half finished and if you played it past the first level you would know that. Also split screen is coming treyarch confirmed it was just disabled rn
ITZY 신유나의 curry
Ya'll over here cringing at the gameplay while I'm cringing at his 'Die Maschine' pronounciation xD
Coolin 8r
Coolin 8r 2 napja
Heads up: German ‘die’ sounds like ‘dee’ not the English word ‘die’
juliop101 2 napja
Y'all really hungry for these views... What happened to reviewing a game as a whole package?
Joey Keys
Joey Keys 2 napja
This dude playing is HORRIBLE at zombies 🤣
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby 2 napja
Most popular zombies has ever been and u get someone who likes having bot teammates and hates dead ops arcade
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 2 napja
It’s fun just wish they added more maps for launch 😭
Ball End
Ball End Napja
Maybe a survival map but not another big map, remember what happened with bo4?
Josh Owens
Josh Owens 2 napja
It’s ight
Mazri Mazri
Mazri Mazri 2 napja
i wish they added dinosaurs or wild animals or aliens or robots we have enough zombies we are bored of zombies
Joe Bywater
Joe Bywater 2 napja
No split screen is the deal breaker for me. I’ve gone from excited about a cod game for the first time in years, to absolutely not buying this game smh
DoctorJack Healthier, Happier, Wiser Via Knowledge
Let’s face it. Some people buy Black Ops games purely for the zombies. Hopefully it gets better with time.
Thats Just Prime
Worst zombies ever, there I said it.
Shadowking58 2 napja
Once again, the only reason I buy this game after playing the campaign is for Zombies.
Trent Wolter
Trent Wolter 2 napja
Wait no splitscreen? Or can you splitscreen online
Deth Kok
Deth Kok 2 napja
I think the last fun zombies I played IMO was ww2 zombies
Anonymous Gaming
i won't buy this game. the team is just not capable to pull this off.
Stevie Rogers
Stevie Rogers 3 napja
They could've made zombies a lot better
Forcez 3 napja
Worst review I’ve ever seen lmao
Thomas Crown
Thomas Crown 3 napja
i'd REALLY enjoy another pentagon map or a Langley map with castro, regan and a couple other world leaders like blops1.
MrDiscomafia 3 napja
Underwhealming? Youre the one who underwhealming
Enzo Pacheco
Enzo Pacheco 3 napja
The rate is 7, thank me later...
MoleWaker 3 napja
He didn't even mention the easter egg which is the biggest feature of CoD Zombies
Elven Ranger
Elven Ranger 3 napja
Why is it required that you be terrible at games to be a games journalist?
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 3 napja
Just wanted to see if the coffin dance easter egg wasn mentioned
Seif Yasser
Seif Yasser 3 napja
Campaign 7 Multiplayer 7 Zombies 7 coincidence????
Garren Wright
Garren Wright 3 napja
7???? This is at least a 9
YASER_SR4 SR4 3 napja
Zombies are way better than multiplayer
Zachary Beaupre
Based on the game play. This guy does not deserve Cold War..
yan anne
yan anne 3 napja
lets be honest,i truly love this new zombie mode,but there is only one small map..i can't wait for the next update
Cdub 3 napja
We need zombie Veterans to review zombie modes thanks
James Clarke
James Clarke 3 napja
Zombies ergh
Juan Segura
Juan Segura 3 napja
It’s also a little underwhelming how poorly he pronounced the name of the map
Bradley Spinks
This dude sounds bored
Viktor Mann
Viktor Mann 3 napja
you dont pronounce it as DIE Machine, it's german! You say de machine, kind of... i don't know, i'm just a swede
glf89 __
glf89 __ 3 napja
This guy said "dye machine" cmon IGN
Jack Barbey
Jack Barbey 3 napja
Hmm, maybe Google the pronunciation of "Die Maschine" before making the video.
AngryTechGuy 2 napja
Nah! No one in the REAL world actually cares.
Alex Seferiades
The "Die" in "Die Maschine" is pronounced "dee" lol not like the English word "die."
AngryTechGuy 2 napja
Aka "I just wanted to let people know, that I know its pronounced differently." Who cares? It's has NOTHING to do with the review.
Giorgio Locatelli
I just find hilarious the way he pronounced "die maschine"
Ethan French
Ethan French 3 napja
Boycott ign
Levitate High
Levitate High 3 napja
No split screen? Naw bro
LeoBred175 3 napja
I love it they make a game that doesn’t cater to pc and now the mp is just ok lmao
cadaine hamilton
No split screen 😭 Me n ma girl wont b able to sit in the couch n play together smh
cmaxmill 3 napja
You can tell this guy never REALLY played zombies before. Who plays solo and wants friendly bots? Lmao
dnbm3 3 napja
So now when you review a game you review it 3 times? Can't you make just one review of the full game?
HadZ 3 napja
yall cant rev games unsubcribing dont know why i even watch them
Cole Morton
Cole Morton 3 napja
Lol guys, stop calling it Die Machine. It's pronounced "Dee Ma-sheen-eh".
Andreja Gradišek
My broblemo is that there is a bug with split screen and THEY WILL FIX IT but when is the q
OJ’s Isotoners
No split screen is an all time Treyarch spit in the face...and that’s really saying something
TomGall421 4 napja
I loved dead ops arcade?! Definitely not forgotten at all.
Darrell Garrett
IGN: Call of Duty Zombies Review Me: Exfil! Get me the hell out of here!
isaacsh789 4 napja
the lack of split screen multiplayer kills this for me
Derknomicon 4 napja
If you don't fully pack-a-punch the knife and fully modify it at the armor station, you're a chump.
William Capps
William Capps 4 napja
Dropping split screen coop is the dumbest thing 😒 the main reason I bought the game was to play with my brother on the couch 🛋
Ryan Cummings
Ryan Cummings 4 napja
This game really makes you feel like a young zombie
Mike Hawknballs
They should implement a difficulty setting easy or normal easy being you choose your starting gun normal being you start with pistol and have to build your device
Huesitos YT
Huesitos YT 4 napja
Seeing the way they were playing the game, no wonder they gave it a 7
DogHouseFilms 4 napja
"Theres only so far murdering thousands of zombies on the same map over and over can take you before it gets old." Kino Der Toten: Hold my beer.
Steven Grayson
Steven Grayson 16 órája
Kino gets boring asf, its too easy
Josh D
Josh D Napja
It gets boring on any map
Dan Cooper
Dan Cooper 3 napja
Same for SoE imo
Sidney Boo
Sidney Boo 4 napja
No Split-screen is a scam. Its like selling a new car in 2020 without a radio in it. Ya you didn't tell me it has a radio...but its kind of expected. If PS didn't have the worst refund policy in gaming I would have refunded this lame half-assed rushed out garbage.
keengKai 4 napja
upload at 0.90x so you can be understood
Tyler Legare
Tyler Legare 4 napja
Bro this guy is dogshit
Dylan Kpessou
Dylan Kpessou 4 napja
Ign has become the CNN of game coverage lol
Matthew Montgomery
Up to 4 friends goofy not
canadam 4 napja
Brandon Yonkers
J H 4 napja
using multi loadouts is such a bad addition. so much excitement came from the barebones nature of starting with a pistol and going up from there. to take that away really just makes it seem a lot more boring.
Mercy Wolff
Mercy Wolff 4 napja
The heath bars look pretty bad
Chase Olivas
Chase Olivas 4 napja
I don't know why you said it's large it's a pretty small map dude
Just Because
Just Because 4 napja
"Die Machine"
Tanner Stinson
this is the best zombies since bo3
youtuber #12
youtuber #12 4 napja
Hey guys does zombies come with cold war?
MelonAdder 4 napja
IGN : Gives black ops 4 zombies 8.5/10 Also IGN : Gives Cold war zombies a 7/10 Wtf?
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor 4 napja
When did Zombies have friendly bots for solo play? If they had a game that does that, I never knew.
Alfie G
Alfie G 2 napja
I don't think he has actually ever played a zombies mode before
Alfie G
Alfie G 2 napja
Ive only played bo 1, bo 2 and bo 3 zombies but I have no memory of an AI team lol
Myles 4 napja
It just feels and looks like fortnite zombies I personally miss the old zombies
Hakim The Goat
Play it and you would know you’re speaking out of your arse
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