Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War - How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk 

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Here is the complete walkthrough video on how to decrypt the floppy disk for Operation Chaos. Unfortunately, the specific answers for these puzzles are different per person, so this video goes into detail on how the puzzles work, so you'll easily be able to solve it for yourself.
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A Stoic's Door
A Stoic's Door 9 órája
It took me about 5 minutes to figure it out and I'm a pretty clever guy. So I figured I would look it up on HUrun just to read the comments. Gotta say I'm not disappointed.
A1 PopTart
A1 PopTart 18 órája
Thank youuuuu:)
Hunter Cutter
Hunter Cutter 22 órája
My said on the newspaper and its red it has I, T, R, E, D, T, O, who ever has this please help
Hunter Cutter
Hunter Cutter 20 órája
Thank you
Dxvxn Dxvxn
Dxvxn Dxvxn 20 órája
Tiger253 Napja
I always get an error: this text is inappropriate when i enter the first code i don't understand why
999 Views 16 órája
Must be wrobg
Dimitry Louis
It did not work for me!!!
Officer classified
i did it and was so happy that i did it without cheating.
Alvariz Alvairo -
Red : ? 09 17 25 33 Blue: 42 ? 45 48 52 And I got the word Helena Helena ( 5980)
Neftaly Martinez
They actually thought we were ex-KBG in real life? Who the hell would think of all this
Aaron Norton
We’re is the news paper headline
Aaden Flores
Mine is impossible 2626??293632413646
that one friend
What do the numbers mean
that one friend
Kill me
_Eggnog _
_Eggnog _ 2 napja
The numbers I could don't match up with any city
Enjoi Purp
Enjoi Purp 2 napja
Okay ima try to explain this to you guys easily as possible so bare with me now. The Chart : Once you filled in the " ? " take two of those answers and put them together it'll lead up 4 digits. I ended up with " 6271 " Once you got that done use the " 4 digit code " see what City/State is accurate to the code. For example mine was " Detroit - 6,2,7,1 " Next is the Newspaper word breakdown, Take the letters and write it on a piece of paper try to make it accurate as possible to which leads on the " City/State " List. For example mine was " Charlotte ", I use that city to breakdown to which code i ended up with, I ended up with " 3,0,1,6 ". Here where it gets tricky. BARE WITH ME! My 2 codes were · Charlotte = 3016 · Detroit = 6271 Use the math code you breakdown for the " CODE ". For example... Go to the computer Code : 6271 Now for the password use the " CITY/STATE " which you breakdown on the newspaper. For Example.. Code: 6271 PASSWORD : Charlotte UR WELCOME
Yorri Amo
Yorri Amo 2 napja
This is where all those Easter eggs from zombies get you
ExpiredCrayon 2 napja
I can't figure out my pattern 23, ?, 37, 41, 43
Phil Gross
Phil Gross 2 napja
Izik The Pug
Izik The Pug 2 napja
Yall be big brain.
Jayden 3 napja
I did it exactly as you said but the combination i was given didn't work. I also tried it backwards.
Trey Stephen
Trey Stephen 3 napja
Literally this is the only video that made it click like thank you so much
Liam Sutherland
Umm my city isn’t on the list my letters are SSLAEGAV
Jackson Sawatzky
Las Vegas
Ilove Sharks611
Can anyone help me in this one the blue one my numbers are 82,__,85,88,92
I have No idea
+1 +2 +3 +4
I figured it out, typed in code and name saying denied anybody having the same problems?
Dimitry Louis
I do!!!
Eric Afa
Eric Afa 2 napja
The Oklahoman. BB 37
Read the news paper. Find out what city it is and get the number beside it [mine: 4422] Then just type that number, and go down the list of cities and one of them will be it. My brain hurts so much now.
Call of Duty LOL
Call of Duty LOL
Call of Duty LOL
Oakland 3761
John Denver
John Denver 3 napja
This makes me feel like a genius
Baked & Co.
Baked & Co. 3 napja
Blue 8573
The Two.
The Two. 4 napja
Ok but where the hell do I find the posters on redlight greenlight
Just a heads up when you're near one of them it will say on the top middle of your screen "In objective area" or something
Shane Johnson
Shane Johnson 4 napja
Iron Stickman
Iron Stickman 4 napja
Where’s the NEWSPAPER
Natsu Dragneel
Redlight, Greenlight
Booty Cheese 123
After you get the evidence can you quit the mission and still get the evidence
Clean Ya Act Up
Okay so Red light Green light is bugged for me. I take ether picture of it and it doesn't show up in my evidence. I hope it gets fixed soon.
Josh Katz-Curtis
That was too hard lmao but thanks for the help!!!
Philip Brockman
Puzzles I hate puzzles
Donny Lee
Donny Lee 4 napja
So she added 90 + 150 and got 0232
Israel Salazar
Who got Memphis
aceshot20101 5 napja
ow...ow my brain what the heck THE NUMBERS MASON WHAT DO THEY MEAN
Aidan Ruffins
Aidan Ruffins 5 napja
an easier way is to unscramble the words in the newspaper than do trial and error with the states and cities on the audio
Q Horne
Q Horne 5 napja
Where did y'all pick up the newspaper from? I missed that part or or wasn't explained
Natsu Dragneel
Redlight, Greenlight
Adrian Rodriguez
It won’t let me push Y 🙂
Adam Clinch
Adam Clinch 5 napja
Actually, you need more than just those two maps if I'm not mistaken. There are 6 maps and I think I needed 4, only then did I unlock the evidence.
User Name
User Name 5 napja
This doesn’t work any advice homies?
zero439 6 napja
My red has not patter cause it goes 61-63-67-?-81. Can someone help?
zero439 4 napja
@Manaf Bakhsh thank you
Manaf Bakhsh
Manaf Bakhsh 4 napja
Stripesthe Gamer
High_Capp 6 napja
You guys are shitters I literally just took the first 4 digit code I learned, put it in the computer once picked a random place and got it
If you guys have a questions on solving these, just ask me! I figured it out! These people made it harder than it seems!!
Marcstacos 11 órája
Need major help ok Red = R Blue = B R 16 B 83 R ? B 87 R 30 B 91 R 34 B 95 R 36 and B ? I have Seattle btw
@joshua trimble red is 69 and blue is 99. Put 6999 as a code and look it up at the number broadcast to see what city matches up.
joshua trimble
Red numbers 67 ? 73 79 87. Blue numbers 87 90 93 96 ?
Gunslinger Bret
If you can help me i would be most appreciated. My numbers are: 34,40,42, Blue ?,50,43, red ?, 46,66,50
@UCVeqr54P0plB0UgVAKIUn5A put 7693 together as your code to the number broadcast. Put 8393 as your first code and the second put the name of the city that matches up with 7693
My blue goes 08, ? , 22 , 26 , 28. I must be brain dead cause I can’t solve this
Nvm I solved it
The 1st part I got but the second part of the code 2:20 made no sense
Jonathan Freeman
I feel like this was some kind of CIA touring test and they're watching who was able to solve it so they can recruit us as spies....
Natsu Dragneel
What if this video we’re watching IS a CIA touring test
Oliver Wisniewski
This is not helpful at all 😂
RGL prod
RGL prod 6 napja
Where do you get the newspaper?
Natsu Dragneel
Redlight, Greenlight
Stanford Pines
How do you get the newspaper I took the picture of the map but didn’t get the evidence I also finished the mission
vegeta 6 napja
On the mission where you have to take pictures, do i have to take pictures of ALL 6 objektives?
Caleb Roberts
Caleb Roberts 5 napja
No it’s optional I only got three
Tim Cantu
Tim Cantu 7 napja
Am I pregnant now?
Blue Plasma
Blue Plasma 7 napja
Thank you so much. My body was not prepared for this. 🙃
juelz 1k
juelz 1k 7 napja
i need help with mine like badly
Epicmailman Modernwarfare
Does anything happen if you do it though?
Craig Echols
Craig Echols 7 napja
I need help call of duty black ops cold war blue 41,47,53 red 79,81,85,91 IHSEMMP
Mason jr Ackley
Mason jr Ackley
Masterman5010 7 napja
This was a huge mindfuck
Xen Kenimo
Xen Kenimo 7 napja
this made no sense at all lmao
Julien 7 napja
This did not help
Tony the Tiger
Guys there’s a easier way,do the first steps Wright down the first code you get the skip the math part write down all the city’s names and try them all
Tony the Tiger
@Julien get the first code then just skip the math part and Wright down the names of city’s and put in the code and put in all the city names and if they don’t work cross them out
Julien 7 napja
It still doesn’t work for me
Kyte de Gooijer
ki11ersg 24
ki11ersg 24 8 napja
I think mine's is glitch
Cooking Corner With Vinny
Ummm i got oakland 2ce (once for first step 2nd after decryption)
Cooking Corner With Vinny
It wont accept code
SBT_Toastie yt
N O U T O H S 7543 45 66 Boise
Medeiros_ Magic
Almost broke my controller 4 times trying to do this but finally got it thanks
DTGxZEUS 8 napja
so i gotta really think about it to decrypt it lol i was getting a headache thinking about it lol
jackson martin
Bro feeling really dumb lol right now 🤣...got it took a minute
James Abraham
James Abraham 8 napja
I was recommend to11johncharter_ on IG I never think I can get my account fix but this dude help me out
kisame hashigaki
I dont even want it anymore i just watch somone else get the reward
Daddy dae
Daddy dae 8 napja
Still lost
Danielle Minor
As soon as you get the city from the newspaper type in the code from the city and just go down the line typing in every city till you get granted
Julien 7 napja
I did that and it didn’t even work lol
Trevor 9 napja
Wow thank you so much! I would never have been able to figure that out, but so glad I did because it was sure fun cracking the code like a true spy!
TNL Milk
TNL Milk 7 napja
this is a bot
Oliver Oshields
Mine is Seattle but it still doesnt work
DarkMidgit177 9 napja
Thank you 🙏🏼
creepy uncle
creepy uncle 9 napja
wnaker i need help with this pls lmao
creepy uncle
creepy uncle 6 napja
@Quote On Quote newark I think the numbers are different tho
Quote On Quote
That’s my same on lol. Have you figured it out? If so what is it?
Kevin Jeriel
Kevin Jeriel 9 napja
Mine was 8055 Houston
Omallium 9 napja
Where do I find the newspaper
きりこ 9 napja
Nooo I was so close to solving that
RRydo X
RRydo X 9 napja
What if you have access denied how to I get to redo it?
I flip Balisongs
you did it wrong then
bungo dink
bungo dink 9 napja
After I got the first set of numbers i just guessed every city on the decrypt and got it
This really helped you have no idea
vegeta 10 napja
Aven Suazo Cuellar
Guys make sure u spell out the second code as a name not as a code in case you can't get accessed granted.
AxelEats 10 napja
Thanks for explaining I was entering it backwards oof
Evan Gamer24
Evan Gamer24 10 napja
This is so hard to understand
Lorna Mitchell
Lorna Mitchell 10 napja
Help red 66 68 72 ? 86 blue 60 67 74 ? 88
Omallium 9 napja
Red is 78 Blue is 81 also do you know where to get the news paper
Kyle 10 napja
Thank you
Michael Whitten
Michael Whitten 10 napja
Never mind I figured it out
Michael Whitten
Michael Whitten 10 napja
I don’t understand wtffff
Lateral Beast Tooth
Sicario josh
Sicario josh 10 napja
For the "a coded message" my blue numbers don't make sense, they follow a pattern down to one number then it breaks from it
Natsu Dragneel
I was so confused about blue before coming to this video
Julien 7 napja
lapislucas001 10 napja
ZOMBIEkilla 935
ZOMBIEkilla 935 10 napja
Wait. For my numbers it isn't a patter it goes from plus 4 to plus 2 wtf
John Walker Head
Is there a game with more puzzles like this? Me and my buddies sat and did this together and loved every minute of it
J Wood
J Wood 11 napja
Saint 11 napja
Can't decrypt for some reason there is no interact button for me
Death SliMZz
Death SliMZz 11 napja
I literally need help on this crap lol I've tried everything aszumingly and tried researching but found nothing useful... mine turned out to be detroit from the red letters and the numbers for blue went up by 6 but red like 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 but the numbers for red is 12, ?, 19, 21, 22 and Detroit original number on the broadcast is 0556 but that obviously isn't it but I can't figure this out at all heeelp lol this is annoying by this point I shouldn't need to research so much as if it was homework
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