Best Gaming Keyboard Upgrade: Cheap, Standard & Wireless 

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We looked at a ton of cheap, standard and wireless mechanical gaming keyboards from Azio, Corsair, Logitech, Ducky, Roccat and many more focusing on look, switches, software and price. We've narrowed the field to three keyboards to dig deep on: HyperX Alloy Origins, Roccat Vulcan 121 and Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro. What's the best mechanical keyboard under 100? You might be looking for the best mechanical keyboards. 2020 has a wide array of gaming keyboards, and if you're looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard or the best mechanical keyboard money can buy, we might just have you covered with these carefully selected mechanical gaming keyboards. Check out the very best mechanical gaming keyboard. 2020 gaming keyboards are full of RGB lights and beautiful cherry mx keys you're gonna love! Technology in keyboards have come a long way, so you're going to want to take a look at these mechanical gaming keyboards.
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Oscar Personal
Holy smoke, where does this guy come from ? the review is so energetic and yet quite beginner friendly ! kudos !
Bubble528 3 napja
I am A comment bot and im not here to self im just here to say Hi
Bubble528 3 napja
I am A comment bot and im not here to self im just here to say Hi
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 3 napja
great idea!
When did Stefan Etienne from the verge start working at IGN
Sachin Balan
Sachin Balan 6 napja
I want keys to be visible even if RGB is off. Is there any keyboard ?
Urgo Shmurgo
Urgo Shmurgo 6 napja
For some reason they think that a £229.99 keyboard is cheap, that is considered high end, not cheap.
todd vincy
todd vincy 6 napja
Fxmous Rio
Fxmous Rio 7 napja
My Mum said that if i get 100 subsribers on my channel she will buy me a PC to upgrade my content, Please please all I ask for is a sub :)
Fxmous Rio
Fxmous Rio 7 napja
"Don't lie who's been a fan before 2020" (ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)
Craig Kinross
Craig Kinross 7 napja
No love for the G915? It's the best on the market
Naresh Ramlakhan
their stabs broke
Sintes 7 napja
I've been using a BlackWidow for years now and I love it. I dont think the V3 Pro is the best choice though since it's too expensive because of all the extra features it has.
Farhan Baig
Farhan Baig 7 napja
slow news day?
Ariff K.
Ariff K. 7 napja
Bad choice of words to use cheap instead of budget. Step up IGN
Sir Caco
Sir Caco 7 napja
For all things mechanical keyboards, you've come to the wrong place
Sunny Hossain
Sunny Hossain 7 napja
You know if I convert the price of my keyboard to Dollar, it will be 5$😂
Carlyle Roach
Carlyle Roach 8 napja
Thank you for this one. Fantastic review.
MY cuber
MY cuber 8 napja
Nox In a Box
Nox In a Box 8 napja
Was he joking about his custom keyboard at the beginning? He was joking right? He can't use that horrible looking thing, right??
Psycho blade
Psycho blade 7 napja
dats kinda mean let da man vibe
Michael Nakakubo
He is a "clicky" guy. Hmmmm
Dam Sen
Dam Sen 8 napja
RGB? nty
Chiefment 8 napja
I’ll never understand why anyone likes RGB and can’t wait for it to die. Now if it was a set color or changeable that’s cool. But having every color on your Keyboard, PC, and Fans, is really dumb. It’s like the PC community is stuck in the 1990’s car scene.
Alex Kim
Alex Kim 8 napja
Hold my model m
Techno sailor
Techno sailor 8 napja
Cheap???? That razer keyboard is going for 200$
Kristoff Brereton
no 60%/65%
Olivur_ 8 napja
make a video on the best office/gaming/reading chairs out there. Aight, thanks!
amigo apps
amigo apps 8 napja
didnt include logitech faill
Ivaylo Ivanchev
thats it, you are my favourite IGN person ever - 60% custom mechs
GLiTcH _point
GLiTcH _point 8 napja
Can you do headsets and mice next.
TechXSoftware 8 napja
But what about the Corsair K100 gaming keyboard??
Joshua Zara
Joshua Zara 8 napja
save yourself the money and get a custom mechanical keyboard.
Jump Crouch
Jump Crouch 8 napja
Why 2 fuill sized keyboards for gamers? Give me 60% or death.
Molitov Michelle
NEVER buy Razer.
Vincent Tuminello
Logitech G815 / G915 TKL is completely absent from this roster. It's so low profile, completely cured my wrist fatigue coming from Corsair K70 Low Profile Rapifire yet it's not even mentioned here. IMHO it's the best keyboard out there.
Vincent Tuminello
@Mike So what? My G815 is wired if that bothers you so much, wireless keyboards are pointless in my opinion.
Mike 8 napja
Nah it uses micro USB. What year is this ?
KingKafei 8 napja
sits here with my steel series Apex pro keyboard with .4mm actuation at it's most sensitive
Skinny Jimmy
Skinny Jimmy 8 napja
No Corsair?
d3plus 8 napja
Im surprised, $100 cheap? Isn't that standard???? Wtf ign...
Koua Vang
Koua Vang 8 napja
Do one with gaming mouses please!
Why does he reminds me of Orlando Jones or is its just me
LIL jfsn
LIL jfsn 8 napja
And expensive
B 8 napja
This is how you convince people to voluntarily watch ads.
Mohamed D. Ahmed
ign should not be able to review keyboards
Säsch 8 napja
whats the background music
HOT GIRLS TV 8 napja
Amazing 👍👍👍
Jose 8 napja
Rgb+high noisy clicking, all I need from a more than 100 $ keyboard!!! So everyone knows I'm typing!!!
Blushing Ralsei UwU
Use cheery switch if you want a silent mechanical keyboard.
Jose 8 napja
Because spending more than 100 bucks on a keyboard is totally fine!!
Taylor Helmuth
I like this guy
shay allen
shay allen 8 napja
Finally focusing on gaming now move into tv style shows trivia or just history in gaming
Dank wise
Dank wise 8 napja
Save yourself the headache and get a Durgod Venus or Hades. Excellent boards with tons of switch options.
Professor Pigeon
iErick C.
iErick C. 8 napja
This is The Verge PC build but with Keyboards, why make a video on a subject you don't know anything about?? And for everyone wondering where the cheap options are, well it's all of them.
High House Dark
You would think a company like IGN with all their employees would have higher quality content and reviews compared to some youtubers.
NBSValo 8 napja
Corsair isn't cheap but they have the best keyboards.
iErick C.
iErick C. 8 napja
ummmm... I don't know about that.
Splenda D
Splenda D 8 napja
There will be “cheap” keyboards on this 14 min “cheap” keyboard review right?
dmista21 8 napja
Tecware phantom.
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny 8 napja
@iErick C. no they aren’t. Being the cheapest and being cheap aren’t the same thing. Just because the cheapest Ferrari is 150k doesn’t mean it’s a cheap car. With Christmas coming up and the world still being in a global pandemic anyone with half a brain would have put more affordable options on this list. But then again I can’t remember that last time ign put actual thought into something.
iErick C.
iErick C. 8 napja
Those are all the cheap options. A custom Mechanical Keyboard can run you $250-300 on the low end.
Moku No Kami
Moku No Kami 8 napja
>cheap >$189.99
Matthew Bradley
Back when the original Roccat Vulcan came out, there weren't many (at least in the UK) keyboards that looked like it. There was one Logitech one which had no media keys, but brushed metal wasn't really 'in'. I'm glad that aesthetic is being more widely adopted.
Whorerrior 8 napja
Boobearlads 8 napja
Seeing those gaming keyboards on local shopping website. They did not exceed in the expectations of the low-budget gamers.
Tomás de Vasconcellos
No timestamps? At least screen helpers? Oh, thumbs down :(
Karmic Atom
Karmic Atom 8 napja
Awww ❄
GoukenslayWAO 8 napja
cheap RGB? alibaba and aliexpress
tom0900060 8 napja
will stick with my leopold
Justin Carlile
Don't forget your tweezers
LeBraum James
LeBraum James 8 napja
A mechanical keyboard video without a sound test? What is this heresy?
iErick C.
iErick C. 8 napja
He thinks blues are the best choice, do you think you can trust the sound test if there was one?
MAST3R 8 napja
I still can’t afford this 🤣
Дима Чернигов
Я не собираюсь переводить но все равно смотрю
Are you kidding me it's not even cheap? Change the title to E-Sports gamers the only keyboard.
ZybeZ 8 napja
can you put prices and links to the products in description? I don't have time for 15 minutes of keyboards...
Steven House
Steven House 8 napja
To hell with RGB lighting.
Djepsi 8 napja
I was looking for a keyboard without RGB. It's really hard to find lol
PLAYER1 8 napja
I bought a Razer BlackWidow Chroma (LED) mechanical keyboard in 2015. It's still going strong, today. Razer is known for "cheap" products, but I can say without a doubt the RBWC mechanical keyboard is one of their best products ever made. The irony is it was $75, five years ago... Still cheaper than the cheapest keyboard featured in this video.
Soma Thakur
Soma Thakur 8 napja
Dude I am a hard-core gamer but I hate rgb. I have a 7$keyboard
Lutful Kabir
Lutful Kabir 8 napja
Me: *Hold my broken chiclet keyboard*
sohodon 8 napja
Bruah to ignore logitech and corsair keyboards is criminally insane.. razor is mehhh
Ethan Campbell
Steelseries, my guy
Mike 8 napja
sohodon Logitech uses micro USB. They are automatically out.
Dank wise
Dank wise 8 napja
HyperX makes decent boards but yeah corsair and razer are a*s
V. Grimm
V. Grimm 8 napja
💯 💯
Sherif A
Sherif A 8 napja
There is zero theme for this...is it based on budget? Wireless or wired? Full size or TKL? Why did you select these random 3 keyboards... Makes no sense
King Goris
King Goris 8 napja
i clicked away a soon as he started talking about customizing his ducky keyboard "if you're gonna have a keyboard on THE DESKTOP" "especially if you're a STREAMER" FOH dude
katra 8 napja
m mib
m mib 8 napja
Oh lord whenever IGN gives recommendations switch to another channel.
steelmelt 8 napja
No logi ???
Splosion 8 napja
what a crappy replacement for cheap, cool, crazy
Meme Boy XD
Meme Boy XD 8 napja
Hyperx is the go to here.
The One Who Is Better Than You
Dear tech homies in the chat Cheap (not crappy quality cheap) bluetooth wireless keyboard with a built in mouse/mouse pad?
I'm currently using a GMMK 60% White Ice Edition - has hot swappable switches, before that I was using Steelseries Apex Pro TKL - which allows you to has these custom omnipoint switches that allows you to adjust the actuation distance. Then before that I was using Logitech G pro TKL which were using the Romer G switches. So far I like the form factor of the GMMK, but the stock switches that it comes with are Gateron Browns which, so if you want something different you have to get the black version and then you can choose. Or you can buy your own switches.
Ta Ab
Ta Ab 8 napja
Razer Huntsman is the best with optical switch
Darzo 8 napja
I use a logitech G512 SE, not bad for the price.. Especially since amazon accidentally sent me two lol
Lad Boii
Lad Boii 8 napja
Lucky guy!
Ya Nope
Ya Nope 8 napja
"if youre gonna have a keyboard on the desktop where youre playing you're games"
tosutosu 8 napja
Where are the cheap options though? :|
Anant Sumaria
Anant Sumaria 7 napja
@Zammy Lol Im an engineer. Do have enough to buy it I just can't afford it. There's a difference
Zammy 7 napja
@Anant Sumaria Don't have flipping burgers as your job then. Perhaps you'd make enough to buy such a keyboard.
Shazam 8 napja
@Fedora Connoisseur I bet your just a rich kid where you could get anything you want and not realizing that not everyone has enough money
dmista21 8 napja
Tecware phantom. Get it
jaz otaku
jaz otaku 8 napja
@Fedora Connoisseur job a Get.
Harsh Kunwar
Harsh Kunwar 8 napja
Glorious tks bare bone
aykay 8 napja
Satvik 8 napja
Haha cheap how much money do you have
Arnav Panigrahi
Wireless and gaming is a big no no
sohodon 8 napja
Huge Act Man
Huge Act Man 8 napja
Blushing Ralsei UwU
You know what I like from mechanical keyboard? Its how heavy it is. I can bash someone's head pretty easily with that, the weight is so satisfying.
T Fisher
T Fisher 8 napja
@The Martini.....touché
The Martini
The Martini 8 napja
But why would you pick up the keyboard 🤔
T Fisher
T Fisher 8 napja
Darthadios 8 napja
Those all are hideous, I want a keyboard not a disco ball. And who buys a wired keyboard at 2020 ? Only my mom would. Also I hate those rattling box keyboards, what makes that loud typewriter style noise while typing.
Mardek 8 napja
I still use wired keyboards. What’s wrong with them?
Duc Tran
Duc Tran 8 napja
ducky shine 7 all the way!
Muhammad Shidiq
Abis dari muse langsung kesini
Mythic Miran
Mythic Miran 8 napja
Needed this video
Noah Doerfler
Noah Doerfler 8 napja
steelseries apex 7 is the best full size keyboard change my mind
5ean 5ean
5ean 5ean 8 napja
People still use full sized keyboards? Huh...the more you know.
Bottom Text
Bottom Text 8 napja
DIY mechanical keyboard enthusiasts: “Allow us to introduce ourselves”
Ali-W7 Ananza
Ali-W7 Ananza 8 napja
This gives me verge pc build guide vibes... blue switches yikes
Arnav Panigrahi
Wdym lol I love annoying everyone around me
Step one: Build your own, it sounds way better to type on and sound quality
j a
j a 8 napja
Way more expensive and takes way more time. Unless obviously you like this stuff and want to spend the time and money.
sakhile 8 napja
dude whatever man
The Trigen
The Trigen 8 napja
I Get why we have Wireless mouses... u move with it but with keyboard ?.... Why do we need that :I :D yeah maybe to make stuff clean... but still meh
Geegee bosley
Geegee bosley 8 napja
Maybe if you want to move to a sofa to play/work on a TV?
5ean 5ean
5ean 5ean 8 napja
Its mainly to have a cleaner look without drilling holes into your desk.
it r yes it r
it r yes it r 8 napja
Just get a logitec keyboard for $20 and save your money.
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