Batman: Soul of the Dragon: Exclusive Official Trailer (2021) - Michael Jai White, Mark Dacascos 

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Renowned animation producer Bruce Timm takes the Dark Knight back to the 1970s for a supernatural-laden martial arts extravaganza in Batman: Soul Of The Dragon, the next entry in the popular series of the DC Universe Movies. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC, the feature-length animated film will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Digital starting January 12, 2021, and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack and Blu-ray on January 26, 2021. The film is rated R for some violence.

Set in the midst of the swinging 1970s, this Elseworlds adventure finds Bruce Wayne training under a master sensei. It is here that Bruce, along with other elite students, is forged in the fire of the martial arts discipline. The lifelong bonds they form will be put to the test when a deadly menace arises from their past. It will take the combined efforts of Batman, world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner, and Lady Shiva and their mentor O-Sensei to battle the monsters of this world and beyond!

The ensemble cast features a core group of actors playing martial arts students-turned-heroes in David Giuntoli (Grimm, A Million Little Things) as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Mark Dacascos (John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, Iron Chef America, Hawaii Five-0) as Richard Dragon, Kelly Hu (Arrow, X2: X-Men United) as Lady Shiva and Michael Jai White (Spawn, reprising his role from Arrow) as Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger.

Their mentor O-Sensei is voiced by James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China, Blade Runner). Josh Keaton (Voltron: Legendary Defender; Green Lantern: The Animated Series) is featured as Jeffrey Burr, and additional voices are provided by veteran Voice Over actors Grey Griffin, Chris Cox, Erica Luttrell, Robin Atkin Downes, Patrick Seitz, Jamie Chung, and Eric Bauza.

Sam Liu (Reign of the Supermen, Batman: The Killing Joke) is Producer and Director of Batman: Soul Of The Dragon, utilizing a script by Jeremy Adams (Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge). Michael Uslan is Executive Producer. Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: Red Son) and Sam Register are Executive Producers.
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Elit Ruiz
Elit Ruiz 4 órája
Omg ❤
Xemnas 13
Xemnas 13 6 órája
So it's Batman 1985?
Simone Ferreira
Simone Ferreira 8 órája
Mistureba, Batman com Bruce Lee 🙇 🙅.
Gromos Silva
Gromos Silva 16 órája
ravaskin 16 órája
Does not seem like a Batman movie More like a Bruce lee Meets 80’s crime movie
Brandon Angstman
Brandon Angstman 16 órája
Just think in an alternate universe someware brandon Lee is doing the voice for Richard Dragon.
KATTALNUVA3 19 órája
Still waiting for the trailer for The Long Halloween Part 1.
Christian Richardson
Batman Meet Bruce Lee ??
Steven Banks
Steven Banks 23 órája
This Batman is funky
Zoltán Csorba
So Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva and this "Richard Dragon/Shang Chi/Bruce Lee" fight together with Batman....
Just a Buff dude
Blue Lion
Blue Lion Napja
Is this part of current dc rebirth?
Berenice Guzmán
Movie: Richard Me: Bruce Lee!
LucianoTAg Napja
They are going to make a better "The Defenders" than Marvel, lol
Belletaina Napja
YES! There IS hope next year will be better :)
agitofang 666
Batman Meets Bruce Lee/Black Dynamite
agitofang 666
I want to see a dc with Bat Metal & Grail War
Malik McCallum
Oh, Black Dynamite is in this Batman movie?
Cade Holcomb
This art style is SOOOOOO Mystery Inc. Just something about it is very similar to that shows style...
Anonymous Rebel
Batman and a NEW Bat Family...
spoon89 Napja
It's Black Dynamite!
Osvaldo Cortés
I like the exploitation vibe of this
Lee ZhaoLong
Richard? Is Bruce Lee?
Pavel Eduardo Barzaga De la Paz
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????????????? I need to watch this movie like, now!!!
David Marrujo
Black Dynamite, Batman, and Bruce Lee are an invincible trinity.
Christopher Horn
So Bruce Wayne was in Enter the Dragon I never knew.
VenomousX Napja
Ha ha ha Batman rips of Power Rangers😂
Walter Ntleru
During the pitch 'Imagine Batman but with some funk"
Bruce Wayne vs Black Dynamite make it happen DC
*Bat Dynamite*
John Doe
John Doe Napja
His shirt reminds me of the batman
Steven Sunderland
Quintin Tarantino presents Batman.. A Tarantino dc batman movie would be amazing. Or in the style of Tarantino
VonWenk Napja
What's DC's obsession with making R-rated Batman cartoons? I don't see the need for a cartoon to be R-rated to be entertaining, especially when almost all of the Batman stories in other media are PG-13 or Teen+ or whatever.
KingNazaru Napja
DC you can cool down on the Batman movies. Focus on other DC heroes for a while.
Samuel Kohi
It is like Batman meets Mortal Combat.
Emperor Radiation
Also there was already a video game crossover.
Emperor Radiation
I would say you misspelled the title, but its not wrong either.
Kernel Solomon
Sheva I hope you have a better year love
Mac Damon
Mac Damon Napja
Is gonna be better than the Batman wif shiny skin
Dog God
Dog God Napja
*Bruce Timm presents Bruce Wayne meets Bruce Lee*
SàÁd _EsH
SàÁd _EsH 2 napja
Finally a batman movie thats has a little less blood
Alexander Ross
It’s like Batman meets Bruce Lee and Black Dynamite 🤣
Aditya Hernawan
More Bruce Wayne, less Batman...love it
Mob 100
Mob 100 2 napja
Valiant entertainment should work together with DC in animating their comics.
Chris Doe
Chris Doe 2 napja
That looks horrible
Anthony Robles
You have terrible taste.
RuDrA 108
RuDrA 108 2 napja
The animation and art in arkham asylum(2014) was the best.
Wolffen51 2 napja
I miss Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman :'(
Toni Cips
Toni Cips 2 napja
1:28 Damn this is bruce lee reference
FinalFightHD 2 napja
So glad dc is making more movies without that terrible young justice art style
Cranium Kracked
Enter the Batman
pantherteen1 2 napja
So I’m guessing every Batman animated movie will be rated R from now on
Chris Nichols
Chris Nichols 2 napja
More Batman? Really? It's like that's all DC has. Christ. They have no faith in any other character they own. None. What a waste of characters and universe.
sintwelve 2 napja
Is that black dynamite?
Ninja 1
Ninja 1 2 napja
The Fact Is About Batman Always Muscular In Any Movie
Andres Torres
Andres Torres 2 napja
BORING. I'm sorry, I love Batman and everything but this looks boring.
Daniel Magal
Daniel Magal 2 napja
6 fps,are u serious?
kelly hatten
kelly hatten 2 napja
Anybody else feel like they're watching a version of Enter the Dragon??
Robbglizzyy 2 napja
1:27 as a fan of db when goku did that to frieza nostalgia came back.
Nikko The Idiot
Huh, Black Dynamite is in this.
Long Lost Lord
Batman & Black Dynamite
Christian Bryant
So who is playing Batman
The Paper
The Paper 2 napja
1:28 One Inch Punch
Harvey Lattray
Wow I want this Blu Ray.
Kind Karma
Kind Karma 2 napja
Wait they made Batman Asian
Artie Rupinen
Artie Rupinen 2 napja
So Shiva is gonna betray the team, right? It's practically in her contract.
bayikutu 2 napja
come on.. does it have to be all movies now related to CCP for the sake of more profits?? just lame
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon 2 napja
You can't have a 70's fighting flick without a little blaxploitation
Bulletproof Monk
I thought Richard dragon was a redhead? 🤔 oh well still hyped though.
Ok. So we've got Enter the Dragon meets Batman, co-starring Black Dynamite. Shut👏Up👏And👏Take👏My👏Mo👏Ney👏
Batman Enter the Dragon
Adeeb Sheikh
Adeeb Sheikh 2 napja
SOUL !!!
Cryomancer 2 napja
They should do Batman who laughs
Adam Hadlock
Adam Hadlock 2 napja
noel deegbe
noel deegbe 2 napja
It’s new and different I like it.
Paul Denis
Paul Denis 2 napja
What happens when Enter the Dragon meets Batman? This! 👊🏾
tagabundok1 2 napja
Well . . . that looks amazing.👍👍👍
Vigor The Character
some violence for a Rated-R animated movie? what are you? low on budget?
Chandrasekhar Dash
Is batmam death in family released or not
wraith knight
wraith knight 2 napja
buying it gugh 2 months
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 2 napja
Micheal Kai white is awesome voice actor
AlucardWins AKAWolverine
Looks a lot better than that dumpster fire Batman Hush.
sammy skull king
Time to get funky ✊✊😎😎😎
Gabriel Tineo
Gabriel Tineo 2 napja
Yes... Tarantino Batman. Let the 70s vibe commence.
Tracy Clements
Bruce Lee, Black Dynamite, & Batman in 1film.
HA21 Yang
HA21 Yang 2 napja
This is going to be fire. Also I am now convinced you can throw Batman in any type of movie and it will be great like Gotham by Gaslight and Batman vs TMNT.
scott cottone
scott cottone 2 napja
khitab singh
khitab singh 2 napja
1960s am I right
Diptyajit Banerjee
I was expecting Bruce Wayne to say, "Boards don't hit back" at some point in this trailer
Daniel DuVall
Daniel DuVall 2 napja
I’m not against these movies being rated R. But did this one have to be rated R? Feels like they’re trying to prove something...
Mario619TV 2 napja
WOAH...wait, it was that Ricardo "The Dragon" Díaz?
uncanny dcmarvelous
Ricardo Diaz is another separated character with no relation to the original Richard "Dragon" Drakunovski.
NY 7
NY 7 2 napja
Groovy! 🕺
Batman, Bruce Lee, and BLACK DINOMITE!!!
Jabez Alelign
Jabez Alelign 2 napja
Ever noticed that shiva's voice is actually cheisher's from young justice
Jabez Alelign
Jabez Alelign 2 órája
@James Jackson yeah but still it's kinda weird , to see YJ characters differently
James Jackson
James Jackson 7 órája
Kelly hu gotta love her 💯
Esteban Nicrosi
These gimmicky movies are cute and all, but I'd appreciate it if Bruce Timm would call Paul Dini and get to work making great movies again. A proper follow up to Phantasm, or something else in that vein, would be amazing.
Elite Theking
Elite Theking 2 napja
BLACK DYNAMITE 🧨 is in the movie give it to me now
Open Eyz
Open Eyz 2 napja
Jim Kelley...boy where you been. Last I saw him, he was murdered by the Dr.Claw fella in Kiss of Death
Mark Vanconant
I better hear Jive Turkey in there atleast once.
Shockman 21
Shockman 21 2 napja
Tores 2 napja
Really diggin the 70s vibe this has
Santos Guillermo Flores
Va estar bueno.
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