Baldur's Gate 3 Developers React to Under 6 Minute Speedrun 

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Even in Early Access, Baldur's Gate 3 is an incredibly long game. So, of course, we were surprised to see that speedrunner Professor Palmer can finish the game in under six minutes. With a playthrough this quick, we knew we had to show Larian Studios what was possible in their game. So ride along with Alexandre Barrette (QA Lead), Farhang Namdar (World Building Director), and Nick Pechenin (Lead Systems Designer) as they watch and react to years of their hard work getting crushed in a matter of minutes.

Check out more from Professor Palmer here:
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VEX butter
VEX butter 2 órája
Devs react to mirrors edge speed run. Not catalyst the first one this guy did it in like 27 minutes
Jarvisone 2 órája
Nice, crazy fast but at least it shows the devs where to work on
Dead Ends93
Dead Ends93 5 órája
this was a glitch run not a speed run
lumby 5 órája
gamemaster can i jump here? Erm i guess so.. welp.
Dart Devious
Dart Devious 9 órája
Is the whole game 40 minutes or just part one?
Andrew Mensor
Andrew Mensor 10 órája
nice game! stick to 5e next time!
Yeti 10 órája
Seeing that makes me a little sad.
TANK1xEMK 12 órája
never heard devs actually get salty on these before lol
Steven Poulsen
Steven Poulsen 14 órája
there isnt even an endgame boss fight. He just skips to the credits!?
Alexandre Bannwarth
This is only Early Access, the first act of the game.
LionSin Faze
LionSin Faze 15 órája
Great game. Wish it was fully out of course cant wait
wolf 16 órája
wait this is the full game??
Aporetics 12 órája
No it’s only act 1 of 3, and it’s early access
l_ife efi_l
l_ife efi_l 16 órája
You have to admit a game meant for hours to complete is instead done in mere minutes is faulty by design. A huge oversight by the developers to overlook this. As a result, here we have a speedrun tat obliterated their hard work like nothing. Their comment on patching things in future is sad, u dont c such travesty in older quality games
Tiffany 17 órája
I definitely thought they needed a shortcut for jump when I played, that's for sure.
Nicholas Nishimura
Nicholas Nishimura 18 órája
I guess there is gonna be a lot of other updates for these exploits xD
Kelyaan 19 órája
It's funny if the devs think they can fix this - They have no idea about speed running, They'll just not update.
The game is now in alpha testing, ofc speedrunners will want to beat whole game (which will be fixed), not the alpha. So in this particular case you're wrong
Dwarf 20 órája
Speedrunners expose weaknesses in video game design; also exposes the game was not properly tested.
Lupus 11 órája
@Dwarf you must be trolling
Dwarf 16 órája
@Bill T There really is no excuse or explanation for a player to just run through a video game in 6 minutes that took months to years to create with a multimillion dollar budget. I am currently playing a 4 kilobyte chess game that took roughly less than a year to create nearly 35 years ago with a fraction of the sound design budget of Baldur's Gate 3 that provides far more of a challenge_AND_ I cannot speedrun through it nor type in cheat codes to 'win'. I never cheat in video games...BTW. Y'know what? I have a funny feeling you're gonna try and find an excuse. :)
Bill T
Bill T 17 órája
I don't think that's a fair shake to the devs. There is so much that goes into designing an open world game like this and speedrunners specifically dig for exploits that people wouldn't normally stumble upon in casual play. That doesn't mean it wasn't properly tested. I'd much rather QA time be spent on keeping the game from softlocking/crashing when doing tasks that casual players might encounter.
KoldStrejke 20 órája
first of all theres no way any one should be able to jump so far.
Cayo 15 órája
A character with high Strength + Psionics can jump that far and that's perfectly reasonable.
Monkey FunkR
Monkey FunkR 20 órája
I wonder how many hours this player has logged. They've prolly played this more than I've been able to game in the last three years... :'(
White Eagle
White Eagle 20 órája
Should be called speedjump instead of speedrun tho :P:P:P
dijsugdrtggi3684 21 órája
how embarrassing lol
jess carroll
jess carroll 23 órája
Absolutely insane.
Fred Williams
Fred Williams 23 órája
I will not purchase BG3, until I can play it on GFN. Hopefully the other over 5 million GFN users will boycott. The developers feel they have the right to make deals for exclusivity to force you to buy for a platform. I guess the developers do, but I have the right not to o buy their game!
Grey Napja
I want to see an AC Valhalla 100% speed run in under 6 min.
Fixing will take more time than making another game without bugs
Imagine working on something for years only to watch someone completely bypass all your hard work and beat it in such a short time. It's strangely flattering that someone would love your game so much to go through the trouble of learning it so well to beat it as fast as possible.
Professor Palmer
The skip by going through the floor isn't actually a jump. It's a throw. it's actually a pretty in depth trick. You have to cast jump on laezel, she jumps to middle to trigger surprise initiative guaranteeing she goes first. Then, we stealth with the other character to not join the fight, jump to center, and then THROW Laezel up to the top.
MasumiSeike 3 órája
How could you even jump so far with clicking so often and also how often did you play to get those things down?
Professor Palmer
Professor Palmer 16 órája
@David Smith thanks my friend !
David Smith
David Smith 16 órája
Great run Prof!
should this be titled EARLY ACCESS SPEEDRUN? The game isn't finished, there's going to be a lot more to the game. With a crappy title like that, you'd think this was for the full game. if this video is left after the game is complete.
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis Napja
Reminds me of the Jak 2 and Jak 3 speedruns. Just fly over the game and it's done
Some people on forum gives the impression that they are creating feedback based on such gameplay. :-/
RagnarokCzD 18 órája
And sugesting improvements
Charalampos Koundourakis
Pointing out bugs definitely
Alokas Napja
Could we get Jak and Daxter devs reacting to speedrun?
J G Napja
This is surely a divinity game? Looks nothing like baldurs gate!
John Sutherland
This game is officially broke asf 😂
Ben Sellick-Tague
y tho?
IchigoMait Napja
Speedrun without spoilers edition. Basically start a new game and then quit it right after.
ibnb x
ibnb x Napja
Jumping simulator
Marco Garza
Marco Garza 2 napja
Kevinplay 2 napja
Some one will be fired XD
Edgars Petriks
played this game for like 8 hours got lvl 4 and then i read that max lvl is only 4 wich was huge turn off and i couldnt play it anymore also theres no way this game has 40 hours gameplay
Unknownost 2 napja
You gotta admit that top-down view then jump to the next floor is pretty insane.
Professor Palmer
So it's actually a pretty in depth trick. You have to cast jump on laezel, she jumps to middle to trigger surprise initiative guaranteeing she goes first. Then, we stealth with the other character to not join the fight, jump to center, and then THROW Laezel up to the top.
몬스터캣 2 napja
Best ever fastrun in my life
I get it's a speed run, I'm sure the devs know their story, characters, routes, and fun varieties of strategy and actually experiencing the games, loot, world, stealthing, exploring and experiencing a story and making character friendships are a major part. People always gonna figure out how to do things fast for the hell of it, which is fine, but this is essentially just skipping the entire game
Ronaldo Ombrog
It said any% speedrun
Dylan Herron
Dylan Herron 2 napja
Man, that's the most anticlimactic speed run I have EVER seen. I'm gonna save you guys 6 minutes: He jump-navigates over and around every interactive point, skips all combat, boom, end cutscene.
Neltheraku 2 napja
How many years of development? XD
GamerChillz 2 napja
when you can feel the devs pain
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers 2 napja
They seem enthused by it.
Paco A
Paco A 2 napja
Alan Al
Alan Al 2 napja
I'm confused its still Early access
Largentina TM
Largentina TM 15 órája
What are you confused about?
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers 2 napja
Erika myers
Erika myers 2 napja
Marix LowFy
Marix LowFy 2 napja
What a shitshow
David Hudspith
He didn’t actually play the game... a speed run, to me at least, implies that you play the game. He just jumped past all the encounters. I’m sure, helpful for the devs to see how the mechanics can be abused.
Professor Palmer
You should see my run for All Quests. The world record is 2:24:10
History History
He did play the game. He turned his system on, loaded it up etc. otherwise he couldn't jump past all the encounters.
Jesse Baldridge
There are different categories of speedruns. This is in a category that allows you to break the game, the only point is to get from beginning to end as fast as possible. There are loads of games that have "glitchless" or "100% complete" speedruns.
Matthew Walsh
Matthew Walsh 2 napja
Well, thats just what my character would do....
Davide Valenti
Oh yes, they got it right at the beginning: this game absolutely needs a hotkey for Jump.
@burningphoenix36 that's definitely fair lol barbarians tho xDD
@Wingoftheangel Ooh yeah we’ve never had that opportunity because theres always at least one person who’s like I barge forward or the less stealthy people split from the rest and do something else to aid in the mission.
@burningphoenix36 I know, I'm in 5 d&d 5e groups rn myself, just, as a video game, if you wanted to say 'we are all stealthing to this area' you could have it set so the entire party moves, but they still make their own dice rolls. Would just be a fast option lol
B-but it simulates what dnd is like thats the idea.
and having everyone having to jump individuality or stealth individually--makes it annoying to even have party members lmao
Ak47 2 napja
speedrunner more like speedjumper
Ak47 2 napja
why no sven
Lucas Meeks
Lucas Meeks 2 napja
How long is this game??
John Robinson
John Robinson 2 napja
100 hour's plus
Sal Flores
Sal Flores 2 napja
Can't blame them for being disgusted s*** people claim to be speedrunners when really their cheatrunners
Professor Palmer
Get a grip. I love the game and they seemed to like my run.
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers 2 napja
they're disgusted? They seemed really enthused with it.
Chris 2 napja
the last game I EVER want to watch somebody speed run is an RPG like Baldur's Gate. it's like my kid cousin that beat the Skyrim (main) campaign in 6 hours. one sitting. he did NOTHING else in the game. then said the game was kind of boring.
Lei Keylosh
Lei Keylosh 2 napja
Fire the playtesters. How can you allow such a simple glitch to be on the game? Just using camera movement and spamming the jump skill. Major oversight.
DarxPhil 0
DarxPhil 0 2 napja
The thumbnails make it looks like it's sponsored by Doritios.
matthew cote
matthew cote 2 napja
Try this with the originals, I promise it'll take him over 40 hrs. This goes to show how empty the newer, flashier games are.
Professor Palmer
Actually the world records for Baldur's gate 1 & 2 are all about 10-20 minutes long soooo
matthew cote
matthew cote 2 napja
@Source i hope not, but charging 60 dollars for act 1 in progress was unnecessary and unappreciative to its customers. Open beta should not cost this much, and the original bg2 had about 300 hrs total of gameplay, bg3 beta had about 25. Idk about you but 25 × 4 is 100.
Source 2 napja
@matthew cote Baldur's Gate 3 is literally 40 hours in total so far and we're only 75% through Act 1... of 4. And Act 1 is said to be one of the smaller acts. We're talking upwards of 200 hours of content on full release. There are many complaints one could make about this game, but lack of content is not going to be one of them.
matthew cote
matthew cote 2 napja
@bratsampson someone doesnt understand the power of crack cocaine. Also, BG1 and 2 had much more side missions, "BG3" hardly has any.
bratsampson 2 napja
Someone hasn't seen Baldur's Gate speedruns ;) BG1 Enhanced is like < 20m, and BG2 Enhanced is < an hour glitchless, around 20m Any%
Super Scott
Super Scott 2 napja
wow. no fun at all. takes all of the game away.
Deki 2 napja
I'm not a fan of speed runs with glitches. I do appreciate the art of finding those shortcuts, but I definitely prefer a normal fast run.
Geminibou 2 napja
@Skate and Game it depends on the game honestly some games have glitches that can improve your time but is.much more difficult to pull off so it has the risk reward effect
Skate and Game
same, finding those glitches take some skill but finishing the game the way it was intended to be played in a faster time than anyone else is much more impressive in my opinion.
TheJerbol 2 napja
wait, did they just say top-down there's no vertical cap on jumping?
ling liang
ling liang 23 órája
I m pretty sure in game there is a vertical cap on jumping sicne well I distinctly remember being told something is too high to jump multiple times
Aaron Rotenberg
Even worse (or better, depending on your point of view): I believe they said there's no vertical cap on jumping _at_ _all_ in order to make it feel better in top-down.
TheJerbol 2 napja
just sad sven couldn't be here
DonPetexX 2 napja
Sven might be nerding out
Igo Dreamer
Igo Dreamer 2 napja
This is so funny as awkward! hahahahahahaa
Hotshots2890 2 napja
I feel like the Dev's dont know what a "speedrun" is... your not sitting there listening to text... lol ffs they sound like dumbasses...
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi 2 napja
there doesnt seem much to this game like maybe it needed more levels? idk
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers 2 napja
Early Access version of Act 1...in which usually act one can be about 10-20 hours long if you actually play it.
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi 2 napja
"many of these will be fixed" end of getting faster load times to bring the run down an exrtra minute
xbon1 2 napja
ZLast Boss
ZLast Boss 2 napja
Imagine developing a game with 40+ hours of gameplay, for someone to speed run through it in 6 minute. Somebody won’t be returning for the sequel development.
Bands 2 napja
Speedrunners have 1 weekness the loadscreen
Kewin Diemar
Kewin Diemar 2 napja
There should be rules for this stuff, he was "speed jumping", not running! Lol
Brittany Page
Brittany Page 2 napja
I can support some patches by developers for this game. Man loaded more than he played lmao.
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
Albert 419
Albert 419 2 napja
Unknown Valor
Unknown Valor 2 napja
60$ game played in 6 minutes to avoid all content....
Professor Palmer
Ive played 80 hours total, 40 of which were casually.
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers 2 napja
Early Access version of Act 1.
lbpdluis 2 napja
oh no, speed runners play the game multiple times to find glitches and ways to beat it faster
BangJarum 2 napja
Anyone care to support my channel? Drop by and subscribe. Your support means a lot to me. Tq
Ted Baker
Ted Baker 2 napja
I never saw someone press a jump button so much before.
Ted Baker
Ted Baker 2 napja
Baldur's gate. Wow. 6 min? HOW
xTweeed 2 napja
the devs are trying to hide their disgust
Lupus 11 órája
They probably were more disgusted from the fact most people in the character creation made the same basic human when they showed it in the dev blog
Cthulhu 2 napja
Hardly, i think they just found it entertaining. They know 99.99% of players spent way more time in character creation.
Ellie 2 napja
@Jorae Reegers all their years of hardwork get crushed in 6 minutes by someone who's using jump and feather falls
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers 2 napja
Why would they be disgusted?
Homunculus Envy
wat no bosss fight LOL
SQUAD gamerz
SQUAD gamerz 2 napja
WTF😳there was no gameplay give this man a medal.
ewan peria
ewan peria 2 napja
now they will look into these bugs glicthes, and jumping indefinetely far away ...
Seth Dean
Seth Dean 2 napja
Wish i could actually play this game. Not on PC and definitely not STADIA
bebemax95 2 napja
Most likely will come out on Next-Gen consoles after the PC full release
Dante Groover
Dante Groover 2 napja
Bruv does this even count even though games not complete?
͔Bro red cheating time hax
Uuh yes? Baldurs gate early access speedrun
Naija Geek
Naija Geek 2 napja
Watch my videos raaaaaah! 😒
Abysswalker 2 napja
This series is the best thing IGN have done in the entire channel life :v
Viktor Dorokhov
Viktor Dorokhov 13 órája
Hey! There is Unfiltered with Ryan, thorough interviews with game devs.
Mowglischach 2 napja
Prepare to Try tho...
Average Mortal
Look at their first few videos. 😉
I like scratching Things
I like scratching things:)
Phil Steakerson
Like what
L-cpone Wins
L-cpone Wins 2 napja
He definitely loaded more than he played
bubu mic
bubu mic 2 napja
Takes me 6 min to enter the damn game...
xbon1 2 napja
bubu mic
bubu mic 2 napja
@Jorae Reegers Dunno if you are trolling or iou just comment for the sake of it.!
Jorae Reegers
Jorae Reegers 2 napja
man, get a SSD then.
MR_Zoren 2 napja
​it toke my 30 hours to do just to do art 1
Anonymity 17 órája
Took me 33:52
Ellie 2 napja
mine almost 65 because i keep on going to different locations in case i missed anything
Piglin Brute
Piglin Brute 2 napja
Sonia Roy
Sonia Roy 2 napja
Mere channel ko support kar do plz
Tinbeef 2 napja
Buggy game
It's very early access, and the billing for the demo said to expect bugs. It is very far from final experience. The full game is likely to be at least a year away.
Twisting Dervole
Yaaay, the epic series continues!
Help me reach 2k plz
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 👐 read my name
Pax Manic
Pax Manic 2 napja
I've already played 130+ hours of the early access and haven't even finished it (not a single playthrough)
Pax Manic
Pax Manic Napja
@J G I've had almost no problems with the game. Some animations need help. Dying mobs sometimes glitch out. I've had two crashes in 140 hours so far. But yea, many people aren't having a great experience. I'm running { i7 7700k @ 5 Ghz, 2080ti @2.1 Ghz, 3440 x 1440 AW3418DW } if that's helpful at all.
J G Napja
129 of those hours spent restarting after your game crashes
Ellie 2 napja
@Kungen Kungnsson since covid hits hard here, i cant even leave my house. might as well use my remaining time to enjoy myself while i still can.
MrWasian 2 napja
@Jacob Bender game is definitely riddled with bugs. I have 3 characters I can't progress with literally because of game save bugs or characters not even appearing in their proper location (or at all). Game is fun, but I uninstalled and am waiting until the game is polished.
Jacob Bender
Jacob Bender 2 napja
@Zack fiat right, that's what I thought
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 2 napja
wtf in 6 minuts game ? WTF ????
pn k
pn k 2 napja
so he was on speed for 6minutes while playing the game .
Norbert Caillet
6 minutes speedun to get to the beach, right?
jcalberta 3 napja
It never occured to me that speed was a way to enjoy a game. It still doesn't.
History History
Depends on the game.
The speedrun becomes the game, it's time chasing. If you've ever done it you find there is a great pleasure in finding a quicker way to do something. The evolution of my Hitman flamingo run was a dramatic transformation from my initial path to the last honed version.
Confuscious Puff
its not enjoyment. just competition.
Anex415 3 napja
I think im gonna follow and beat the game in 6 minutes then im gonna mod as newgame plus. Yeeehawww
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