Assassin's Creed Is Banning Some Player-Made Quests - IGN Daily Fix 

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Ubisoft is having trouble with some player-made quests, Rise of Skywalker changes lightsaber design, and the Mortal Kombat movie will be rated-R.
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Eduardo Cruz
Eduardo Cruz 2 napja
If we could upload photos/gifs to HUrun it’d be a wrap
Twinx X
Twinx X 5 napja
I love u
Bluez n 2z
Bluez n 2z 5 napja
All I heard was, “I’m Cindy Goodtits”
Emmet 2018
Emmet 2018 6 napja
Only reason I'm here because of that thumbnail not even gonna lie
Dabacon BossBro
99% - Comments about Sydney Goodman 1%-More comments about Sydney Goodman Who even plays AC
Jack 8 napja
Why doesnt she dress like this anymore She is incredible!
Banana in Condom
1 year old algorithm squad represent
LesGros Gainz
LesGros Gainz 9 napja
Thanks HUrun algo to show me this content!
p funk
p funk 9 napja
Excited for Fatalities. 🙂
Claudio Ayala
Claudio Ayala 9 napja
This chick is gorgeous!
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 9 napja
I needed this news after year , Thanks HUrun for recommending this year and half after Jan-21
SupastarIN4k 9 napja
I came for her she so fine and need to where more shirts like that
Onkolus 9 napja
Damn right!
adrianmvp1 21 napja
bean bag
bean bag 24 napja
I'd lose my finger in that brown
LiberatedMind Hónapja
Legit did not know it was about Assassins creed till over a minute in.
LiberatedMind Hónapja
Habra habra.
Larry Bobarry
Larry Bobarry Hónapja
so is this like a video game?
Guess I'll put this as my favorites. Thanks youtube.
Lifendz Hónapja
Queen of the thirst trap, I ain’t even mad.
Gulshan Gaur
Gulshan Gaur Hónapja
macker33 Hónapja
sydney goodman has knockers
The Spidercat
The Spidercat Hónapja
Her shirt matches my spidey mask
Shantanu Kumar
Shantanu Kumar Hónapja
OMG, I didn't even noticed that it is a year old video😂
TheBear85 Hónapja
who got this video in their recomended a year later
StrangerOf The206
Watching on mute, typing with one hand
911BabyGoat Hónapja
Am I the only one who actually clicked for the news? Y’all are waaay too thirsty .
Raphael Brito
Raphael Brito Hónapja
Took me way too long to realize this is from 2019...
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique Hónapja
I'm really excited for this new Zelda game from Sega.
Scype21 Hónapja
damn I melt.
Rustam Azimov
Rustam Azimov Hónapja
Welcome to daily fix club
tahna dana
tahna dana Hónapja
she so fit
CyberCinema Hónapja
Lord have mercy🙏🙏
Game's Trailers
Game's Trailers Hónapja
i still don't knw wht she says i was focusing on other content :)
LegionDaGhost Hónapja
Why am I here in November 2020???... Oh that's right, HUrun recommendation algorithm GOT MY NUMBER!!!!..... *Sits in silence and shame reading the comments* ....
Samael Matus
Samael Matus 2 hónapja
Red is the warmest color.
Patrick Mulcahy
Patrick Mulcahy 2 hónapja
Ur just too gorgeous
miliboy0522 2 hónapja
Yo man that thumbnail aint accurate
Alex Young
Alex Young 3 hónapja
Why do they keep showing clips of video games
Kody 3 hónapja
Wait she talks about video games?
thegrimyeaper 3 hónapja
Ubisoft, Ibihard.
Krishnakumar K
Krishnakumar K 3 hónapja
This video is one year old , this was not on my youtube feed but I'm here.
тнυnder ғorт
тнυnder ғorт 3 hónapja
The allure matrix brought me here again. 😞 😞
TechRyze 3 hónapja
Oh yummy 😋
King Jack o lantern
Hey it’s Sydney goodmann
Arif Irul
Arif Irul 3 hónapja
Small twin thing...make big impac on comment colum and on number of view .. 😂 correct if im wrong 😁
eduardo cruz
eduardo cruz 3 hónapja
She is sydnee goodman
TheOutkast4ever 4 hónapja
Damm she's looking smoking hot! 😏🔥
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith 4 hónapja
Go on a date with me Sydnee plzzzz. Who doesn't like Pizza? 🍕
FastBowtie388 4 hónapja
O.m.g..... Sydnee is so hot. Not thirsty.... just hoping she appreciates the compliment and has a smile for reading this ;-) Carry on :-)
cheraag chauhan
cheraag chauhan 4 hónapja
@sydnee_goodman i watched all the daily fixes only for u...... u r so beautiful :)
King Trippy
King Trippy 2 hónapja
@cheraag chauhan yess I got my daily fix
cheraag chauhan
cheraag chauhan 4 hónapja
@Joey Stocato bro i dont think that praising any girl which somebody likes is simping......(if u dont really dont know the real meaning of simping ,u just better google it)........ think before u text bro ...........
cheraag chauhan
cheraag chauhan 4 hónapja
@Joey Stocato what does simping mean bro ??
Joey Stocato
Joey Stocato 4 hónapja
Simping hard bro
Random Guy
Random Guy 4 hónapja
I'm here for the comments
Jason 5 hónapja
Thought they were remaking rise of Skywalker before I saw when this one posted. Word that it showed up
Anth Ferra
Anth Ferra 5 hónapja
This came up today AGAIN on my feed.....finneee ill watch it AGAIN
haroon ibrahim
haroon ibrahim 5 hónapja
One channel where I get pissed when they show gameplay more than the host talking
First of my name
First of my name 5 hónapja
I'm looking for daily stories 😡
Municipal2938 5 hónapja
Mmm so this is where the simping begins.
iAngeL 5 hónapja
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣2020 anyone 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sasquatch dude alex
"What's up simps it's Sydnee Goodman here with your daily fix! "
J. DeWille
J. DeWille 5 hónapja
Who is simp/simps? This term brought me here but I've no idea what simp is?
THEREALGAMER Mii 5 hónapja
The simplest things in life are always the best. 😁
Otsile Katholo
Otsile Katholo 5 hónapja
Now I see why she was first choice for the job 😅im well informed now
Kagani 5 hónapja
I’m from the underground.
DeAngry Dan
DeAngry Dan 6 hónapja
Jesus man those tiddies
FELIPE 6 hónapja
Wauuu i love you bubys
whatisbow28 6 hónapja
Hello simps of 2020
acidtone 6 hónapja
she needs a pearl necklace
GyanPrakash 6 hónapja
Jesus Christ, Those HUGE Jugs are carrying the weight of this channel.
Gabriel C. Martel
Gabriel C. Martel 6 hónapja
Life is SIMPle, I see that thumbail, I click that thumbnail
The Spidercat
The Spidercat 6 hónapja
I wonder if Sydney reads these comments
The Spidercat
The Spidercat 6 hónapja
Skywalker isn't the only thing rising
Dynamic Gorgon 39
Dynamic Gorgon 39 6 hónapja
Pranav haran
Pranav haran 6 hónapja
I don't even play video games.
Sandeep Hammett
Sandeep Hammett 6 hónapja
I dont even play games
FrostyBS 6 hónapja
what's up simps
Swick 6 hónapja
I only pop in for the tight shirts
Martin Dorado
Martin Dorado 6 hónapja
I’ll be honest I’m here because of Sidney
Jorge E Hernandez
Jorge E Hernandez 6 hónapja
Wow She is a goddess
Ameya Pathak
Ameya Pathak 6 hónapja
Sydnee and her assets ...
Rano Story
Rano Story 6 hónapja
Ih mantap bgt
Brian J.
Brian J. 7 hónapja
Old news. New Tent.
yooneunhye sarang
yooneunhye sarang 7 hónapja
Almost one year later, still not disappointed, Sydney.
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong 8 hónapja
Omg she's so hot when she wears something revealing
Salomo 9 hónapja
I give this vid a (37)D... doubting a C rating though hehe If yaknow what im sayin ;)
SikeVillian 22
Sydney your distracting us.. never change lol...
Mr R
Mr R Évvel
0:53 that soldier should have fallen on the firs hit. He took a fatality standing up.
Ashsaloft Évvel
never click on a vid faster
Efraín Abreu
How much longer will you scroll 'till you find a comment about the games?
Spark Play
Spark Play Évvel
That’s a lucky shirt :(
mehdi oki
mehdi oki Évvel
BTW Guys, one week later and still this news is relevant.
Amrih K
Amrih K Évvel
She should keep everything... short and tight 😈
emrah şimşek
I am so excited for the new mortal kombat movie.
Honestly I don’t even know what this video is about
Jay2Gutta Gold face
She’s 😍 so beautifully
Am check
Am check Évvel
Are you kidding me
Draidis Évvel
I hope they don't make the fight scenes too acrobatic in the new Star Wars movie. One of the things I have really liked about the newer Star Wars movies was the lightsaber fights, they have felt more impactful and visceral were as the prequel trilogy was really fast and cool too, it was more like watching a dance between acrobats than a fight. I like the fights to look like fights. It's also a little more true to the original trilogy.
Mr GamerKing
Mr GamerKing Évvel
Ok...Now i know why people are seeing this video
Falennor Évvel
Comment section : 99.99% talking about the host 00.01% talking about the host
Justride Stfu
Omg you are so Freaking Hot!!!! And also your sideboobs. 😊 Sorry I’m not gonna lie I click because of the thumbnail.
RJ MacReady
RJ MacReady Évvel
Oh my.
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