Animaniacs Opening Side-by-Side Comparison (1993 vs 2020) 

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The new Animaniacs 2020 series is out now so here's a look at the very new opening side-by-side to the original opening from 1993.

They're back! The Warner brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner sister Dot, have a great time wreaking havoc and mayhem in the lives of everyone they meet. After returning to their beloved home, the Warner Bros. water tower, the siblings waste no time in causing chaos and comic confusion as they run loose through the studio, turning the world into their personal playground. Joining Yakko, Wakko and Dot, fan-favorite characters Pinky and the Brain also return to continue their quest for world domination. 22 years of pent-up zaniness coming your way! All-new episodes of Animaniacs premiere November 20, only on Hulu!










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Zoraida Alvarez
Zoraida Alvarez 3 órája
I mean all three of them are cute so maybe that’s why it’s no longer “Dot is cute”
M S 4 órája
Who asked for this to come back? There’s a million other 90s shows that deserve more attention than this did.
darstro12 15 órája
Don't like the new intro
the what
the what 20 órája
0:45 Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Rida is singing?
nostalgia dude
nostalgia dude 20 órája
Is the threat real?
Fududu 23 órája
1:05 2020 geez ur insane
David Akanbi
Why is ign doing this
PokeFragrance 300
The original Animaniacs is better
PaszerDye Napja
No budget for basic shading tho. The new one is almost all flat color.
Martini.68 Napja
So there is no pigeons, no nurse, no professor, no skippy and slappy, I am very disappointed. I was excited about nothing.
Max Wennström
@Martini.68 They couldn’t bring all the voice actors back. But they the characters actually made cameos in one of the new episodes.
TS64 Napja
That's cool that it's pretty loyal to the original, and still like relevant to it being a reboot
Box Sockz
Box Sockz Napja
This show makes you feel like batman
Goofy Face
Goofy Face 2 napja
0:26 the new one shows them smiling more
DarkPhantom 2 napja
If you cross your eyes and get to the bologna part, they put extra In the slacks
Mafiosa Karmoza
I miss hello nurse
colleen 2 napja
I miss Slappy, the Goodfeathers, and The Hip Hippos.
BBBHuey 2 napja
Dot is their leader ^^
colleen 2 napja
Uh, it's supposed to be Yakko, he;s the oldest.
v10moped 2 napja
Dot is now "witty" instead of "cute" Because 2020. Female character has to be "empowering", so she can't be "cute". And anyone notice that Dot is now calling the shots, instead Yakko? Smh.
jasminne mcdonald
I don't like the new lyrics in this song!!
Max Wennström
Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta
WOW!!! So, that must be theme songs for the new reimagined animated series and the animated classic TV Series!!! And I love it!!!
Xavier G
Xavier G 3 napja
Didn't notice the teeth design changed from the old version till now
x0gucx 3 napja
I kinda get the dot's main characteristic was cute and the change to wit, but it basically went from she's cute while being sassy to she is mostly sas but she still cute. Are people really offended by a satirical cartoon having a character being called cute.
Danny Freeman
@colleen it's more like they are adapting with the times. They realize cute really isn't a thing that defines people.
colleen 2 napja
On HULU...yes they are. :( I hate her personality change! I want my cute and sassy Dot back!!
Jek Bal
Jek Bal 3 napja
the 1993 version somehow goes almost better with the new lyrics
They just let the others stay in their graves
Matty G
Matty G 3 napja
I almost sign the old lyrics while watching the new one
Hani Bacelar
Hani Bacelar 3 napja
Mudanças sutis, não?
Collin Rathbun
in my head im still singing "while bill clinton plays the sax" and i swear it hurts tbh
SethToons 3 napja
apparently Dot isn't cute anymore
SethToons Napja
Its a joke about how in the song it says wit instead of cute
ZhangtheGreat 2 napja
Still is. Did you watch the episode where she makes the whole world cute?
I just watched the animaniacs reboot I loved it rewatching old to new bringing joy I can’t wait for season 2 and new episodes
Animated Art1818
I noticed that the mouths changed, idk if anyone cares but I now see what seemed so different to me
cap sortee
cap sortee 3 napja
where the hell are the Goodfeathers?!
ZhangtheGreat 2 napja
They couldn't bring all the voice actors back. It's disappointing, but it's business.
Janelle Long
Janelle Long 3 napja
I’m sad the slappy the squirrel is not in the reboot
Ronald Maya
Ronald Maya 3 napja
I'm way more used to hearing "Dot is cute" than "Dot has wit" lol
FrostyRPGT 11 órája
I like how they mad Dot more than just the “cute” character.
Calvin Zero
Calvin Zero 2 napja
wierd, cause I kind heard "Dot does quips"... but I still sing "Dot is cute" when I sang along XD
Slivory Wings
Slivory Wings 3 napja
Same I sang along and I said Dot is cute.
Richard Ford
Richard Ford 3 napja
Bill Clinton does bust out his sax in the first episode of the reboot, don't worry
colleen 2 napja
And he looks terrible! I dunno who animated this but they can;t draw humans!
Felix 19
Felix 19 3 napja
There is no doubt that it is a resounding tie😁😉😇.
sushi sunbreak
Finger Prince.....If you dont know what i`m talking about, look it up on YT.
Left Turn Productions [LTP]
I don't think so
BlueAversion 4 napja
Wish this wasn’t in Hulu, as it means I can’t watch it in the UK :/
Why haven't they done a turnaround to HBO Max yet?!?! Edit: HBO isn't in the UK, but still they would be missing out on a ton of money considering HBO Max has way more subscribers (also it's owned by Warner Bros so it only makes logical sense too.)
Epic Vegeta
Epic Vegeta 4 napja
Much better than disneys mickey mouse.
Rebecca Ritch
Rebecca Ritch 4 napja
Memory lane. I was 10 when it originally aired.
ศุภกร แก้วมณี
มีความสามารถเหนือธรรมชาติ(พลังการ์ตูน) อยู่ยงคงกระพัน(ไม่ว่าบาดเจ็บแค่ไหน พอตัดฉากก็กลับเป็นปรกติ) และถูกขังอยู่ห้องขังขนาดใหญ่แน่นหนา โดยมียามขุ้มกันตลอดเวลา (They have supernatural abilities (cartoon powers). Invulnerable (no matter how injured When the scene is cut, they return to normal) and are locked into a large, tight cell. With guards, all the time)
ศุภกร แก้วมณี
เราคิดไปเอง หรือสามพี่น้องAnimaniacsดูคล้ายกับหนึ่งในวัตถุกักกันscpอยู่หน่อยๆ (it oืly me, or three Animaniacs brothers(and sister) look a like one of the scp containment objects.)
Stephon Zeno
Stephon Zeno 4 napja
It's funny how the 93' version looks better despite it being over 20 years old.
XD Kid
XD Kid 4 napja
Almost the same
Tyler Looney
Tyler Looney 4 napja
Classic yet modern at the same time
Love new Animaniac's. The opening and the orange cyclops, the new jokes were awesome. And the cool thing is that the people who say against "politically correct" are the ones who cry the most when they joke with them
GeneralShadow 4 napja
93 has better animation.
In certain parts, the 2020 animation is actually smoother. Like when they are all walking with their contracts and also at the end on the Animaniacs logo
jackietubepro 3 napja
Well you are comparing hand drawn to flask so idk
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman 4 napja
If you watch closely, the models don't stay the same throughout. The new version keeps the character models more consistent.
Sam Cochran
Sam Cochran 5 napja
I haven't seen any of the episodes yet, but those of you who have, would you say it pokes fun at everyone, just like the original, or is it more directed toward certain groups/people this time around? Also, if it does get cringey in the jokes, would you say it's just cause of the subject of those jokes themselves is cringey?
colleen 2 napja
@Dan Hitchman NO< they make fun of one group a LOT more than the other!! I mean,. really? GUN CONTROL?! It;s come to that now?!
Sam Cochran
Sam Cochran 4 napja
@Dan Hitchman Whew, I was afraid it had fallen to the wokeness, but from what you described, it sounds just like the Animaniacs I know and love, just adapted to making fun of our modern culture, which isn't always that fun to make fun of, but hey, it works most of the time!
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman 4 napja
They hammer EVERYONE. No one is safe. They acknowledge they cannot be as edgy in some respects, but then make fun of the fact that the culture has changed.
its not a side by side comparison if we cant hear the original's audio
TBS Media
TBS Media 5 napja
That's ign a crappy company who gives bad reviews
Phoenix Sunrise
Your ads make me sad
Taser_fish 3 napja
Erich Scheidle
Without Slappy, the Goodfeathers, Buttons, Mindy, Rita, Runt, and all the others this doesn't feel like a true Animaniacs revival.
colleen 2 napja
It's not an anthology if you only have two segments
KaiDG 4 napja
Yakko gives a shout out to them in one of the episodes with Dr. Walter. It's cute that the animator gave Yakko those big puppy dog eyes while mentioning Minerva Mink.
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman 4 napja
It's only if they get renewed.
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap 5 napja
They show up in season 1
Gm3m 5 napja
Eh, i only liked The Warners, Pinky and The Brain, Slappy and The Skullhead.
rheathesecond 5 napja
1993: Bill Clinton plays his saxophone. 2020: Why the F is Joe Biden not in this?
Mark Johnson
@Max Wennström that is just a fraze
Max Wennström
@Mark Johnson then what does Bill Clinton have to do with the original?
Mark Johnson
Joe isn’t even in this plus what does joe Biden have to do with this?!
Solo_Leo 3 napja
@Jadens Universe you know who Obama’s Vice President is right
BlueAversion 4 napja
@rheathesecond It is. They make a joke out of it in the first episode, and just guess what has happened since - some of which are accurate.
Ryan theblaziken101
U totally muted the one on the left and did a crappy job at hiding it
Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper 5 napja
ign garbage
Nigel Raphael
Nigel Raphael 5 napja
I'm Very Disappointed. That's all I have to say.
Danny Freeman
@Nigel Raphael it's because saying a female character as a defining character trait is a bit dated.
Nigel Raphael
Nigel Raphael 3 napja
You want to know why: Most of the characters are missing, they removed a key character of the Yakko Wakko and Dot segments, and... Dot has wit? So what Yakko and Dot are supposed to have 40% the same character now.
jackietubepro 3 napja
Just wondering why
Taser_fish 3 napja
Jake Hackney
Jake Hackney 5 napja
Really like the new animation, but the side characters are all gone :(
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman 4 napja
They come back if the show gets renewed.
King of the rap battles mejia
The sister is so cute on this part 0:16 And the Warner brothers walk so goofy on this part 0:14
colleen 2 napja
Oh,. she's NOT cute anymore. She has Wit! (rolls eyes)
Bunneer 6 napja
All these angry neckberds being angry at a child's cartoon in the comments is kind of amusing
Avreliv 6 napja
Look like a trace.
todd vincy
todd vincy 6 napja
cartoons are meant to look like the LEFT VERSION NGL
colleen 2 napja
@BlogDoidoWorld Tom Rugger could have done it much better. The new version doesn;t even have him!
Because is cool thing is that the people who say against "politically correct" are the ones who cry the most when they joke with them.
ZoeIsHahaha 6 napja
Slightly disappointed that “the writers flipped, we have no script, why bother to rehearse” didn’t make the cut, but “the trolls will say we’re so passe but we did meta first” makes up for it
Chaotic_Mood 6 napja
I enjoy how they poked light fun at gender/pronouns while also kinda representing it lol
colleen 2 napja
@Zazzel The Gamer What they are, Dear Doctor...is CUTE!
Emminet 2 napja
@Clowfoe but that is evidence. Because we have no official confirmation, saying he’s cis could also technically be considered a headcanon
Clowfoe 2 napja
@Emminet because of the context of the book. i dont care if you say he is but keep it a headcanon because theres no real evidence supporting it. it's like saying luigi is trans
Emminet 2 napja
@Clowfoe but again, how do we know that he wasn’t being truthful and it was all a lie?
Clowfoe 2 napja
@Emminet he only says it so that he can get onto the boat as a loophole,
littlefox 6 napja
I want slappy dammit
colleen 2 napja
Me too. I also want Goodfeathers and yes the Hip Hippos
Sabina 6 napja
Does anyone know which of Tom Rueggers sons was Dot??? I'm really curious lol
Cosmo Cosmoton
@colleen Wakko and Yakko sound incredibly similar. Even if you tell people who is wearing what, they could still get the names mixed up. I haven’t had any trouble with them, but some of my friend have.
colleen 2 napja
@Cosmo Cosmoton Are you kissing? Wakko has the hat, Yakko had the pants, how can you get confused?
Cosmo Cosmoton
@Sabina oh! Well in that case I’m just as clueless as you. I totally agree, this was the age of ‘girl power’ as they say. I also think Dot was needed to tell the warners apart, people still get confused which one is Yakko and which is Wakko.
Sabina 4 napja
@Cosmo Cosmoton I know his sons didn't voice Dot but she was inspired by one of them and I wondered which one. I find it interesting that he made the 3 main characters be 2 boys and a girl instead of 3 boys. Do you think he made that decision to get more girls to watch the show?
Cosmo Cosmoton
None, Dot is voiced by Tress McNeil. Tom Ruggers 3 sons voiced, Skippy squirrel, the bluebird, and the flame in the original show. I can’t remember which son voiced who.
DCB aka Dalton Van Frankenstein
So Dot can't be called cute anymore but the bologna in the pants line can stay in - okaaaayyyy.....
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman 4 napja
She's "still a knock out" according to her... but she calls herself that.
Mr_Mason _Chunk
MetalSam25 6 napja
Animaniacs are doing a better job at making fun of current events compared to South Park
Steve Burstall
South Park is so 2000.
colleen 2 napja
@Ginger Snap Uh....you haven;t seen all the eps. have you? Ep 4 with the bunnies was SO preachy!! TOM RUGGER COME BAAAAACK!
SMB Comix
SMB Comix 3 napja
@Rasputin Potter They do if you're a featherweight.
Rasputin Potter
@Ginger Snap 3 budweisers won't make you drunk.
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap 5 napja
That’s because the writers of animaniacs have to write actual jokes and don’t just scream libertarian talking points at you like your drunk uncle at the family barbecue 3 Budweiser’s deep.
Teal MacFarlane
I love that the line is Dot has wit now. She always has, so why was cute her defining characteristic?
colleen 2 napja
All THREE of them have wit.
Limely -
Limely - 6 napja
Is there “Goodfeathers” in Animaniacs 2020??
Ava Y.
Ava Y. 6 napja
Watch ep 5.....if they get Hulu to demand more seasons after s2 the studio said they might have a chance to bring more characters back (:
Matthew Cierpiot
I just want to know why the psychiatrist isnt back.... He was the best part
CowCapz 3 napja
@Wongani ChavulaI actually did notice him in the theme song recently, and showing up now and then, but he never really talked until the last episode.
Wongani Chavula
@CowCapz he actually still is in the new one, he's even in the theme song, go to the part where Yakkos hitting the other side Characters on the Heads. He's still part of the series and he's actually in some other Episodes.
Matthew Cierpiot
That's sad
CowCapz 6 napja
He actually was shown in the last episode, but I don’t know why he wasn’t in the rest of the series.
Aura Almond
Aura Almond 7 napja
Guys, if people like the original better then the new, respect thier opinions okay. I absolutely love the new show, theme, but I love original even more. No need to go berserk on them, just for liking something over something else XD I'm saying this cause see some comments about that👀 so don't kill me ;- ; or I may be wrong
colleen 2 napja
@jackietubepro Believe me, it is NOT just based on the intro for me.
jackietubepro 3 napja
I’m not hating on them for that. I’m just looking at all the people who decide to hate the show based on the intro.
KidWolf21 7 napja
Its wierd that the new song matches up with the mouths of the original animation.
Rob Manning
Rob Manning 6 napja
Considering it all rhymes? No
fireaza 7 napja
I love how they so aware that the reboot will need to be a bit more PC, and that internet nerds will get pissy over the aforementioned, that they put it right there in the opening song!
Boycott The Media Boycott The Media
@TheSmashMaster9000 no
The Malcah TwinZ
Nice heavy weapons guy pfp
Matty G
Matty G 3 napja
@M from MI6 But they also added the new CEO, Nora, so it's more balanced than the original.
M from MI6
M from MI6 3 napja
Love how they say "gender balanced" and show how it's 2-1
Gönczi Imre
Gönczi Imre 7 napja
Possumbility 7 napja
I'm dissapointed at all the thirst of authors for Hillary and Obama.
Danny Freeman
@colleen they literally made fun of the scandal he was in multiple times
colleen 2 napja
@Danrarbc But only mentioned he played the sax, which wasn;t really an insult cause that's what he did!
Danrarbc 3 napja
The original intro literally included Bill Clinton.
Jesse Rivera
Jesse Rivera 7 napja
Nostalgia trip
임재완 7 napja
0:14 In 1993 one warner bros are walking same tempo of the song, 2020 one are not
Br3yan Camargo 64
0:45 if only they put another latinamerica country like Panamá
•Saturn •
•Saturn • 5 napja
No. jaja saludos gringo.
Wayne Chiang
Wayne Chiang 7 napja
I love it
D.J. Spang
D.J. Spang 7 napja
I grew up with this show and I loved every episode of the reboot! Yes, I admit there were details from the og that made it special, but if we compare the two, and compare the demographic they're trying to reach, this show is absolutely outstanding. And the show has ALWAYS been politically correct and accepting lmao, but the times have changed and they even comment on it on their first episode about how they need to change with the times, while still keeping the charm. I'm sorry if you disagree, but do yourself a favor and watch the damn continuation. It's worth it✨
colleen 2 napja
I did NOT like the fact that the Warners just didn;t act like the Warners. They never wanted to be mature, they were always just them!! They didn;t care how they acted, they just wanted to fool around and have fun! They're not like that now!
PapiSantoe's Simple Reviews S
They really sold out to the illuminate
Rob Manning
Rob Manning 6 napja
Illuminate what? Spielberg was always a member of that club
Windwolf14 7 napja
it is just me or is there more frames in the old one? the new one seems a little choppy in comparison in parts.
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap 5 napja
The new one is done with a mix of flash and tweening which allows for more bounce and energy but cuts frames for timing purposes. The original had to be hand done and frame by frame meaning that while everything feels smoother and like it has more weight it also means that they can’t push the timing of the slapstick as hard. It’s a give and take.
William Ruiz
William Ruiz 6 napja
But unlike the 90s cartoon the animation in the title actually matches the show's in terms of quality.
Erika myers
Erika myers 7 napja
Welcome back animaniacs
post brohomes
post brohomes 7 napja
Not gonna lie I miss the old hand drawn animation definitely looks better
Gaba & Super Ninja V3
For those who did not understand where are the other characters that are missing in this opening, watch ep 5...
mattrd 2 órája
I really wish they included Slappy
Kerwin Castillo
@hero of kvatch the new sheogorath it’s not confirmed yet
Kerwin Castillo
@Master Farr that’s not confirmed
hero of kvatch the new sheogorath
@Master Farr i wonder if the season two opening will include the original cast once they return to the reboot
Reza Davachi
Reza Davachi 3 napja
Your profile picture makes me feel like your stalking me
Slaterism 7 napja
LyonSpell 7 napja
I'm not crying! You're crying! SHUT UP!!!
Chris Reynolds
It will be interesting to see how PC they have made it. “Hello Nurse!” Was my favourite
colleen 2 napja
@Mafon2 Since when did Yakko or Wakko EVER care about that before?!?! Even Dot, she just didn;t wanna ever admit it.
Mafon2 4 napja
When they see russian knock off show with Hello Nurse in it, they get mad and call it sexist.
legowarrior 6 napja
@John Mccarter It also comes up again in one of the last episodes. I won't say more, because Spoilers.
John Mccarter
John Mccarter 7 napja
I've watched the show, it seems "hello nurse" is only kinda referenced when they met the guard ralph for the first time in 22 years; they said "hello ralph". I've also noticed in the opening theme the lyric that mentioned dot being cute is changed with dot has wit.
Francois Boonzaaier
Hellooo nurse! My favourite line from the Warner brothers 😂
colleen 2 napja
Well, forget it.
Rock en Español, Spanish Rock Circuito Vital Rock
Childhood Is coming BACK !!!!
MARKY MARC 7 napja
It’s time for Animaniacs And we're zany to the max So just sit back and relax You'll laugh 'till you collapse We're Animaniacs Come join the Warner Brothers And the Warner Sister Dot Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot They lock us in the tower Whenever we get caught But we break loose and then vamoose and now you know the plot We're Animaniacs Dot has wit and Yakko yaks Wakko packs away the snacks Our careers have made comebacks We're Animaniacs Meet Pinky and the Brain who want to rule the universe A brand new cast who tested well in focus group research Gender balanced, pronoun-neutral, and ethnically diverse The trolls will say we're so passé, but we did meta first We're Animaniacs You should see our new contracts We're zany to the max There's bologna in our slacks We're animane-y Totally insane-y Have no shame-y Animaniacs, those are the facts
Syell09 YT
Syell09 YT 5 napja
Ahem now for the original It's time for An-I-man-I-acs And we're zany to the max So just sit back and relax You'll laugh till you collapse We're An-I-man-I-acs Come join the Warner brothers And the Warner sister Dot Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught But we break loose... And then vamoose... And now you know the plot We're An-I-man-I-acs Dot is cute and Yakko yaks Wakko packs away the snacks While Bill Clinton plays the sax We're An-I-man-I-acs Meet Pinky and the brain Who want to rule the universe Goodfeathers flock together, Slappy wacks 'em with her purse Buttons chases Mindy While Rita sings a verse The writers flipped We have no script Why bother to rehearse We're An-I-man-I-acs We have play for play contracts We're zany to the max There's baloney in our slacks We're An-I-man-ee Totally and zany Here's the shows namey An-I-man-I-acs Those are the facts!
Nick Grimes
Nick Grimes 6 napja
“But we did meta first” was throwing me off
thx u i needed tho lyrics
Coy Brown
Coy Brown 7 napja
Wow now I don’t have to watch the video thanks 😊
Ace C.
Ace C. 7 napja
I am 37 years old now, and I am totally going to be watching this!!! Really looking forward to Pinky and The Brain too!
colleen 2 napja
Pinky and the Brain were the best part! (mainly cause you can;t change them!)
Chris M
Chris M 7 napja
They changed Dot is cute to Dot has wit. I guess that was too derogative
colleen 2 napja
@William Ruiz They ALL have wit though, not just her!
colleen 2 napja
@Chris M Who asked any of them?! We loved cute and sassy Dot!!
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman 4 napja
Dot also calls herself a knock out in the actual show (and hits characters with a mallet too - get it?). Her anime version is actually kinda "sexy" in a cartoon way during that episode. So, there's give and take.
Chris M
Chris M 6 napja
@William Ruiz It was a cliche way to describe the female character, derogative at worst. That's why they changed it
William Ruiz
William Ruiz 6 napja
She still calls herself cute in the show, but calling her cute in the title is like calling Yako tall, it's obvious so why say it?
Diamonds Do
Diamonds Do 7 napja
Love their movies.
JC tube
JC tube 8 napja
0:45 They showed Philippines *RESPECT*
cartoongrump 6 napja
@Kaelan shut up
Kaelan 7 napja
jesus they showed many countries. People like you are the butt of the joke.
Justin Mahan
Justin Mahan 8 napja
They should definitely do a continuation of Tiny Toon Adventures 👍
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap 5 napja
Chamar Moore Cree Summers was Elmira’s VA? Crazy.
Chamar Moore
Chamar Moore 7 napja
They are it's called Tiny Toons Looniversity it's going to be on HBO Max and Cartoon Network and will get 2 season and Elmyra won't return her voice actress Cree Summer confirmed it
MrMemeZilla 198
I'd say the original is better tbh.
colleen 2 napja
@Abby from wii sports I did and I only like about 3 eps. Well, I did like Pinky and the Brain, but it's kinda hard to change them.
MrMemeZilla 198
I have. Im just used to hearing the old one
Abby from wii sports
you clearly haven’t seen an episode of the new one then
Alejandro May
Alejandro May 8 napja
Where's the boomer with the comment "The original is better" or "My chillhood is ruined"
crazyfox9oh 6 napja
Not boomers, it's millennials. The show came out when we were kids the boomers were our parents.
ZoeIsHahaha 6 napja
I’ve seen like 12 of them so far
So thinking the original intro is better is bad despite their being much more energy, better animation and shading?
All For One&One For All
Lmfao oh boy, a remake of a cartoon from the 80’s/90’s let’s see how much they removed because people have devolved into wild animals with zero emotional control, and zero emotional maturity 👏
Danny Freeman
The show is basically the same chill out
Thu Ya Win
Thu Ya Win 8 napja
The word "presents" in Stephen Spielberg presents" is hard to read in the new version.
MK3424 8 napja
New: no shading old: with shading... but both: ZANY TO THE MAX!
minkdevil 8 napja
So Dots not cute anymore?
Dan Hitchman
Dan Hitchman 4 napja
Dot is called a "knock out" on the show, but the boys don't call her that... SHE calls herself that. Her idea of what her anime form should look like is drawn in a sexy fashion (for a cartoon). Watch the show before commenting that everything is worse.
Gesgeral 6 napja
@minkdevil oh yeah, because saying she has wit means she can't be cute. makes total sense
minkdevil 6 napja
@Gesgeral Because they changed the lyrics gobshite.
Gesgeral 6 napja
who said that?????????? nobody, so shut up lmao
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