Abandoned - Official Announcement Teaser Trailer 

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Get a look at the teaser trailer for this upcoming first-person, cinematic horror survival shooter game that emulates realistic survival, set in an open world environment.

Abandoned is headed to PlayStation 5 in Q4 2021.
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2021.ápr. 7.






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April Fools - The Game
Pierson Gest
Pierson Gest 2 órája
haha wow who wrote this garbage...thanks for showing us some pretty desolate landscape....triple A game developers are dumb AF
MookieDTRT90 4 órája
Literally the intro was screaming "Oh so you mean The Forest?"
?? 4 órája
Welcome to re7 blair witch outlast 2
RRD GAM1NG 5 órája
"you are a prey" has gun*
bio jui
bio jui 5 órája
Talk about show don't tell, wth is this
JimJam's Music and Gaming
Lmao wtf was that?
Strong Divine King
One of the worst trailers i've seen in a long time.
TomE 8 órája
Oh yea that 5 fps xD Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
kade 8 órája
wow a survival horror with shooting does it have crafting too?
Joshua Dallas
Joshua Dallas 8 órája
10 fps fire
Percival Flores
Percival Flores 8 órája
The dislikes are half as many as the likes. This game may be Abandoned by gamers of they don't improve their trailer.
Angiak Valtiel
Angiak Valtiel 8 órája
10fps trees emu
RaiJin ThunderKurg
turn speed to 1.5 will be better :v
His_Majesty 9 órája
The game seemed genuinely interesting UNTIL she started talking about the cult... at that moment it turned into a short story homework assignment of a 12 year old. Much narrative. Such edgy.
TW JumboMan
TW JumboMan 10 órája
trees and bricks
Romulus Maximus
Romulus Maximus 11 órája
Ew was this captured in 11 fps ?
Granteus 12 órája
even the audio quality was lackluster. no thank
Joni Laitala
Joni Laitala 13 órája
Wu Wei
Wu Wei 13 órája
narrator is trying too hard here....
1984rockabilly 14 órája
Lol better bring this to series x. It seems PS5 is running this game with 20fps 😜😜😜😂
Jared J.
Jared J. 14 órája
Cringey Resident Evil
dömp it
dömp it 15 órája
life in Russia simulator?
RottenJeeves 17 órája
Id rather fight for a better narrator.
Red Hood
Red Hood 18 órája
That was 90 seconds of listening to an aggressive Karen having an issue with me looking at her trees.. 🙄
Ashanti Caesar
Ashanti Caesar 18 órája
Lmao they ran out of names for games lol
TafTabTah 18 órája
She says "anything" weird
J'The Cop
J'The Cop 20 órája
Sounds like a fun Tuesday
Jackass200018 21 órája
Definitely resident evil "inspired"
mashi DO
mashi DO 22 órája
60 frames per minute..
riloe 22 órája
Mr Man
Mr Man 23 órája
ok? is this a game?
bamb0ostick 23 órája
When you were trying to wow an audience in revealing your project, you have Black Myth Wukong and then you have this.
Itz Adam
Itz Adam 23 órája
24 FPS so much for next gen gaming
CABLE 715 Napja
Great graphics till you see a mannequin hand holding that gun.
Ukulele Kielce
Looks promising graphicly!I thought its real life footage watching this on smartphone screen:)
Game review
Worst trailer of all time!
Trick Room
Trick Room Napja
what the hell is this?
Jericho Napja
Erzurum V3.0
Killian Conaty
Is it just me or does she sound like Homelander's publicist?
The Last Dad on Earth
Why even bother releasing this? This is a completely useless trailer.
WaGOn GameS
вот это вот дерьмо от каджимы мать его гения?! вот это поворот!
Jonathan Ballinger
Her speech is a reason not to play this game.
glad that im not the only one who thinks the narration was abit much - the release of this trailer feels rushed. anyway will wait for gameplay
Taras Luk
Taras Luk Napja
30 fps next gen
Potato Enjoyer
woah great gameplay /s
Prince Napja
So it's a PS5 exclusive, has horrible game performance and looks like a generic survival game. I'll be looking for it....
Jesus Tyrone Christ
"Ayo, we have one map with too many unoptimized assets, what should we do?" "Trailer on IGN"
Rusenali Yildirim
Who tf is this woman? She ruined the whole trailer.
Alex Wenger
It's not the title at the end of the video, it's sony's reassurance that they won't let this sort of voice over go gold.
mahmoud alsebaai
Stop with the first person horror game’s We have enough already
How people spread the theory that this was a new game from Kojima? Seriously why?
Anatoly Khmelenko
Tech demo with 15-20 fps and really bad fire. Nice 👍
Liam B
Liam B Napja
That character shadow though lol
Порфирий Иванов
Когда выйдет?
Lurchi88 Napja
Only in 20 fps no thanks
Macharia Napja
Abandoned < Medium
chahine gaming
Not like the medium at all this look bad
Disco Napja
The narration is what results from filling gender/race hiring quotas.
spiros botos
Game looks beautiful but the hand is hilarious it's like 8bit
Game one
Game one Napja
🔥 effect 1998
Evil Horde
Evil Horde Napja
it has to be the worst announcement trailer in the history of announcement trailers. thats a nope from me, dawg.
James Brookes
This makes me appreciate *REAL* voice actors so much.
Bobeo Napja
Can already imagine the headache & vomit inducing headshake.
Joseph D.
Joseph D. Napja
That was awful, very awful
Jorge Tobar
The name is perfect for a development studio that has abandoned the only 2 games they have worked on
Nero Serrano
Re4 vr?
dogo dogo
dogo dogo Napja
they download free assets on net, put this and that in unreal engine
mmmmmmm....low fps
harry dixson
Elías González
Is this 2002 again?
Eduardo Canha
1:10 and this game is coming out on PS5?
Emordnilap Eht
Away from your "lust ones"?
Alvin F
Alvin F Napja
Sooooo Outlast lol
Logan Willhite
Away from your lust ones?
This frame is so lower
Corbin March
Well we have officially finished making the campfire. Perfect! Now let's make the trailer!
Denver Stewart
Abandoned. Yes, this game will be abandoned
jonathan c
jonathan c Napja
why is his hand shiny
FilmedIt Studios
Is this game gonna get Abandoned?
James alexander Taylor
You can imagine the games company gave their employees a big wad of cash and 3 months to make an astounding trailer but instead they all went to vegas, blew the money on gambling , crack and hookers and then just shot some sh*t in the woods and cobbled together this 2 days before they handed it in. Hoping they could get away with it !! Newsflash guys ya didn't !!!
Mausi Napja
they lost me at ps5 exclusive
nana Napja
Jajajaajaj que asco
Yungbeck Napja
Wow that was terrible.
Video Nomad
Was here
Jonas Petty
Graphics are great, frames are horrible and the gameplay is weird. The hand looks like a ps2 hand tho.
Glen Hunter
Day z lmao
Glen Hunter
Away from lust ones???
Derpanus Maximus
E Wilko
E Wilko Napja
Outlast 2 by the sounds of it with a religious cult sorta thing
Grayson Draven
"I'm already bored and confused"- Stewie Griffin
Ewald Wip
Ewald Wip Napja
Thumbs up coming soon.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo Napja
So supposedly this is another Hideo Kojima game...
Phi Liy
Phi Liy Napja
this probably was an Abandoned game, and ps just decided to pick up and release an abandoned trailer with BRIGHTNESS LEVEL INFINITY
yousif ali
yousif ali Napja
next gen frames they said
Chaotic Neutral Giraffe
´choppy af
Hervard Buond
terrible narration
William Barnes
Let me tell you a story, a true story, a story about a 16-year-old voice actor and a poorly written monologue.
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