6 Super Weird Moments in Yakuza: Like a Dragon 

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The Yakuza franchise always embraces the weird and wonderful, with side quests and bizarre activities aplenty. From adult babies to an army of crawfish, here are some of the weirdest moments in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Sponsored by SEGA.










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Diego Alemán
Diego Alemán 4 napja
When is this game coming to GamePass??
wonderwall135 4 napja
lol i had no interest in this game but now i think i want to buy this
Novad selir
Novad selir 4 napja
Breakdancing to victory never gets old.
The Blind Racer
Hoo Like a dragon Touched for the very first time
Ten Minute Tokyo 2
Reminds me of the old Breakdance game back in the 80’s for C64.
Seven Teen
Seven Teen 5 napja
They can take the contract for building GTA 6
nuts and bolts
This series is the most underated, by the combat system of course
I encountered the giant roomba yesterday and I'm still not over it.
Novad selir
Novad selir 4 napja
Embrace the insanity
Akhlak Aulia. S
I think if u knew yakuza series, u'll see that as "Iconic Moment"
The Iron Ninja
He says he’s sponsored but there’s no link in the description
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson 5 napja
Should’ve had 7 hence the 7th instalment of the game lmao
Diamond Plays
Diamond Plays 5 napja
I would totally play this game its like Gta: funny edition
Diamond Plays
Diamond Plays 5 napja
@Cerrrp Is unbreakable if its not like gta then what kind of game would it be like
Cerrrp Is unbreakable
Yakuza is not like gta at all
VOAxInsanity 5 napja
@Diamond Plays ko
Diamond Plays
Diamond Plays 5 napja
@VOAxInsanity ok
VOAxInsanity 5 napja
Gta is lame and boring, my opinion only
Héctor Arzate
Giant Enemy Crab!
Yungfree 5 napja
I can’t get with none of these game it’s no brutal moments you yakuza but ain’t killed nothing just a bunch of guys doing way to much talking
NeoTheFault 5 napja
How is this weird?
Cristhian Chiquito
Why you keep calling them Yakuza if you are just an ex yakuza doing things with your gang of friend, not a Yakuza doing yakuza stuff
Ivan 5 napja
The same reason why the series known as "The Legend of Zelda" is called that Instead of "Fairy Swordsman Adventurer". Ichiban still has to deal with the Yakuza world, it's the main conflict. But if I wanted to put my brand manager hat on, the title of the series in Japan has always translated literally to "Like a Dragon". But localization back in the day simply went with "Yakuza". This title brings the name full circle in the west with "Yakuza: Like a Dragon". One could say that the protagonists of these games are "Like a Dragon", hopefully that's some consolation for you.
Josh Tsu
Josh Tsu 5 napja
Well that's errr just like your opinion man
Daniel Berry
Daniel Berry 5 napja
You mean “wonderfully” weird
Puerto Rock
Puerto Rock 5 napja
This game is better than legion
gamer480 5 napja
Maneater is better then Yakuza..
I Komang Ari Putra
I've seen weirder things on past series 🤣
Tetsu Hatano
Tetsu Hatano 5 napja
1. No but we have summoned Italian mob bosses, luchadores and chefs 2. Not as weird as how intense kiryu was in pocket circuit 3. This is pretty standard as far The karaoke goes 4. Don’t really have anything for this 5. This is the second time these guys have appeared 6. I’m only disappointed that the dancer outfit wasn’t Majima’s Cinderella costume
PainBupi 5 napja
It's the charm of the Yakuza games, it's normal?
Fausto Carrillo
Horrible graphics
whitegenome22 5 napja
Are all yakuza games this crazy? Lmaooo i downloaded 0 and kiwami on my xbox
Jalal Curmally
It’s awesome. Just awesome. Can’t recommend enough. Play this game.
G Lee
G Lee 5 napja
Game of the year!
Ronald Esteban
Only 6?
B 5 napja
It'll be faster to list not-weird moments.
Tomo Beat
Tomo Beat 5 napja
Looks normal to me
Alex Shin
Alex Shin 5 napja
These 'weirdness' were always the charm of the Yakuza series since the first game.
8888888 5 napja
Vai vir com legendas ptbr?
Help me reach 2k plz
To the Early Squad Reading This: sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 👐 read my name btw thx bye ok👈
Parallel 5 napja
Greetings IGN, I put on Steam the role-playing game I'm producing, Parallel. 🙏
Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando 5 napja
Ohhh I’ll check this out on my Xbox series x
Rocke Tol
Rocke Tol 5 napja
@Xeosbr Why? Yakuza games are the best
Xeosbr 5 napja
Not worth is trust me..
Ekzo039 5 napja
1:32 powered by xbox
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
I’m sorry. I’ve never seen the words “Yakuza” and “weird” in the same sentence before. This is all standard fare. Explain.
Ivan 5 napja
Hmm, I'd say you could use that in the same sentence since about 2009. In Yakuza 3 the protagonist learns special combat moves by blogging about weird things he see on the street like a drunk man pole dancing on a street lamp. This series balances dramatic and strange wonderfully.
monism2000 5 napja
Pinchy lives!
Don't watch my videos
did you know Cherophobia is the word for the irrational fear of being happy.
Guerrilla Grodd
This is me
Jake Jackson
Jake Jackson 5 napja
How can I not watch your videos when you don't have any? Please help
Don't watch my videos
What goes up and down but doesn't move? Stairs.
lolol11000 5 napja
I love this game!
1 sub before 2021?
To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blessed, stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day!✨
SuS Modder
SuS Modder 5 napja
Same to you
Darth Lando
Darth Lando 5 napja
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