11 Last-Gen Games to Replay on PS5 and Xbox Series X 

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The next generation of consoles is finally here, but unlike last time, a big feature of both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XS is that they are almost fully compatible with the previous generation's games. But the older games aren't just simply playable - almost every single one of them has framerate improvements and decreased load times thanks to the new consoles' beefier hardware. So while there are a bunch of new games available at launch, here are our suggestions for older games you should absolutely revisit on a next generation console.
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Alpha π
Alpha π 12 órája
Horizon Zero Dawn all the way. I only had my OG Ps4 and I really want to play the game in 4K.
666charlton 17 órája
Just tried shadow of the colossus. Looks amazing
Nathan Rorke
Nathan Rorke 19 órája
Genshin impact is an actual game? I thought it was just another one of those dumpster fire mobile games
Matthew Haase
Uncharted 4
sisir360 || TheLoneGun101
I think Horizon: Zero Dawn deserves a PS5 replay. Already looked incredible on the PS4
sisir360 || TheLoneGun101
Oh, come on. You’re saying people should replay RDR2 because it loads faster now? It’s like you guys decided on the video title and then proceeded to talk about whatever you wanted to 🤦🏼‍♂️
Dusty Productions
i've never heard a more american pronunciation of sekiro
Parker Ramsey
Parker Ramsey 2 napja
That’s crazy, bc the first game I beat on my series X was Fallout 4. Finally finished it on the series x after hundreds of hours on the Xbox one. Now I’m finishing outer worlds and that one really benefits from quicker load times.
Suikoden Vocaloid 4k
all need is a ps5 couldnt either pre order 1 money is not the problem 😥
Luke Beardmore
Borderlands 3 for me. It runs like garbage on the PS4 Pro and I'm getting it for series x instead
J h
J h 3 napja
Mike Turnquist
How could you not mention Last of Us Part 2? Best looking game in the ps5
Barteq1203 Napja
Best looking game ever*
Living Dead Fitness
LMAO FALLOUT 4 ran horrible on last gen when you're in the city! I got 15-20 fps in some areas.
Nate Frig
Nate Frig 3 napja
Does the series s run them smooth too?
Barteq1203 Napja
Senshai 4 napja
No man's sky had come a long way...it is truly amazing work by the devs
ArrozYuwu 4 napja
FF7 Remake, hopefully less shitty pop in and low res texture issues. I’m looking at you, Cloud’s door...
H. 4 napja
Ghost of Tsushima is gonna be awesome
Jacob Peterson
Titanfall 2 will probably look crisper.
cwoods606150 4 napja
Did that Godzilla game from 2015 get a next gen patch ????
The Gladiator
The Gladiator 4 napja
Yo is “everybody” here?
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen 4 napja
When Witcher 3 next gen upgrade comes out it’s going to hit so different 🤩🤩
Mark LeeMaoShengHiNoon
I've been meaning to revisit GoW.. And since Days Gone is patched up (i havent played it) Now it sounds like the perfect time to get a PS5
Steven Jennings
Wtf. Ghost of tsushima is not on this list.
WebDev 4 napja
"Last Gen Games". Exactly why I am in no rush to buy a PS5
R T 4 napja
Nah I’ll just play on my ps4
Swaroop Singh Chandawat
Gta 4 :(
Kohda 4 napja
Hell one of the first games I'm going to boot when I finally get my hands on a PS5 is going to be Horizon Zero Dawn, it was the entire reason why I wanted a ps4 pro but I never got to it, so I'm really looking forwards to this
New Message
New Message 5 napja
I thought we would get 60fps 😂
Edward Blodgett
What, no new games! I mean Microsoft is used to it, but ps5? Maybe wait like most people, or play your old games that work just fine on your ps 4 and save a grip till later.😁👍
Gaming Ranger
Gaming Ranger 5 napja
As a pc gamer all ps4 exclusive is in my list 😅😅😅
Generic Username
Im wanting to boot up Kingdom Come: Deliverence on ps5. Very underrated rpg
Kaleb Wynn
Kaleb Wynn 5 napja
Wheres Fortnite with its new clean graphics
joeross93 5 napja
Borderlands 3 fills my heart with joy
Nader Zein
Nader Zein 5 napja
Master chief collection just got an update, now you can play Halo 1-4, ODST and Reach in 4k120hz!!!
A.J. Cap
A.J. Cap 5 napja
I have a ps5, and so far I’ve only played GTA V and RDR2
J C 5 napja
You mean: “11 games to play on PS5”
Paythos_ 4 napja
Yeah that’s what I got out of this video
Dingjing Romero
Ff 13-2 xb series x wish list performance and graphical upgrade
Aaron 905
Aaron 905 5 napja
So has it taken GTA5's loading time from 5 hours to 3 hours now?
Arkham Knight?
BlackFyr 5 napja
Ghost of Tsushima.
Last Viking
Last Viking 5 napja
I just got my ps5 today (europe) and the package is totally smashed and the consol is broken 😆 Never ever have I experienced such anti-climax
breadordecide 5 napja
Never before have I seen a new gen improve the last gen without a remaster or remake. It’s impressive and brilliant.
Control? Base PS4 can't handle that game when there are lots of explosions going on at once
boobee97100 5 napja
I think Uncharted 4 would be AMAZEBALLS on the PS5!!
at 3:10 how is there snow in fallout 4?
zerox187 5 napja
Console gamers excited about 60fps in 2020 lol.
Nick Manser
Nick Manser 5 napja
Shadow of the tomb raider is also improved frame rate in performance mode is much smoother
John Yu
John Yu 5 napja
stay tuned for the ps6 which will finally run ps5 games decently
That1 DbacksFan
I’m pretty sure Detroit Become Human got a visual and gameplay enhancement as well, a must play for any video game fan
Drew5876 6 napja
Gears 5...
TheCrzyman0 6 napja
Lol, Fallout had potato Bethesda optimization...
Sharzy 720
Sharzy 720 6 napja
I specifically put off starting days gone till I got the ps5 and that game is way better then I thought it was going to be
Nicolas Muniz
Nicolas Muniz 6 napja
This video: "Load times are faster" saved you 5 minutes
Entruh 6 napja
Put sonic unleashed on this list
Real_Sgt_Tom 6 napja
Now in 4K dynamic on the PS5...oh you mean checker boarded??
How about all the uncharted games will they look better on PS5?
Arinze Amazoi
Arinze Amazoi 6 napja
How would uncharted 4 theif’s end looks like on ps5?
Rohaan U
Rohaan U 6 napja
I'm curious, how does FF7 Remake run?
Anthony Mitnaul
I heard it runs at a better resolution, but the frames are capped at 30 for now.
madmanjam_3 6 napja
I'm guessing this video is aimed at xbox users as they have no new next gen games to play 🤣
Neil Lenhart
Neil Lenhart 6 napja
Battlefront 2 runs buttery smooth
Renegade Pyro
Renegade Pyro 6 napja
You guys are really trying to give advice on a game to play for the new consoles?
Jonathan Beswick
Days gone may look better on ps5 but doesn’t change the fact that it’s absolutely boring
qwerty pal
qwerty pal 6 napja
Where is knack?!!
The games I am most looking forward to playing on the new Xbox are blue dragon and lost odyssey, even though they both looked gorgeous to start with. Can’t wait to see how they look now.
Anthony Marls
Anthony Marls 6 napja
LordOfTheYam 6 napja
Borderlands 3?
pascal Nederland
Next gen haaha Pc gen you mean ! :-)
50GreyKitties 6 napja
First game I launched on my Series X was Fallout New Vegas
AA Gaming
AA Gaming 6 napja
What about Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Control, Uncharted 4, and Assasin's Creed Syndicate.
William Higgins
But can they handle 1000tnt detonating in Minecraft?
Jesus Ibarra
Jesus Ibarra 7 napja
Hunt showdown
Miheer Poradiya
NFS Payback, Forza horizon 4, Gran tourismo 7?
Reyes Automotive
Imagine investing In a ps5 just to play ps4 games
Marius Johnsen
its not exactly a wide array of ps5 games atm though
Carlos G
Carlos G 7 napja
Uncharted 4
Kryp tonian
Kryp tonian 7 napja
how is ghosts of tsushima not on here
Galactic Maui
Galactic Maui 7 napja
No Ghost of Tsushima?
Lloyd 7 napja
dford145 7 napja
Scott 7 napja
Uhhh Gears 5?
Sirciavo 7 napja
There is only one game play again Kratos!!!!!!
lampard4 7 napja
Make Bloodborne 60 fps and my hunt can continue on the ps5.
The Life of Badesco
where are my gta online guys plz like the comm if you re here
SnoopWillPac SkateOn
Skater XL
Kevin Castillo
Wondering if Arkham Knight got any significant and noticeable performance upgrade
Vipul Doshi
Vipul Doshi 7 napja
can you check ps3 and xbox 360 game load times? shadow of mordor on ps3. dead rising2. a gta5 test. sleeping dogs, watch dogs, mass effect series. etc
Jeff Roche
Jeff Roche 7 napja
PLAY KOTOR2 it's like a whole new game it's so smooth and pretty!!!!!
Abul 7 napja
Ghost of Tsushima 60fps even on resolution mode.
Call of Duty?
Rogue_Console 7 napja
Interested to try Battlefront 2 and Fallen Order on the ps5
I hope they increase mod memory storage for the Xbox I love my mods lol
Matt Lowe
Matt Lowe 7 napja
For me it would definitely have to be Batman Arkham Knights Quantum Break DragonBall Z Kakarot Those would be my top 3 older games to replay on XBOX Series X.....I just need to secure one first lol
kyle sem
kyle sem 7 napja
If stored on an external hard drive Will I still get the higher frames or benefits of playing it on the PlayStation 5
Ripster81 7 napja
Horizon zero dawn and uncharted 4. Lost legacy
BobbaGramps 7 napja
Me who can’t wait to play bioshock again
Adam Yousef
Adam Yousef 7 napja
Where is Ghost of Tsushima it runs 60 fps on ps5.
Bud Spencer
Bud Spencer 7 napja
Any difference for previous ac games? Origins for example
Dylan Humphrey
Just wanna say load times for no mans sky on PS5 are really bad rn for some reason they’re nothing compared to series x for some reason. Series x is like 10 secs for warping and PS5 is at like 15-20 secs. Hopefully they release a patch soon 😩
FutureFlash 7 napja
You can't say that a load time of 9 seconds is nothing and then say the Bloodborne load time of 12 seconds isn't completely eliminated. You can't have it both ways IGN.
Donny Koh
Donny Koh 7 napja
missed out gear5
Md .?
Md .? 7 napja
Ghost Of Tsushima runs 4k and a clean locked 60 fps.
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson 7 napja
Idk how they did it, kudos to suckerpunch what an amazing feat
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