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Dirt 5 Review
6 napja
Fuser Review
6 napja
Stanley Godspeed
Stanley Godspeed 23 órája
I think i will love the soundtrack of this game.
New Message
New Message 23 órája
Trailer for James.. Gunn being fired
Richie 23 órája
Adding extra polish (insert joke about CDPR being Polish studio here)
Ankit Roy
Ankit Roy 23 órája
no need to buy Doom Eternal DLC just need codex and enter the next chapter begin only for PC
Shun 23 órája
Lmao @ign complaining about bullet sponges, this is an rpg, enemies have different stats of course stronger enemies are going to take a beating, not to mention there are subdermal armor that can stop bullets
shivnath ghosh
shivnath ghosh 23 órája
Who came from skyloard
MinicLive 23 órája
Mad respect Mr Coppola...
GHFire 23 órája
They may as well delay it for another year or so at this point, and make sure to release it as a proper next generation title.
S Mac
S Mac 23 órája
What about Chris lily's we can be heroes
Devil Z Wangan Midnight
Just stop.
TMSKILZ 23 órája
Looks like North Korean President Kim
veretx nerd
veretx nerd 23 órája
Dishonored: revange solves everything Naruto: revange makes everything worse Me: confused sirens
HatinTheSwagHUH 757
Who’s idea was it to make this movie lol
GasSnake101 23 órája
thank-you for your hard work. Not even the makeup team could cover those swollen baggy eyes up :p
ZAPjiji 23 órája
This version has a lot of information that is not included in it for my country.
Dino Bravo
Dino Bravo 23 órája
The Irishman Blu-ray comes out tomorrow, 2 weeks later the Godfather Finale Blu-ray, what a time to be alive
Tik Tok Masti
Tik Tok Masti 23 órája
SKYLORD army like thoko😆😆
Phil Matic
Phil Matic 23 órája
Ah... this trailer. This is one of the things in my life that excited me so much, even watching it now brings back that feeling of excitement... the idea that it can possibly be here again... it's amazing
imy jeremy
imy jeremy 23 órája
2020 still waiting boys🤧😓
IGN “Quest Log confused me” - 6/10
ATKaizen 23 órája
@4:54:50 lmao
Krishanu Joarder
Krishanu Joarder 23 órája
Reminds me of sea of thieves
RikoJer0 23 órája
Am I the only one that noticed that some parts of the trailer Mono was alone? Maybe something happend to Six..
Florin Capatan
Florin Capatan 23 órája
Hungry Shark Evolution variant 3D xD
captain america
captain america 23 órája
Basically like The Boys except kids version
Uptown NYC
Uptown NYC 23 órája
Are these the actual devs?? They sound hella young for a game made over 20 years ago!! 😨😨
MadGamer98 23 órája
2nd Favorite FPS Single player game ever for me easily, only Metro Exodus is better in my opinion!
BatmAnubis 23 órája
Going to delete my whole save file so this can feel somewhat worth it. Might as well start fresh on the story.
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera 23 órája
who the hell voiced Jake in this?
Ariba Amir
Ariba Amir 23 órája
My D Time to go funky
Mayomaya 23 órája
From Mandalorian to Hero Pedro is a manly man
Singis Tinge
Singis Tinge 23 órája
Bizzy Gamer
Bizzy Gamer 23 órája
Casino Royale 2K21 😂😁😂
Pratik Chaudri
Pratik Chaudri 23 órája
Godfather 3: The Coppolla cut.
ghostman128 23 órája
So we don’t get spy kids movie of them growing up and having spy kids of their own. Juni and Gerti I’ve always shipped them
Jehan Zaib
Jehan Zaib 23 órája
Hahahahahhahaa, the cgi,,,, haahahhahaa
Bizzy Gamer
Bizzy Gamer 23 órája
This game dosent look next gen at all NBA 2k14 was a better representation
Crazy_Lew 90
Crazy_Lew 90 23 órája
16 hours is nothing, IGN did 60 hours review on assassins creed valhalla 🤷‍♂️
mego prayugo
mego prayugo 23 órája
gore magala has thanos jaw
TheCrazyFereldan 23 órája
So is this an actual reunion episode, or just them sitting around talking?
Hoodie Mask
Hoodie Mask 23 órája
wow they really hit us hard huh
Banana in Condom
Banana in Condom 23 órája
Doesn’t work. This looks awful.
walkman06 23 órája
What the heck is this.
SUMIT BHOI Jnv nuapada
Here After Sky Lord.
Saint 23 órája
Can't decrypt for some reason there is no interact button for me
Jxrdanissus 23 órája
Miss this game😔
Sith Enthusiast
Sith Enthusiast 23 órája
are the ps4 hardrives gona work with the 5 or will we have to wait for ps5 hardrives?
LYNX 23 órája
This looks and feels like something out of 2005.
Thomas Soles
Thomas Soles 23 órája
Gotta be honest. I tuned out when the guy showed up with a bow tie.
Yusuf Mehmet Balyedi
I have been waiting this for so long
Cmdr Flint
Cmdr Flint 23 órája
I think a lot of the PS5 launch hardware issues, like video corruption etc, must be down to the extremely poor cooling on the memory. Some of those memory modules have only partial contact into a flimsy steel plate, with no contact to an actual heatsink. GN clocked some of the memory modules approaching a scorching 94'C 🔥 🔥
The Great Chimera
The Great Chimera 23 órája
wow this is about to be a garbage fire
towsif aazmain
towsif aazmain 23 órája
imma play it
Jeremya Ford
Jeremya Ford 23 órája
I'm down sharkboy and lavagirl p2
Jeremya Ford
Jeremya Ford 23 órája
Bro wait what
Nicolás Becerra
Nicolás Becerra 23 órája
creo que sera una real mierdaaaaaaaa
Nayli Syazwina
Nayli Syazwina 23 órája
Sterk is Gaara's voice?
sachin yadav
sachin yadav 23 órája
proud to be an Indian
Jay boogie Wit da hoodie
I’ll be back here on Saturday when j get my ps5
Kaleb Pinkston
Kaleb Pinkston 23 órája
People:can’t wait to see this movie! Corona:SOMETHING IN THE WAY!
Matthew Heath
Matthew Heath 23 órája
Complains about repetitive and no variety of gameplay then proceeds to give Destiny 2 high praise literally the most repetitive game ever at the moment it's even repeating stuff from Destiny 1 lol
hihad emin
hihad emin 23 órája
I wish this remaster the best. I wonder how he dies. Maybe he gets old :D
Xander Gelos
Xander Gelos 23 órája
He will be Batmans partner...in the knightmare future. Why..becuz he about upsetting the normal of the world. Be it order he on the side of chaos, be it chaos the rules he will be on the side of order. He against the Norm.
Razgriz Straitz
Razgriz Straitz 23 órája
This game had little to do with the first Prey, just as the later released Prey did. I'm glad this was cancelled, though upset at why it was. This does not correlate at all with the way the first Prey game ended. It was supposed to be the continuation of Tommy's life. That entire spiritual cherokee side of life would be removed from the game in Prey 2. His story unknown. So I'll accept the true, REAL ENDING to Prey. Grandfather Enisi and your lover Jen say "Goodbye Tommy, you've become a great man" - then you are transported back to the world of the living, and the game ends right there.
PoKey 508
PoKey 508 23 órája
These people are so biased this is a waste of my time
Da Vinçi
Da Vinçi 23 órája
you mean we should temper hype because the quest log doesn't tell you what rewards you'll get?? Yeah, rightt.................
AnimePabu 23 órája
Why does this have to be so complex...I just wanna shoot stuff
Leksiuo Ichvy
Leksiuo Ichvy 23 órája
1:09 this scene is very wrong the muay thai warrior has to use his knee to tame or kill the monster lol xD
First name Last name
Only ten days before belle delphine releases the vids 😏
SethTaylor9 23 órája
No WCW vs NWO Revenge?
emersonleon85 23 órája
The remaster on ps5 looks better
Death SliMZz
Death SliMZz 23 órája
I literally need help on this crap lol I've tried everything aszumingly and tried researching but found nothing useful... mine turned out to be detroit from the red letters and the numbers for blue went up by 6 but red like 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 but the numbers for red is 12, ?, 19, 21, 22 and Detroit original number on the broadcast is 0556 but that obviously isn't it but I can't figure this out at all heeelp lol this is annoying by this point I shouldn't need to research so much as if it was homework
Leksiuo Ichvy
Leksiuo Ichvy 23 órája
When the Muay Thai Warrior steps in the movie be like..
Devansh Chauhan
Devansh Chauhan 23 órája
iS tHiS a MiChAeL BaY gAmE
A Greased Monkey
A Greased Monkey 23 órája
Of course he's not smiling. He's got a finnish last name. Finns don't smile.
Devansh Chauhan
Devansh Chauhan 23 órája
Loved playing this on my PS3
Devansh Chauhan
Devansh Chauhan 23 órája
"Harsh AI" Lmaoo this IGN reviewer is a damn noob.
Chap Ati
Chap Ati Napja
This game should be $69.99 for base version.
Marinauder Napja
Suns are not square, not canon!