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Among Us Review
22 napja
Andre Ray
Andre Ray 22 órája
Can't believe he said with a (presumed) straight face that the user interface was seamless to navigate! This is why I stepped away from IGN reviews.
Norfsy Q
Norfsy Q 22 órája
Am I tripping or did he say Michael Juy White?
JustAPal ._.
JustAPal ._. 22 órája
Early gang pog
Peter Gray
Peter Gray 22 órája
And where was KOTOR?
Stray God
Stray God 22 órája
Hello everybody it's sydnee goodman Today we are talking about genshin impact
umop apisdn
umop apisdn 22 órája
The one time I am early and I don't know what to post, so just posting to get attention!!!🤣🥳🤣
Herza I. M.
Herza I. M. 22 órája
No Nintendo switch?
Gedaro sienta
Gedaro sienta 22 órája
same trailer .....
إيتاشي أوتشيها اشترك في قناتي يا بطل Итачи Учиха
Хозяин канала очень милый, его зовут любой герой ❤️
Pats kats
Pats kats 22 órája
Rican Godd23
Rican Godd23 22 órája
Lame asf thats all we get
Ryan Howell
Ryan Howell 22 órája
Gal Gadot is attractive
Gi Armond
Gi Armond 22 órája
xbox exclusive
Okgamer Jack22
Okgamer Jack22 22 órája
Bethesda so Xbox exclusive?
Denver Doyle
Denver Doyle 22 órája
LFG!!! Remember playing Emperor’s Tomb when I was in high school. Was wondering when Disney was gonna start rolling out stuff like this for the Indiana Jones Franchise.
إيتاشي أوتشيها اشترك في قناتي يا بطل Итачи Учиха
The owner of the channel is very sweet, its name is any hero ❤️
Johnathon Barker
Johnathon Barker 22 órája
Yes!!, I've waited for this Moment for a little while now :) But the Question is will it Surpass, Infernal Machine - Emperor's Tomb & last but not least, Staff of Kings? Well regardless i Hope it comes out this Year cause i am Excited!, XD
Santiago Torres
Santiago Torres 22 órája
Holy grail, finally we're seeing Clones actually aiming well
DerHalbeEuro 22 órája
✊🏾 Black Lives Matter ✊🏾
BondRKO 22 órája
Please be like Diablo 4.
Tom Hickman
Tom Hickman 22 órája
where can i watch this? specifically services provided in the UK
NightAtTheOpera3 22 órája
Boy oh boy I can't wait for the Nazis to t-pose and then fall through the map
Dida Diego
Dida Diego 22 órája
Bowser just looks so cool
Peter Boon
Peter Boon 22 órája
The plot: Indiana Jones returns to the warehouse where the lost Ark is housed along with the Alien from 4, Hillary's Server and a Dominion Voting Machine.
andy Y
andy Y 22 órája
「Gappy」 22 órája
Bowser is better at being calamity ganon than calamity ganon
Sandra Ferreira
Sandra Ferreira 22 órája
Voy assistir luluca gemes ... okei gente
Jacob Israel
Jacob Israel 22 órája
co intel pro = black identity extremist new era same policy
Ryan Mathews
Ryan Mathews 22 órája
So many chills... Dead Space deserved better than EA would ever give it. That being said I dont want to hold this to the standard of "better/worse than DS". I would love any amount of homage and Easter Egg, and I hope this gets the chance to come into its own spotlight.
Yuri Rockefeller
Yuri Rockefeller 22 órája
calamity browser???
Ike Kobrinsky
Ike Kobrinsky 22 órája
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love 22 órája
i see speed runs already
George Streicher Music
That's the music you went with?
Domenic Patino
Domenic Patino 22 órája
Machine games working with Lucas Films on Indiana Jones. Here’s hoping they do more partnerships and we get a Wolfenstein style sequel to Republic Commando
Ninjababy 22 órája
So is this an Xbox exclusive or is it a timed exclusive or maybe Microsoft won't be as scummy as sony and make it multi platform
Vipul Gupta
Vipul Gupta 22 órája
Machine Games killing Nazis with style.
funnyy boyg
funnyy boyg 22 órája
I hope i get ganyu and the last part was kinda sad
咲いてforever 22 órája
so this is before thanos wrecks him?
SoundSmith 22 órája
I can't stop laughing about the fact that the whip crack combined with the timpani at 0:23 sounds almost exactly like the Vine Thud™
Marcus Powell
Marcus Powell 22 órája
Please be Testaments or Sin.
Heinz 22 órája
Daisuke: k i'll give you elphelt.
gianfranco sanchez
gianfranco sanchez 22 órája
FINALLY!!! I hope it's not an online game.
Rai Rai
Rai Rai 22 órája
And this is why you never give the exclusive license of a whole franchise to a soulless corporation that only cares about FIFA and macrotransactions, for 10 damn years.
Chay Warburton
Chay Warburton 22 órája
Man, I hope they tear away from the repetitiveness that's far cry games now a days... If they can figure something else out too, it'll be excellent.
Toni 23 órája
16 Times the Detail!
PSN_Mirru 23 órája
Hope the last character is Sin
L-M-RockStrong 23 órája
Hows it going
Order 666
Order 666 23 órája
General lee
Azz Azz
Azz Azz 23 órája
I can't wait to play Cyberpunk 2078 in 14 years time
crazy boyꪜ
crazy boyꪜ 23 órája
2:35 I thought he was a real person
Wuno0 Beca0
Wuno0 Beca0 23 órája
I am early
mueett 23 órája
i’m sick of these ads already
Santino De Simone
Santino De Simone 23 órája
Im gonna be honest with you, i gasped
Rafael Sousa
Rafael Sousa 23 órája
Não obrigado, já tenho uncharted e tomb raider... Esse barco aí já passou a muito tempo.
Lim Water
Lim Water 23 órája
Is this saying that Lucasfilms games are going to be running the Star Wars games or is this EA mocking the rest of the gaming industry that they don’t have exclusive rights to Star Wars?
Bruno Franco
Bruno Franco 23 órája
Cry Sony! Xbox Exclusive!
CasePB 23 órája
Even as a concept this looks bad and boring!
ConsciousEcho 23 órája
Revelation 1:14-15 [14]His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; [15]And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.
Brady Bunch
Brady Bunch 23 órája
I have a feeling some of you don’t know this is a real story..