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cmclbloody 19 órája
It's incredible how things can get from a rumor. Everyone is talking about a rumor
Turbo Noobie
Turbo Noobie 19 órája
PM 19 órája
When this game drops I'm putting on the JSR and JSRF soundtrack on in the background
Issam Touati
Issam Touati 19 órája
They already downgraded it from the first gameplay.
Doge 19 órája
Mr. Ben
Mr. Ben 19 órája
Wait didn't they already made a remaster of last of us?
Lewis Chen
Lewis Chen 19 órája
This remake is the combo of part 1 and 2, and it can give you alternative endings to the part 2.
glenn yarwood
glenn yarwood 19 órája
If they retcon 2 I’m down 😅
blak238 19 órája
Netflix is no Disney plus. Disney plus and HBO Max are the best subscription services Ever
Kail 19 órája
This game still ruined
Games are always going to have glitches and there are even going to more glitches when you do things developers didn’t expect you to do
CyberVirtual 19 órája
Everyone: we want a Last of Us Prequel. Sony: Ima stop you right there buddy!
TrentLegoStudios 19 órája
The game isn’t even 10 years old and their remaking it wtf
Jangobadass 19 órája
Evil has never been more delicious!
Joel Vella
Joel Vella 19 órája
Hope it's similar to skate 3 free skate multiplayer
turtle g
turtle g 19 órája
Neil wants golf mission
Raghav Khurana
Raghav Khurana 19 órája
Disney's joker
Oyungg58 _
Oyungg58 _ 19 órája
Can we play on ps4?
noble creature
noble creature 19 órája
Claudio Roa
Claudio Roa 19 órája
Alejandro Sigala
Alejandro Sigala 19 órája
Did lebron call the red for a foul?
Liam Lyon
Liam Lyon 19 órája
Poor Ethan first he had to deal with evalin now this? That’s rought buddy
Faust 19 órája
Never trust scripted gameplay trailers.
Running a police car around with siren on in zombie apocalypse!! COOL!!
mycollegeshirt 19 órája
you can almost hear the disney executives saying we want a harley quinn movie is there any popular character we can skew in her direction?
Alex S
Alex S 19 órája
At least they're being more honest about the gameplay than their last trailer
The Cool1ne
The Cool1ne 19 órája
"Mane this is state of decay " 👀😭 Stawp 🤚You shall not pass!!
Efren Enguerra
Efren Enguerra 19 órája
3:31 isnt that the lumberjack statue on IT part 2?
•Qahnaarin• 19 órája
Whoever was playing this gameplay for showcase, YOU ARE SO BAD AT AIMING HAHAHAHAHA
Deno 19 órája
looks amazing! this game going to be on console as well or just pc?
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez 19 órája
We need a Metal Gear 3 remake right this very goddamn minute!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
Paladin Donnie
Paladin Donnie 19 órája
scripted gameplay, lame!
OkamiKitsuneGaming 19 órája
Are we getting a bikini costume for her
Paleblood 19 órája
Josef is authentic
Daven Garcia
Daven Garcia 19 órája
If they do remaster this game that would be amazing cause we all know how terrible part 2 was .
Justin Jeffrey
Justin Jeffrey 19 órája
This game brings nothing new to the table. Hard pass.
Chan Draws
Chan Draws 19 órája
Yes please. Last of us Remake sure!
Scoobert 19 órája
Welcome, to State of Decay 3.
David San Vicente
David San Vicente 19 órája
Wasted 1000 rounds for a can of soda.
John Blake
John Blake 19 órája
When they no longer have ideas for new movies..just release an old one with 4k 😂
Smokin! 19 órája
The flow of calamity brought me here
The Adrenaline Shocker
You know, Modern Tanks is going to be literally Modern, just Modern. Like it will not involve Cold War. WarGaming: Cold war IS World War 2 Tanks Actual People: Hey Dumby! Still thinking with Russian Brain?
Fearful Tuna
Fearful Tuna 19 órája
They’re doing this WAY too early. Remakes usually are for games with outdated software......The Last of Us is definitely not to that point yet
Who is here to read boi's comments?
Yarin Tayer
Yarin Tayer 19 órája
Bebsi and lola-cola lol
Alex Krendor
Alex Krendor 19 órája
That bolt spamming sure is annoying but helpful for sure so you would know you actually switched it for sure. So why not make it basic and make the character say "fire/flame, ice/frost, piercing.." ? . . . . . . . . People should hire me to polish their games, I'm smOrt.
Jaime Munoz
Jaime Munoz 19 órája
IMO to it looks like Days Gone. I'm down. 🔥🔥🔥
Haha Mmmm
Haha Mmmm 19 órája
Is it true that the movie is pushed back again? Until like December 2021?
Jonathan Tsang
Jonathan Tsang 19 órája
The animation looks soulless
Carbodude 19 órája
"cAp HaS aLwAAyS KiLleD!" Yeah, but never like this.
JJ 1696
JJ 1696 19 órája
Seems like a last of us spin off
My Brothers Keeper
My Brothers Keeper 19 órája
thats cool. it'll be in the bay.
ThaPill 19 órája
They are giving us an IP and everything we’ve always wanted
Ray Roman
Ray Roman 19 órája
TLOU2 is the one that really needs a remake story wise
Nox Tinker
Nox Tinker 19 órája
Thx for sucking sony can’t wait for Spider-Man to turn to crap again thx 😔
BJ Hardcastle
BJ Hardcastle 19 órája
FFS. Multiplayer.
ImThePatman 19 órája
This is just day z with what looks like better controls and a not horrendous inventory management
Hero Hernan
Hero Hernan 19 órája
The looting component is so demanding. Other zombie games just makes you quick grab the loots
Keneth Tey
Keneth Tey 19 órája
Badges, Neku. Dayum.
VILKA 19 órája
Эх субтитры, мои субтитры...
Brett K
Brett K 19 órája
1:27 - “MY OVERTAKING SKILLS ARE OFF THE CHARTS SON!!” 1:34 - “Never mind...” 🤦🏼‍♂️
Samuel Trinh
Samuel Trinh 19 órája
Is this all the truth
Dylan Hockley
Dylan Hockley 19 órája
Sure can’t wait until the game is nothing like this and ends up being a complete disappointment
Ivan Gambino
Ivan Gambino 19 órája
whoever was playing this demo needs to be fired
WiArt 19 órája
Senssational! I'm love the Batman!
John 19 órája
Produced by Hampton DeVille...
deranged19 19 órája
No one is gonna talk about how bad he is at aiming?
Ted M
Ted M 19 órája
Why don’t they remake the sequel and get rid of all the woke crap
Max Eddington
Max Eddington 19 órája
Are those the same icons as rdr2?
DEMI GOD 19 órája
Who here from yrg
DeathrideJr 19 órája
Why are you gonna ask “how are you” if you’re not even gonna let the man answer 🤦🏽‍♂️