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Breathedge Review
2 napja
Maquette Review
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 13 órája
WHAT THE FRAK!? Heck yeah! I'm all in for this!
Evanz111 13 órája
I’m more excited for this on PS Plus than FF7 Remake honestly.
Mon Wyatt
Mon Wyatt 13 órája
Spider-man: Homie
Arief 13 órája
So we're not going to see Masamune, Nagamasa or such here?
Wade River
Wade River 13 órája
Ready to play the ancient stardew valley
Angel Beats
Angel Beats 13 órája
Anyone getting Solitaire vibes from this?
ZoloftWarrior 13 órája
Lets stop bitching about plot points and who's not here......And take a second to appreciate the title and the coach are back. A piece of my childhood being restored just made my day.
Sharon Miller
Sharon Miller 13 órája
Remove Before Fight
JmvStream 13 órája
It's confirmed, the pandemic is not over...
b.r8 13 órája
wait 1st season?! is there going to be a second one?!!!!!!
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 13 órája
Please give us an Allmight costume set. One with the young age, bronze age, and silver age costumes
Fariesha 13 órája
Not damn scary asf like Isolation. Always chasing & close call than this, TTP and Alien war.
Law Law
Law Law 13 órája
Michael Bublè - Home
Ruxis256 13 órája
When this inevitably comes to Switch, I'll probs pick it up day one The lead devs track record is pretty great
Jaike 13 órája
Okay, this is interesting. So, less another Isolation but a spiritual successor to Aliens vs Predators?
ZDB 13 órája
A very easy HARD PASS
Womgsakorn Siriburee XDD
Naga is a thailand and his hat is ตำนานพญานาค
Lukáš Vronka
Lukáš Vronka 13 órája
colonial marines 2.0
IEmeraldM 13 órája
I'm just wondering why this kid is walking around in the open after she says *ALL OF THEM ARE HUNTING YOU*
Fajar Wahyu
Fajar Wahyu 13 órája
"Its game over man. GAME OVER."
Frederiko Cesar
Frederiko Cesar 13 órája
It will be as bad as ORION Prelude. Unless they polish it first. The players move too fast, can dodge practically every animal and the animals move like if they have only one direction to attack at once with delay. It will be a game that you treat giant dinos as a weak enemy and you're never afraid of anything specially without immersion, just shooting and shooting.
Marc LeBlanc
Marc LeBlanc 13 órája
Does it say if there is s story mode or is it just coop?
Snoop Frogg
Snoop Frogg 13 órája
Still one of my absolute favorite Games
DeaganSG 13 órája
Oh boy, exactly what the world needs, yet another action shooter Alien game, those always turn out well.
hangman9001 13 órája
Was there anything teased except the title which is completely unimportant?
Zagardal 13 órája
First hero on the video isn't even on the MCU yet tho
rev 13 órája
"next game" yeah... sure
Tailor Made Gaming
Tailor Made Gaming 13 órája
Didn't know epic games was making an Aliens game.... Aliens Of War AOW
Joe Sherry
Joe Sherry 13 órája
Would have preferred it in 1st person view
bluemidgetguy 13 órája
Adolf Snape
Adolf Snape 13 órája
b u n g e r
Dink 13 órája
A whole video without a single "Sonic had a rough time in 3D"? What is this blasphemy!
Mr3rikko 13 órája
1. save the money you were going to use on the Xbox 2. Wait till the PS5 gets in stock and buy that
Artorias Of the abyss
This guy is the next monarch
Tails The fox
Tails The fox 13 órája
Hi sonic
Kim Akiko
Kim Akiko 13 órája
Tom is the only one who actually watched the movies lol
Aethryx 13 órája
"Spider-Man: Homemade"
m1995 13 órája
When the game loads so fast that you can't read the loading screen tips
Dena Gibson
Dena Gibson 13 órája
The coordinated morning concordantly agree because sharon unsurprisingly produce along a xenophobic chime. unusual, public root
Hayven Rogers
Hayven Rogers 13 órája
Dhruv Kumar
Dhruv Kumar 13 órája
Free on Game Pass Ultimate hehe
Baby Daisy
Baby Daisy 13 órája
*Gimme my 35 seconds back!*
Terentius Moonborn
Terentius Moonborn 13 órája
Scalpers got to them
A K 13 órája
Wait...is this a hoax or is this real?
Calvin West
Calvin West 13 órája
The accent is doing my head in.
Sexy Karol
Sexy Karol 13 órája
jadirp :D
jadirp :D 13 órája
Pasos de las sombras
FONG EE HYM Moe 13 órája
afton is back
Anthony Mitchell
Anthony Mitchell 13 órája
Gears of Ripley. Love it!
manan alwadhi
manan alwadhi 13 órája
this game is better than last 5 games of cod atleast . It surely deserves some respect
jadirp :D
jadirp :D 13 órája
Aparece en
Raddude132 13 órája
As a fan of the franchise I’m very skeptical about this, since the last time this idea was used was in CM. If this turns out like a DayZ horde shooter that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.
jadirp :D
jadirp :D 13 órája
intercambios en
MR MUSTAFA 13 órája
🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶 🇺🇲🇺🇸👟👠🥾👞👢
Dwayne Loh
Dwayne Loh 13 órája
It's missing some predators. :)
nick knickle
nick knickle 13 órája
Dark.souls the rpg? Lol
Tahsin Huq
Tahsin Huq 13 órája
Dino thunder rules
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez 13 órája
Gears of aliens